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The oldest Brewer ancestor I have been able to prove is my 2nd great grandfather, Henry Brewer (Bruer), born about 1805 in the part of Rowan County, North Carolina that became Davidson County in 1822, so my research began first in Rowan County then to Martin County and back to Rowan, and finally ending in Davidson and Forsyth Counties, N. C.

The 1790 Census of Rowan County listed only one Brewer:
William Brewer 16 & over
1 male over 16
2 males under 16
3 females (one female could have been his wife).

Without having the benefit of a more definite time period of William Brewer’s birth it is difficult to determine if any of the males listed in the 1800 census of Rowan County were his sons.

It is possible that the male listed as 16 & over may have been the William Brewer who married Marry Shumaker in June, 1790.  The marriage records of Rowan County shows a William Brewer married Mary Shumaker in June, 1790 in Rowan County.

William listed in 1790 was not listed in 1800 and probably died before 1800. William and Mary Shumaker Brewer were not found in any of the Census of Rowan County.

The 1800 census of Rowan County listed only 5 Brewers:
Thomas Brewer, Sr   45 & over
Wife         45 & over
1 male     10-15
1 male     16-25
1 females under 10
1 female    10-15

Thomas Brewer, Jr. 16 thru 25  (Can assume is son of Thomas, Sr.)
Wife        16 thru25
3 males   under 10

James Brewer, Sr. 45 & over
Wife     45 & over
1 male  under 10
1 male  10-15
2 males 16-25
1 female 10-15
1 female 16-25

James Brewer, Jr.  16-25   (Can assume is son of James, Sr.)
Wife        16 thru 25
1 male     under 10
2 females under 10

John Brewer 16 thru 25 (Son of Thomas Brewer, Sr.)
Wife    16 thru 25

NOTE: Since James Brewer, Sr. and Thomas Brewer, Sr. were both listed as over 45 in 1800, I realized they should have been listed on a census in 1790.  After searching, I found Thomas, Sr and James, Sr. were listed in the Halifax District of Martin County in 1790, along with Edmund Brewer, Robert Brewer and Jacob Brewer,  all listed as 16 & over.  There was also a Mary Brewer and Sarah Brewer listed with no spouses.  Thomas, Sr. and James, Sr. moved to Rowan County between 1790 and 1800.

Neither Thomas, Sr. or James, Sr. were listed in any census after 1800 and probably died between 1800 and 1810.  James Brewer, Jr. moved back to Martin County after 1800 and is listed on the 1810 Census of Martin County, Halifax District,  along with what appears to be his mother living with him.  His father, James, Sr. was not listed and may have died between 1800-1810. There were no Brewers listed in Martin County in 1820.

The 1810 Census of Rowan County lists only 2 Brewers:
John Brewer   26 thru 44 (Son of Thomas Brewer, Sr.)

Wife          26 thru 44
1 male      under 10
2 females under 10

Thomas Brewer, Jr. 16 thru 25 (Son of Thomas Brewer, Sr.)
Wife        16 thru 25
2 males   under 10

NOTE:  Of the original 5 Brewers who are known to have been in Rowan County in 1800 , only 2 of them, Thomas, Jr. and John were in Rowan County in 1820.  After further researching, I am certain that my Brewer line descends from John Brewer.

The 1820 Census of Rowan County lists:

Thomas Brewer, Jr.  26 to 45
No wife was listed (must have died bet 1810-1820 or failed to be listed)
3 males     to 10
1 male      10-16
3 females  to 10
1 female   16-18

John Brewer (Bruer) 26 to 45
Wife   16 -26
3 males     to 10
1 male      10-16
1 female   16-18

In addition to Thomas, Jr. and John Bruer, the following Brewers were listed in the 1820 Census, Rowan County, NC:

Henry Brewer 26 to 45 (Living next to Thomas, Jr.probably son of                                     Thomas, Jr.)
Wife                not listed or may have died.
2 females        to 10
1 female         16-18
1 female         16-26

Henry Bruer    26 to 45  (Son of Thomas, Sr.)
Wife                26 to 45 ( I believe her name was Ruth)
1 male            10-16

Reuben Bruer 16-26 Married Mary (Polly) Lane.  Had 6 children
Wife                16-26
2 males           to 10
1 female         to 10
Note:  Henry and Reuben were living next to John Bruer.  Next to them, was * Lewis Mullikin who is known to have owned the farm next to the Brewer farm.  John, Reuben and Henry Bruer, (who is my 2nd great grandfather), used the spelling Bruer as well as the spelling Brewer.

1830 Davidson County
John Brewer was the only one of the Brewers found in Rowan County in 1800 who was listed in the 1830 census of Davidson County.  This was the first census taken in Davidson County after it was formed.  No Brewers were listed in Rowan County after 1820.

John Brewer    50-60  (He would have been born bet 1770 & 1780)
Wife            50-60
1 male        under 5
1 male        5-10
2 males      10-15
1 male        15-20
1 female       5-10
1 female     20-30
Note:  The younger children were probably grandchildren. The male 15-20 and the female 20-30 could have been his son and daughter-in-law and the children their's.

Reuben Brewer    30-40 (Living next to John)
Wife         30-40
2 males     5-10
1 male      10-15
2 females  under 5
1 female    5-10

Henry Brewer 30-40 (Son of John Brewer)
Wife            30-40
2 males        under 5
1 male           5-10
1 female       10-15
2 females      15-20

Henry Brewer 20-30  (my 2nd gr,grandfather, living next to Henry.)
Wife           20-30
1 female    under 5
Henry married Elizabeth Boeckel about 1828, Davidson Co, NC

1840 Davidson County

John Brewer    50-60
Wife            50-60
1 male        10-15
1 male        15-20
1 male        20-30
1 female    10-15

Reuben Brewer    40-50
Wife        40-50 (Mary (Polly) Martin)
1 male     5-10
1 male    15-20
1 male    20-30
2 females    10-15
1 female      15-20

Ruth Brewer    50-60
1 male        15-20
1 male        20-30
1 female     15-20
Believe she is the widow of Henry listed in 1830 Census at the age of 30 to 40.  Living between Reuben and Henry Brewer.

Henry Brewer 30-40
Wife        30-40   (Elizabeth Boeckel)
2 males    under 5
1 male       5-10
2 females   under 5
1 female    10-15

These Brewers were living in the same vicinity of the * Phelps farm which was East of the Brewers farm and the * Mullican farm.

Other Brewers listed in Davidson County in 1840 were:
George Brewer    40-50
Wife             30-40
1 male        under 5
1 male        10-15
1 female      5-10
1 female     10-15
Note:  George did not appear on census of Rowan or Davidson before.  He was not listed on any census of Davidson County after 1840.

* Note:
In the book written about the Lewis Mullican family, “Mullikins and Mullicans of North Carolina,” there was a Brewer farm north of the Mullican farm and a Phelps farm was next to the Brewer’s farm.  In checking the census records, I always found both Mullican and Phelps families living close to the Brewers. This book described the Brewer farm as a large, well developed farm with nine boys and two girls at the time the book was written.  Through the census records, I found John Brewer, born between 1766-1784, (son of Thomas Brewer) had a total of 8 sons and 2 daughters listed.  I concluded that this was the Brewer farm next to the Mullicans.  I also had the opportunity to talk with an elderly woman who was a direct descendant of Lewis Mullican and she still lived on part of the original farm.  She pointed out where the original Mullican farm was and was able to verify most of what was printed in the book.

After locating where the old Brewer farm was in the early 1800's, I realized that my Grandfather, Father and I have spent our entire lives within five miles of where my Brewer ancestors lived.  Many of my other ancestors lived in the same area.

According to this book, in 1835, Lewis Spencer Mullican organized a debating society and included in the membership were HENRY BREWER, JEFFERSON BREWER, AQUILLA BREWER AND BRONCER BREWER.  I also found in the book that Lewis Spencer Mullican and Henry Brewer (my 2nd gr,grandfather))  married first cousins.  Jefferson moved to TN after 1850.  No further record of Broncer has been found and it is possible that was a nickname.  The name “Aquilla Brewer” does not appear on any of the census records until the 1850 Census, Forsyth Co, when an Aquilla is  listed as 13, the son of Henry Brewer and wife, Martha.  In the 1850 census, it shows Henry also had a son named John.  In the 1860 Census, Forsyth Co, Aquilla is listed as 22 living with Henry and is also listed on the same census living with his brother, John.

The 1850 census of Forsyth County, NC was taken the same year Forsyth County was formed from Stokes County.  It may appear in the census of Forsyth and Davidson Counties  that the Brewers were moving from one county to another, but in reality, it was the border line moving, not the people.  The Davidson County Brewers lived near Muddy Creek in what is known as the Friedberg community.  Most of the Brewers in Forsyth County listed in the 1850 census lived in the Southfork Township and their post office was listed as “Friedberg”. I am convinced that the Brewers in both counties are related and that they descend from Thomas Brewer, Sr. although I have not been able to connect all of them.

After finding this information, I remembered information I had read in Ben R. Brewer’s book, “The Long Brewer Line".  He had made references to the Brewers in Rowan County in 1800, and in the Halifax District of Martin County earlier.  After reading his book again, I began to trace the descendants of William Brewer born 1553-58 from England to see if there is a connection to my line of Brewers.  My research is continuing.

Descendants of William Brewer