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Pierce Mothershead Family Ties

Abstract of Will of Benjamin Neale

Wife, Dorcas- one Mulatto man named Jack and a Negro woman named Levina, a Negro girl named Nancy and a Negro boy named Fielding; Son, George Neale; Son, William Neale; To: Gabriel George, Reuben Anderson, Joseph Shropshire, Charles Mothershead, the heirs of my son James Neale, the heirs of my son Thomas Neale, the heirs of my son Benjamin Young Neale, the heirs of Lettice McDaniel; youngest son, Jonathan Neale; youngest daughter, America Neale. Mentions land given to Reuben Anderson, Joseph Shropshire and the heirs of James Neale.
Written: December 30 1816 Probated: February 1817 [source: Harrison Co KY Will and Probate Extracts, Volume I, page 361]