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The first records we've found so far on George W. Pierce is when he married Susannah Lemmons in 1850 in Franklin County, Missouri. A cousin of ours, who descends from William Goosby PIERCE, believes George W. is a brother to William Goosby Pierce, and that both men were sons of Washington PIERCE. This has yet to be proven, though circumstantial evidence is building that tends to support that theory. We do know a Washington PIERCE lived in Big River Township, Jefferson County, Missouri as early as 1838 (Federal Land Bureau Records) and his 1840 census record reflects a large number of children in his household. In 1842 in Jefferson County, Washington PIERCE bought land from Rosanna SCAGGS, widow of Jeremiah SCAGGS.

Descendants of George W. PIERCE

I. George W.1 PIERCE was born circa 1824 in Tennesse.1 He married his first wife, Susannah LEMMONS, on 6 January 1850 in Franklin County, Missouri2,3. George and Susannah had five children before her death circa 1858. Unfortunately we do not as yet have any more information about Susannah.

Children of George W. Pierce and Susannah Lemmons:

A. Thomas F.2 PIERCE, oldest son of George W. PIERCE and Susannah, married Margaret Belew. Thomas and Margaret were born in 1850 in Hillsboro, Jefferson Co., MO.7,8 Thomas died in 1924 in Hillsboro, MO; Margaret preceded him in death four years earlier. Thomas and Margaret are buried next to each other in Pilgrim's Rest Cemetery, Ware, MO.8,9
  1. Emma S.3 PIERCE; Emma is listed as "widowed" on the 1900 census. She and her two children are living with her parents. Emma was born in July 1872 in Jefferson Co., MO.10
    a) Ana4 RENNICK was born in October 1894.11
    b) Charles L.4 RENNICK was born in March 1899.11
2. Susan3 PIERCE was born in 1873 in Jefferson Co., MO.12
3. John W.3 PIERCE was born in December 1875 in Jefferson Co., MO.11,13
4. Silas W.3 PIERCE was born in 1877 in Jefferson Co., MO.13
5. George W.3 PIERCE was born in December 1878 in Jefferson Co., MO.13,11
6. Thomas Hardin3 PIERCE was also known as Hardin PIERCE.14 He was born in February 1881 in Jefferson Co., MO.11,15
a) Walter4 PIERCE
(1) Charles5 PIERCE [private]
7. James M.3 PIERCE was born in Jefferson Co., MO.11
8. Leander F.3 PIERCE was born in January 1886 in Jefferson Co., MO.11
9. Pearl Z.3 PIERCE was born in April 1888 in Jefferson Co., MO.11
B. Martha Emma2 PIERCE was born in 1853 in Hillsboro, Jefferson Co., MO. She married Ben WASHBURN16 prior to 1886.

C. John Wesley2 PIERCE was born in 1854 in Hillsboro, Jefferson Co.,, MO.

D. Susan Elizabeth "Lizzie"2 PIERCE was born in 1855 in Hillsboro, Jefferson Co., MO. She married Augustus "Gus" Theodore PARTNEY.16  Susan Elizabeth died in 1927 and is buried in Pilgrims Rest Cemetery in Ware, Missouri next to Augustus. Gus passed away in 1934.
1. Sis3 PARTNEY married (--?--) DE LANEY.15

a) Wesley4 DE LANEY

b) Gilbert4 DE LANEY

c) Alma4 DE LANEY died; died at age 12.15

2. Frank3 PARTNEY
3. Kate3 PARTNEY married Ed BENGEL.15 She was born in September 1882 in Jefferson Co., MO.11
4. Ernest3 PARTNEY was born in May 1886 in Jefferson Co., MO.11

E. Mary Frances2 PIERCE was born on 25 March 1856 in Jefferson Co., MO.17,18 She married George OGLE on 2 June 1872 in near Hillsboro, Jefferson Co., MO.20,13,21  Mary died on 4 July 1943 in St. Louis, St. Louis Co., MO; her obituary states "Surviving are a son, General Ogle, a sister Mrs. Emil Bleiker, a cousin W.G. Pierce (De Soto) and several nieces and nephews."19  She was buried on 7 July 1943 in Pilgrims Rest Cemetery, Ware, Jefferson Co., MO.19

1. Jasper3 OGLE was born in 1872 in Jefferson Co., MO.13
2. Elizabeth3 OGLE was born in 1875 in Jefferson Co., MO.13
3. Amos3 OGLE was born in 1879 in Jefferson Co., MO.13

George W. Pierce's second wife was Eliza ROGERS. Eliza was born 4 Sept 1841 in Victoria, MO, the daughter of Isaac ROGERS and Henrietta SPOHR. Victoria was about four and one-half miles from Hillsboro and about three and one-half miles from De Soto in Jefferson County MO. George W. Pierce and Eliza Rogers married on 19 September 1859 in Hillsboro, Jefferson County, Missouri.4,5 and five children were also born during their marriage. George died on 6 May 1886 in Jefferson Co., MO when he drowned while trying to cross a flooded creek on his way back home from De Soto. Eliza (Rogers) PIERCE's obituary lists George's date of death as 6 May 1896. However, since his estate was probated in Jefferson Co. in 1886, I would assume the extensive probate records and coroner's inquest are correct, and that the date mentioned in Eliza's obituary was simply a typographical error.6 During her lifetime, my great-grandmother also assisted with quite a few births for family members and friends. Eliza passed away 24 February 1923.

Children of George W. Pierce and Eliza Rogers:

F. William Heenan2 PIERCE was born on 22 June 1860 in Hillsboro, Jefferson Co., MO.9,8 He married Anna Belle MOTHERSHEAD, daughter of Willis F. MOTHERSHEAD and Malissa WILEY, on 25 January 1893 in Hillsboro, Jefferson Co., MO. William Heenan supported his family by farming and lived his entire life in Jefferson County. He died on 11 June 1933 in Hillsboro, Jefferson Co, MO, at age 73 and is buried next to his wife, Anna Belle, in Pilgrims Rest Cemetery, Ware, Jefferson Co., MO.9

1. Lula May3 PIERCE was born on 3 November 1893 in Hillsboro, Jefferson Co., MO. She married Andrew Paul DAVIS on 25 May 1916. Lula died on 24 November 1987 in Festus, Jefferson Co., MO, at age 94. For the 1922-1923 school year, A. Paul Davis (as we always knew him) was the teacher to Lula's youngest brother, our dad Wayne V. PIERCE. It's worth noting here that dad apparently ...struggled...maintaining his "Deportment" and "Industry" at times since he received a D in them in the first semester (ha! Dad - we caught ya :::grin:::) In later years A. Paul delved into jewelry making (did Dad drive A. Paul out of teaching????!!).

a) Douglas4 DAVIS [private]

b) Mildred4 DAVIS [private]

2. Walter Clayton3 PIERCE was born 12 February 1898 in Hillsboro, Jefferson, MO. He married his first wife, Laura WILSON, circa 1920.22  Walter married his second wife, Helen (STOVESAND) BLEIKER, circa 1972. Walter Clayton Pierce died 5 January 1978 in Valle Lake, Jefferson, MO, at age 79. He is buried in Pilgrim's Rest Cemetery, Ware, MO.

3. Blanche Adele3 PIERCE. She was born on 9 April 1901 in Hillsboro, Jefferson, MO.22 Blanche married first Juel Byron McCULLOCH in 1919. Later married (--?--) PHELAN. She died circa 1990 in AZ.22

a) Jewel4 [private]
(1) Helen Adele5 VOTEAU [private]
4. Howard Freeman3 PIERCE married Dorothy GENRICH in 1936. Howard was born 19 October 1903 in Hillsboro, Jefferson, MO.22 ; he died in January 1967 in Hot Springs, AR, at age 63.22
a) Doyne Louise4 PIERCE [private]
b) Maureen4 PIERCE  [private]

5. Wayne Varney3 PIERCE was born on 12 December 1905 in Hillsboro, Jefferson, MO. He taught school in Jefferson Co., MO for many years before turning to sales as a profession; served as Justice of the Peace in Precinct 1; and ran for Committeeman of Central Township and also ran for Superintendent of the School Board (he was unsuccessful in both bids). He married Neva Hortense VERNON on 19 November 1941 in Plainview, TX. Neva and Wayne got married at the home of her grandfather, George Whitfield Vernon and his wife, Mabel.

Neva met Wayne through a blind date. Neva's roommate invited her boyfriend to come to the girls' apartment for Thanksgiving, and he brought Wayne with him (Neva had been reluctant, since Joe and Oeida had set her up with at least 3 other blind dates previously, all of which had been failures :-). This one was different, though. Neva and Wayne began dating steadily right away and married one year later. He died on 8 September 1982 in Ft Clark Springs, Kinney, TX, at age 76; Wayne Varney Pierce is buried in Bracketville, TX, across the highway from Fort Clark Springs.23

a) John Wayne4 PIERCE [private]

b) Jo Ann4 PIERCE [private]

(1) Michael Bryan5 MILLER [private]

c) Walter Vernon4 PIERCE [private]

(1) Stephanie PIERCE [private]
(2) Alexander Wayne PIERCE [private]

G. Margaret Matilda2 PIERCE was born circa 1862 in Jefferson Co., MO.8 She married Mark HUSKEY before 1880.16,8

1. Albert3 HUSKEY
2. Bertie3 HUSKEY married (--?--) BLAKE.15
3. Zoie3 HUSKEY
4. Heenan3 HUSKEY
5. Teadie3 HUSKEY; Can not really read Aunt Lula's handwriting for this name - It appears to be Leed, or possibly Teed, though neither of those spell a name that I recognize. However, Aunt Blanche spells this name as Teadie (very clearly), I'm thinking *maybe* it was pronounced Teddie?
6. Eulah3 HUSKEY
7. Tom3 HUSKEY
8. Maud3 HUSKEY was born circa 1893; In her letter, Aunt Lula notes about Maud; "She was my age."24
9. Dasiy3 HUSKEY
10. Goldie3 HUSKEY married Jim BOYD.15
11. Emil3 HUSKEY

H. George Wesley2 PIERCE was born circa 1865.16,19 He died before 1923.16,19

1. Essie3 PIERCE

I. Eliza Jane "Janie"2 PIERCE was born on 17 July 1868 in Jefferson Co., MO; date of birth extrapolated from Administrator's Oath for Estate of George W. Pierce (her age in June 1886 is listed as 19 yrs); and her age as given on census records.16,11,9 She married Emil Elias BLEIKER in 1893 in Jefferson Co., MO.19,11 She was buried in December 1956 in Jefferson Co., MO.9

1. Vida3 BLEIKER married first (--?--) STOVESAND.25; Vida married second Dan CHERRY.15

a) Janie4 STOVESAND was born in MO.15 She married Bill DONOHUE.15

b) Vernon4 CHERRY

2. Rose3 BLEIKER was born in MO.15 She married Tal SHROUT.15
a) Glenn4 SHROUT
3. Joseph H.3 BLEIKER; married Mary (--?--).15 Joseph was born in March 1894 in Jefferson Co., MO.11 He died in 1963.15
4. Ross F3 BLEIKER married Helen STOVESAND. He was born in September 1895 in Jefferson Co., MO.11 Ross died circa 1971.15
5. Lillie J.3 BLEIKER married Walter R. PAULS, son of Eric PAULS and Matilda (--?--).25 Lillie was born in May 1898 in Jefferson Co., MO.11
a) Donald4 PAULS was born in MO.15
(1) Kathy5 PAULS was born in MO.15
(2) Eric5 PAULS was born in MO.15

J. Edith2 PIERCE was born circa 1870 in Jefferson Co., MO.8 She died before 1886.19,16

K. Amanda2 PIERCE died before 1923.19



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