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Miscellaneous newspaper clippings, primarily regarding school activities
in Jefferson County, Missouri . Dad taught there, 1922 - 1936

Orchestra at Pevely school, first in the Jefferson County grade school contest at De Soto, Mrs. Ethel Drew, instructor, and Wayne V. Pierce, principal.

(source: Missouri Pictorial Supplement of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

I just think this one is charming - I assume they're talking about 8mm film? (article would've been written circa 1930)

Pevely School To Give New Form of Entertainment  
  In casting about for new ideas for a school entertainment we have decided upon what promises to be a very interesting plan for a program to be given at the Pevely Public School, Saturday, November 8th.
   We have taken two rolls of films, each 100 ft. long, of the children and teachers of the Pevely School, the Lutheran school at Pevely and the Pleasant Valley School. These pictures are shown by a small projector which throws the picture on a screen. One of these rolls was taken by Mr. Milfeld of the Laurella Studio, at De Soto, Mo., and the other was taken by the writer. Various scenes, and people from around Pevely were taken and it remains to be seen how that roll will turn out for it was taken last and was really an experiment with the machine. But the roll taken by Mr. Milfeld has been developed and shown and is very good. These pictures will be shown as part of the entertainment, and other numbers will be furnished by the school children.
   Further announcement will be made later concerning the program, but you may depend upon an evening of entertainment and something to eat. Keep the date open.

Left to right -
1st row
Jerald Cawvey
Billy Caby
Newman Reece
Bernell Reece
Wilma Harnsey
Herschell Cawvey
Ernest Cawvey
2nd row
Frances Crowe
Helen Harvey
Daniel Murphy
Holland Reece
Ernest Logsdon
Bobby Harnsey
Walter Burk
3rd row
Florence Sims
Evelyn Reece
Hazel Harvey
Frank Reiner
Harold Caby
Leroy Manning
Marion Cawvey
Top row
Walter Reece
Wayne V. Pierce
Houston Harvey

Photo taken Spring, 1930

The photo does not identify the school, but I believe it's Pevely; dad taught at Pevely for several years. I'm not sure if this is a picture of all the students in the school (though obviously at least several different grades are represented here), or just of pupils in certain grades.

I've deciphered dad's handwriting as best I can. Any misspellings are strictly unintentional. If you'll email me, I'll be happy to fix them!

Commencement Exercises
Pevely Public School
8:00 p.m. Thursday, May 3, 1934

- Program -

Saluatory Address..................Vivian Clemens
Class History..Florence Gilliam & Wilma Hornsey
Class Will..................................William Caby
Duet.............Wilma Hornsey & Vivian Clemens
Class Prophecy.......................Ernest Cawvey
Valedictory Address.................Frances Crowe
Presentation of Certificates
Graduation Song..................................Class

Class Roll    

1. Frances Crowe
2. Vivian Clemens
3. Florence Gilliam

        4. Wilma Hornsey
5. William Caby
6. Ernest Cawvey

Grade School Activity Association
of Jefferson County, Missouri


Wayne V. Pierce, President
Richard Gruetzemacher, Sec.
Carl Montgomery, Director
Virgil Frost, Vice-Pres
Mary Akers, Director
Norma Lee Eaves, Dir.

Committee in Charge of County Chorus:

Miss Lelia Marsden
Miss Vera Schubel
Miss Louise Washer
Miss Virginia Lewis
J. E. Brown, Jr.
Harold Weber

Directors in Charge of Activities:

Playground Baseball
One-Act Play Contest
Christmas Seal Sale
School Chorus Contest
Rhythm Orchestra Contest
Spelling Contest
Writing Contest
Scholarship Examination
Health Poster Contest
Declamatory Contest
Track and Field Meet
R. Gruetzemacher
Edgar Bender
Hugo H. Hagelman
Louretta Weber
Lelia Marsden
Ruth Schad
Estelle Nolan
Anna B. Maness
Lois May Tiley
Mary McCormack
Luh, Rapp, Frost, Brown,
Montgomery and other

Pictures of Jefferson County School activiites: [link will active soon]
Brown School Days 1925 & 26; Boys' Graduating Class of 1933 of Pevely Grade School; Pevely 1929 Track Team; 1930 County Track Meet

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