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Playing in Joachim Creek, summer 1957 - Dad (Wayne Pierce), Jo Ann and favorite dog, Smokey. Smokey's in the water for one major reason: to save the fish  :) Poor dog always thought the fish were drowning. He would stay there patiently, gently catch one in his mouth, never harming it, take it to shore, gently lay it down, then go back in the water to "save" more  :::grin:::

The bridge in the background is the bridge that carries Highway V across a branch that feeds Joachim Creek (I've forgotten the branch's name, and it doesn't show on the map I have). In the picture, DeSoto is to the left and Valle Lake is to the right. The bridge is almost exactly at the point where Mt Olive Church Road deadends into Highway V. This is the "big" pool that was upstream from the house, rather than the one that was against the cliff directly behind the house. Smokey's tail is pointed almost directly at the house, which is maybe a couple of hundred yards away.