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This picture, taken around 1906, is of Francis Marion Pulliam, his wife, Mary Ella (Pierce) and their first child, Francis Oren Pulliam.

Francis Marion was born born Dec 1876 in Missouri and died of "Miner's Consumption" (Pneumoconiosis) about 1920. The churches he pastored could not finacially support him and his family, so Francis worked in the coal mines of Missouri, eventually becoming a foreman. Mary Ella was born in Missouri in March 1875 and died about 1917; she and Francis were married sometime after 1900.

Francis Oren Pulliam, the first of their four children, was born July 29, 1903 and died July 1973 in Birch Tree, Shannon County, Missouri. As a young man, Oren worked with his father in the coal mines. When Francis Marion became very sick with consumption, Oren took his father to New Mexico because the doctors hoped the dry air would help Francis Marion's lungs. Marion returned to Missouri where he died; Oren may have remained in New Mexico for a time.

Siblings to Francis Oren: Reuben Lester Pulliam b 1910 - d 1998; Harry Lawrence Pulliam b 1911 - d 1989; Anna Lorene Pulliam b 1914 - d 1992. Parents of Francis Pulliam: William Laffette Pulliam (1856-1935) and Rhoda Eveline Honeycutt (1854-1940). Parents of Mary Ella Pierce: Nathaniel Marion Pierce (ca 1851-) and Mary Ann Lewis (1857-1945).

Photo and information generously shared by James