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There's only about 50 gazillion cubbyholes to research for genealogical information on the WWW! Here's a few I have found extremely helpful in my own searchings....

   Genealogy Research Aids
red button Naming Patterns - Parents especially in the 17th & 18th Centuries, tended to follow certain, socially set patterns for naming their children. They didn't follow it 100%, of course, but this chart may give you clues as to where to look for a missing ancestor
red button Year Chart - The use of both the Gregorian and the Julian calendars up until 1752 can cause some real dating problems. This simple chart helps keep the dates straight (even if the County Clerk didn't!)  
red button Cemetery Records Online  --  A growing site of cemetery and burial records from around the world
red button Clayton Genealogical Library in Houston   --  If you're anywhere near Houston, the Clayton Library is well worth your time to visit. They have tons of records, and a great staff!
red button RootsWeb --  Enough good things can not be said about the great folks running Rootsweb. I have actually connected with long-lost cousins and found out the name of one of  my great-great-grandfathers here!
red button - Home of one of the largest collection of family history data online - but not free
red button Family Tree Maker - Another site for complete family research
red button USGenWeb Project   -  Fantastic site
red button WorldGenWeb   - Try here if you need assistance in research in other countries
red button Bureau of Land Management (General Land Office) -  Looking for deed records?
red button Root Diggin'  -  A useful site...and huge
red button Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet - It will take you days to explore everything here! and if you can't find "it" on this site, "it" just might not be found on the 'net at all yet  :-)
red button National Genealogical Society - Tons of information from this long-standing organization, including a "Tips for Beginners" section if you're new to this and not sure what to do first
red button National Archives and Records Administration  - Exactly what it says. If you're not careful, you could become an ancestor yourself while you research there!  :-)
red button Gentree - This site is a huge database of researchable surnames
red button Journal of Online Genealogy - A free genealogy ezine, enjoyable and useful
red button Everton's Genealogical Helper   - These folks have been around for years (long before the WWW was a dream ::chuckle::) and still give out excellent help 

yes, I know fish have nothing to do with genealogy
(unless your ancestor was eaten by one ::grin::)
...  I just happen to like them   :-)

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