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Pierce Mothershead Family Ties

The following is a copy of a transcription of a document called "Statement of Claim - Genealogical Proof" form filed by Laura Pierce Weaver. My guess is Laura Pierce Weaver filed this to possibly qualify for membership in something... possibly a patriotic organization. It is a two-page, fill-in-the-blank preprinted form that was then witnessed. The information provided by Laura Pierce Weaver is in blue.

Please note: I am posting this transcription for information purposes only; I have not researched all the names/dates Mrs. Weaver gives so there may (or may not) be errors. If any questions please email!

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Statement of Claim
Genealogical Proof

page 1

My present address is Birch Tree Mo R.F.D. 3 B46A
Know all men by these presents that I Laura Pierce Weaver, was born in De Soto County of Jefferson State of Missouri and am a lineal or blood descendant of Peter Baker, Jr.

I was married to Wm. O. Weaver in the year of 1915 my maiden name was Laura Pierce born June 6 1898 to our union we have three children.
Names and births:
Mildred Alene Weaver born [private]
Laura Evelyn Weaver born [private]
Wm. Richard Weaver born [private]
[my note: a fourth child, Elvira Marie Weaver, was born to Laura and her husband Wm. O. Weaver after this document was filed. -jm]

My father W. R. Pierce was the son of Wm. Pierce who was the born in De Soto County of Jefferson State of Missouri [died] is living
My mother Amanda Pierce nee Herrington was the daughter of Martha Herrington nee Baker and John C. Herrington was was born in De Soto County of Jefferson State of Missouri and were married in Hillsboro Mo and died Oct 5, 1922 at De Soto Mo
To their union were born the following children
Fred J. Pierce born March 13 1886
Elmer C. Pierce born Oct 23 1888
Carrie Malone nee Pierce born May 21 1891
Bertha Ledbetter nee Pierce born April 28 1894
Edw F Pierce born May 28 1896
Laura Weaver nee Pierce born June 6 1898

My grandfather John C. Herrington was born April 29 1819 and died Jefferson Co Mo
My grandmother Martha Herrington nee Baker was born Hillsboro Mo Aug 16 1826
To their union were born the following children
Missouri A. Wilson nee Herrington born Nov 1 1843
Perry A Herrington born Feb 20 1846
Louis M Herrington born Sept 1 1848
James O Herrington born July 19 1851
Sarah E Border nee Herrington born Feb 13 1854
Nancy E Collins nee Herrington born April 11 1860
John J Herrington born Aug 20 1862
Amanda E Pierce nee Herrington born Mar 18 1867
George W born Aug 1 1857
Andrew J born Oct 24 1864

My great grandfather was Milton Baker born 1793 and died 1850 Jefferson Co Mo

--end transcription of first page--

Statement of Claim
Genealogical Proof


My great grandmother was Sarah Baker nee Mothershead born [left blank] died [left blank]
To their union were born the following children
Clifton Baker
Martha Herrington nee Baker
John Baker
Auston Baker**
[**my note: someone wrote "Orson" over the name "Auston". I have no idea which one is actually correct. If you have any ideas I would appreciate your input so please email! -jm]
Thomas Baker
O.C. Baker

My great great grandfather was Joel Baker born [blank] died [blank]
My great great grandmother was [blank] born [blank] died [blank]
To their union were born the following children
Amy, Auston, Milton, Jessie S., John, Jonathan and Joel Jr.
My great great great grandfather was Robert Isaac Baker born 1745 died 1850
My great great great grandmother was Permelia born [blank] died [blank]

The following statement by my (sic) records names & dates before his or her death: [blank]

State when your ancestors emigrated to America 1727
and the names of those who came:
Peter Baker, Jr. with three brothers George, Henry & Jacob

Have you any old Family Bible, records or papers showing your parents, grand parents, great grand parents or great great grand parents? Have record of parent & grand parents & grate(sic) grat(sic) grand parents

I hereby certify, to the best of my knowledge and belief, that the above statement is true and correct from family records of history and stated and told me by my parents and relatives.

WITNESS my hand and seal this 2nd day of February A.D. 1923
Witness: {L.L. Ledgerwood (seal)
Witness: {J.W. Ledgerwood (seal) Laura Pierce Weaver (seal)

State of Missouri County of Shannon

Be it known that on this 2nd day of February A.D. 1923 before me, a Notary Public, in and for said County and said State, personally came Laura Pierce Weaver, to know and known to me to be the individual person who made the above statement, and make affidavit that the foregoing above statement made by Laura Pierce Weaver is true and correct according to the best of my knowledge and belief.

C.E. Bradley
Justice of the Peace
Springcreek Twp.

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