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Chandler / Gilkes Family Tree


William Edward Chandler

See the notes of Lesley Brent-White for further information

!n many ways this man is really a central character in the story of the Chandler Family.
He was born in Barbados to Christopher Chandler who was a planter and a teacher at the
Parochial School in the Parish of St. Lucy, and to Rebecca Jordan, a coloured girl. (see the story
of Christopher Chandler) William Edward was an "outside child", i.e. outside the legitimate
marriage) of this union. As was often the case, he was brought up in the household and given
many ofthe privileges ofthe white children of the family. He was educated by his father and
given lessons in French by a tutor who visited the home.
When William was about 19years of age his father died. At some stage William had
disgraced himself in the eyes of the family - there is a story that he threatened his (half) sister
with a horsewhip - yet this alone does not seem to be enough reason for him to leave Barbados
under a cloud and come to Australia. Perhaps his presence in the home was no longer welcome
after the death of his father, especially if he had misbehaved. How exactly he came to this
country has not been possible to ascertain. His name has not appeared in any shipping records
of that time. However due to the fact that he had a star and anchor tattoo on one arm and that
an uncle (also William Edward, brother of his father) was owner or part owner of a trading ship
or ships he very possibly worked his passage, coming eventually to Australia. He must have
arrived in about 1855 because his Death Certificate in 1900states that he had been in this
country for 45 years.
In 1866 William Edward Chandler took part in a daring bank robbery which took place in
Mackay in Queensland. He was sentenced to 20 years in gaol, which he served in the old Petrie
Tce. Gaol in Brisbane. It would appear that this was not his first brush with the Law. And they
had been after him for some time.
When in gaol he met William Jenkins, a bushranger of note (see his story) and the two
became close friends, a friendship and partnership which lasted throughout their lives. Both
men were released early from their sentences - the reason is unclear but as they had "found
religion" an gaol perhaps good behaviour played a part. Also maybe the fact that the old Petrie
Tce. Gaol closed down about the time of their release.
When released William Chandler and William Jenkins set up a saddlery business in
Brisbane which apparently was successful because they later sold the business and bought a
farm. It was during their time in the saddlery shop, where they lived above, that Elizabeth
Rollings - later to become the wife of William Edward, took up a position as housekeeper.
In the later 1880's Chandler and Jenkins were granted an allotment of land - 800 acresin
the newly opened district of Electra which is about 34 km out of Bundaberg. Even now (2010)
it is not easy to find the location ofthe farm which must have been very isolated at that time.
The details of life on the farm for William and Elizabeth Chandler and William Jenkins is told
According to his children William Edward Chandler was a strong man who worked hard.
He was strict and would not tolerate a lie, a trait which has come down through his family to
the present day. His earlier history must have been something he deeply regretted.
In 1900he rode his horse the 34 kms. Into Bundaberg to consult a doctor, to be told that
he should return home and get his affairs in order because he would be dead in two - three
weeks. One can only imagine his anguish as he made that long return journey with such news to
impart. He did indeed die within that time, from an aneurysm of the descending aorta and is
buried on the farm, which was called Perseverence Farm. For many, many years the actual site
of his burial has been a mystery as the surrounding picket fence had long gone and there was
no memorial. Finally, in August 2010,that mystery has been solved. It seems that around
1939/40 when the farm was leased to an Italian Family the fence had been removed (maybe it
was partly eaten by white ants) and a dairy shed was built. The concrete floor of the shed was
covering the grave. This information was given by an elderly gentleman whose father then
owned then property. This gentleman often visited the farm, firstly when his grandfather ran it
and then when his own father leased it out. He clearly remembered the grave and actually
visited there when the dairy shed was being built - much to the annoyance of his father. As the
concrete floor had already been laid it was too late to do anything about it.
Now that is to be rectified. A plaque will be erected on or near the site of the grave of
William Edward Chandler and its position recorded - finally an acknowledgement of a very
unusual and interesting man.
Gaol records
Newspaper articles relevant to the bank robbery
Information about the Petrie Tee. Gaol
Copy of Marriage Certificate of William Edward and Elizabeth Chandler
Copy of Death Certificate of W.E. Chandler
Copy of Will of W.E. Chandler

Lesley Joy Stradwick

Lesley has 2 sons and 2 daughters all of them live in Australia.
See under the notes of William Edward Chandler for his story

The link below covers transcripts and summaries of the 20 million pounds compensation paid to slave owners when slavery was abolished. You will be interested to see that your great great grandfather is listed there. <>

Information provided By Lesley son Ian re: photos in scrapbook.
We are back from a very successful trip to QLD and where we travelled out to Bundaberg and then out to the old Perseverance Farm near Electra. We spent some time wandering around the old cream shed, where the actual grave is located, trying to find the best place to put the memorial. The cream shed itself was almost falling over and in a very bad way so we didn't want to lose the memorial in all the junk there. We eventually chosen a site nearby after a tree branch fell on Uncle Malcolm's head almost knocking him out so we took this to be a sign from W. Chandler that this was the right spot (and a bloody good laugh!) I have attached some photos of the shed, the memorial and the local descendants of W. Chandler.The old farm photo was the original farm house built by W Chandler in the late 1800's but has since been knocked down to make way for a paddock. 40 miles from Bundaberg to the farm, would have been hard work clearing the land, transporting goods out from Bundy and building the house back in the day. No wonder he burst an aorta and died 2 weeks later - way to much hard work !

Information provided by Lesley Brent-White of Perth.
Lesley is a cousin whom was located by DNA testing results.

My line goes Christopher > William > John > John > William > Charles > Leonard Harley > Leonard Frank > John Chandler Sydney Australia.

where as Lesley's line goes Christopher > Thomas > Thomas > Thomas > Christopher > William Edward > William Jenkins > Joyce married Frederick Stradwick > Lesley Stradwick married Victor Brent-White Perth Western Australia

Married 28.7.1769
Died 10.11.1814

THOMAS - MARY JORDAN Mary Elizabeth Grisheld Ann Sarah Sarah
M. 7.3.1792 B. 18.11.1770 B. 12.6.1773 B. 4.3.1784 B. 27.1.1787 B. 1.11.1788
D. 23.7.1817 M. 6.11.1795 N. 6.1.1798 M. 26.7.1806

CHRISTOPHER - (Elizabeth Rock) Elizabeth Ann David Thomas William Edward
.M. 1813 B. 6.7.1800 B. 9.3.1804 B. 26.11.1808 B. 25.10.1811
D. 27.5.1854 ? AGE 64 YEARS M. 17.9.1830
D. 22.4.1844
Mary Elizabeth Anne Rock Richard Rock John Watson Christopher Cornelius Rock Sarah Johnson
B. 30.10.1814 B. 21.9.1816 B. 21.1.1819 Bap. 3.1.1833 Bap. 3.1.1833 Bap. 3.1.1833 Bap. 3.1.1833
M. 30.9.1837 M. 27.3.1855
To Dr. William Springer To Obed Boyce
Child Mary Elizabeth Bap. 27.9.1838 Children Laura Lawson B. 29.12.1857
D. 30.10.1839 Elizabeth Rock B. 9.11.1859


B. 15.11.1836 B. 22.2.1843
M. 4.7.1876
D. 3.5.1900 D. 8.9.1936

WILLIAM JENKINS - JESSIE REID CLOUGH. Separate list for other children of this marriage

will written 17th September, 1727.
Witnesses - John Odwin - will Bevell John Hinds.
Page 3.
WILL NO. 1 Christopher Chandler of St. ,Lucy, Barbados.
will entered 9th May, 1729.
My son - Thomas Chandler, to get my 9 acres of land in
St. LUcy.
My son - William Chandler to get my plantation of some
12 acres.
My daughter - Elizabeth Chandler to get 10
My son - John Chandler to get 10
My son - Christopher Chandler to get 10
My daughters - Ann Chandler, Mary Chandler, Margett Chandler,
Christian Chandler, to get 10 each.
My wife, Elinor Chandler' - all my estate both real and
personal until her death
Will written 17 th September 1727
Witnesses John Odwin Will Bevell John Hinds

Will no 2 Thomas Chandler St Lucy

Will entered 5th December 1808. Proved 8th March 1814.

My son ,Thomas, negro called Hester.
To my daughter Mary, wife of Thomas Chandler, a negro
girl called Kitty Ann.
To my daughter Sarah,a negro woman, Nancy.
To my daughter Grisheld Skinner, wife of Thomas Skinner,
a negro John Henry.
To wife Grisheld, the residue of my estate.
After my wife's death 4 acres adjoining John Greaves,
James Jordan {Dec'd} and William Sandiford Yearwood unto
daughter Mary Chandler, wife of Thomas Chandler and
daughter Elizabeth, wife of David Chandler 4 acres upper
part of my home land to daughter Grisheld Skinner. Land
bought from Thomas Agard to daughter Sarah Chandler.
Homeplace to son Thomas Chandler.

Executors: Wife Grisheld and son Thomas.
Witnesses: John Greaves and John Archer.

Page 4.
WILL NO. 3. Thomas Chandler of St. Lucy.
will entered 2nd July 1817.
proved 15th September 1817.
His Executors to maintain his son William Edward
until he shall be 18.
To wife Mary, anyone of his slaves.
To son William Edward Chandler the negro slave Lucy.
provided my wife Mary signs a sale to John Greaves
for land sold to him and sells my negro manslave Kit
to pay my debts. Should she not comply, negro woman
slave to be part of my estate.
To sons David, Thomas and William Edward and daughter
Elizabeth Ann Chandler when William Edward is 18
the residue be equally divided.
Executors: Wife Mary, son Christopher, friends
Thomasw. O'Neal and Abel Greenidge.

Family tree of Lesley Brent-White

See under scrap nook for Family tree number 1 Page7

William Edward Chandler born 15th November 18361 Barbados W.I.
Elizabeth"Rollings (nee Willis) born 22nd February 1843, Pershore England
married 4th July 1876 at All Saints Cfuurch,Wickh~ Tce,
Brisbane by Rev. Thomas Jones of Church of England.
witness: ~partner and friend William Jenkins.
Sexton, Mr. Hempson
Henry Indus RaIlings. Son of Elizabeth. Born 5th September 1873 at
sea on I::oardthe ship "Indus" between London and Brisbane.
Elizabeth willis R~llings, daughter of Elizabeth. Born 9th March 1875,
Laidley Creek, Queensland. Died 3rd November 1875.
WILLIAM JENKINS CHANDLER Born Wednesday 18th April 1877 at 2.10 a.m.
at Albert Street, Brisbane.
Arthur Edward Ernest Chandler Born on Wednesday 30th April 1879 at 1.20 a.m.
in Clifton Street, Petrie Tce. Brisbane.
Charles Herbert Chandler Born 10th April 1880 at 4.20 a.m. at Clifton St.
John Frederick Chandler Born 16th July 1881 at 7.50 a.m. in Clifton St.
James Chandler Born 1st October 1882 at 9.35 a.m. in Clifton St.
Alfred Chandler Born 2nd December 1883 at 1.30 p.m. in Clifton St.
Septimus Edwin Chandler. Born June 25th 1887 at 7.40 p.m. (Saturday-
Jubilee Week) in Perseverance Cottage, Clifton St.
Margaret Emily Chandler. Born 29th April 1891 at 7.20 p.m. (Wednesday)
at Perseverance Farm, El~a, Burnett River, Bundaberg.
Arthur Edward Ernest Chandler, died 10th June 1879 (Tuesday) at 5.30 a.m.
aged 1 month 11 days.
Charles Herbert Chandler, died 9th August 1880 (Tuesday) at 2.20 p.m.
aged 4 months within 1 day.
John Frederick Chandler died 30th November 1881 (Wednesday) at 10.25 a.m.
aged 4~ months
James Chandler died 14th October 1882 (Saturday) at 10.10 p.m.
aged 14 days
William Edward Chandler died 3rd May 1900 at 2.20 a.m. Aged 64 years.
Buried on Perseverance Farm, Elextra, Bundaberg.
Elizabeth Chandler died 8th September 1935 at 7.30 p.m. Aged 92 years.
Family Deaths (Contd.)
Alfred Chandler died 12th December 1964 Aged 81 years.
WILLIAM JENKINS CHANDLER Died 17th January 1972. Aged 94 yrs. 9 months.
Septimus Chandler. Died 2nd January 1981 Aged 94 yrs. 6 months.
Margaret Emily Chandler Died 21st July 1980 at 1.00 p.m.
Aged 89 years
William Jenkins (long time partner and family friend)
Died 11th March 1908 at 4.55 p.m. Aged 78 years.
There is no record we have of the death date of Henry ,Indus Rollings
but he was remembered by William Jenkins (Bill) Chandler
Places of Burial/Grave Sites.
Christopher Chandler is likely buried in a mass grave used for victims
of the Cholera epidemic, although this cannot be
confirmed. In 1989 a vacant piece of land with a
sign simply saying "Cholera" was still in existence
in Speightstown, Barbados.
william Edward Chandler is buried on the farm at Electra, in the
Bundaburg District of Queensland. See photo.
Elizabeth Chandler is buried in Brisbane, Queensland.
William Jenkins Chandler donated his body to the University of Western
Australia Medical School for science.
Jessie Reid Chandler was cremated and her ashes are in the Karakatta
Cemetry, Nedlands. W.A.
Page 13.
It will be noted that in both these families ladies whose maiden
names were Reid or Clough married into the same surname.
Govan was (and is) a suburb of Glasgow, Scotland. In the time
of our ancestors it was apparently a pleasant middleclass area although
nowadays (2000) it has become much less desirable. There was an area
called Reidsland, in Govan, where at least Isabella was born.
Peter Reid (b. circa 1798) was a _burgher.
Peter Reid (b. 1826) was a wood merchant.
William Clough was a purveyor at a college.
John Thomas Clough was a salesman in shoes.~. (commercial traveller)
After the marriage of Isabella Muirhead Taylor Reid to John Tfuomas Clough
and the subsequent birth of their daughter Jessie Reid the small family
left Scotland and went to Brisbane, where the other children were born.
Jessie was somewhere between 2 and 5 years old at that time. It is not
known e Kactly why this move was made, however it is thought that it was
due to the poor health of John Thomas Clough who apparently suffered quite
severely from asthma. He died in early middle age. Isabella lived well
into her 90's and spent her later years living with family members in
Perth and in Brisbane, where she was at the time of her death.
Isabella remained a very stern and strict Scottish lady with a very
strong faith in the Church of Scotland (Presbyterian Church) She would
not tolerate "strong liquor", belonged to the Toc H. Society in Perth
(a teetotal group) and would go to Fremantle Prison to sing hymns to the
prisoners. She "gatecrashed" a meeting of the council of elders of the
church soon after her arrival in Australia to object to the use of
alcholic wine for communion. On Sundays she would do nothing but .write
letters and read the Bible. Even knitting socks for soldiers during the
war years was not permissable.
She did not get on very well with her son-in-law William Jenkins Chandler
who, no doubt with great glee, did not register the name Jsabella as the
middle name of his own first born daughter, 00rothea, a fact which was
not discovered by that lady until she was in her 60's and was never known
to either Isabella or Jessie.
FAMILY TREE NO. 3_. Page 14r
B. 18.4.1877
D. 17.1.1972
B. 20.9.1881
D. 6.9.1963
Married 6th. March, 1905, Bri sbanc",Queensland.
Dorothea Erica Reid William Geoffrey JOYCE RAMAGE
B. 22.8.1905 B. 25.6.1907 B. 17.2.1909 B. 18.5.1911
D. 1o, /p . :2t!/b :5 D. 1.2.1992 D. 22.3.1994 D·2-5·&~~-6--
M. 9.9.1933 M. 23.6.1934 M. 1939 M. 11.8.19]2
John Hope Heron Eric John Underwood Nancy Dunphy Frederick Kelvin Stradwick.
Margaret Hope Elizabeth Jill
Jennifer Mary
Roger James
Janet Lesley Joy. Malcolm Geoffrey
B. 1.4.1933 B. 14.6.1939
M. Janice Quayle
Karen Joy Phi lip Chandler
B. 1.4.1933 B. 22.3.1921. (Worthing, Sussex, England.
D. 22.4.1985
Married 11.9.1961. St. Paul's Presbyterian Church, Nedlands. W.A.
IKIMBERLEY James I Philippc:Reid I Rosemary Anne t Ian Gordon
B. 25.5.1962 B. 27.8.1964 B. 24.2.1966 B. 13.11.1970

Claimant: CHANDLER, Christopher

Claim # Date # Slaves Amount

1836 Dec 19 27 442 15 2

1836 May 16 10 219 8 9
Slave Compensation Claims
Claimant: CHANDLER, Dorothy Jordan