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Mannington and Manington Families
Jocelyn Keene

Isaac Mannington II (1818 - 1892) of Mountfield and Ewhurst, Sussex

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Adam, c14th century (Visitations of Cornwall)
Descendancy Chart
Thomas of Hastings, Sussex, d 1603/4, m. Agnes
Descendancy Chart
Thomas, Vicar of Bodiam, Sussex (1594 - 1654), m. Mary Sharpe (my family)
Descendancy Chart three generations to William of Waldron & sons
Descendancy Chart starting at William of Waldron
Thomas m. Ann Grayling 1704, Hastings, Sussex
Descendancy Chart
Philip of London, father of the Superintendent of British East India Company in Penang
Descendancy Chart
Thomas, blacksmith of Hastings, Sussex (c1738-1797), m. Mary Blackman 1771
Descendancy Chart
John of Fairlight, Sussex, m. Mary Cover 1746, Guestling, Sussex
Descendancy Chart
Thomas, blacksmith of Dartford, Kent (c 1787-1834), m. (1) Ann (2) Mary Monday
Descendancy Chart
John, milliner of Hastings, Sussex, (d 1869)
Descendancy Chart
Introduction to the Mannington Families
These webpages are my attempt at a One Name Study of the Mannington and Manington Families. The study is by no means complete and I would like to enlist the help of all Manningtons or Maningtons to help. Can we make this a communal project?

When I first started studying Manningtons (my maternal grandmother's family) I was given a lot of help by people who already knew much more about it than I did. Among these were Ian Clapham, who gave me a gedcom file including much of our directly-related family; Hugh Mannington, my mother's cousin, whose letters to my parents contained lots of family information for our immediate branch, including a transcription of my GGGrandparents'family Bible, Ellice Keys, who advised me on where to visit in Sussex when I had a chance to go there for the first time; and Ted Ryder, who gave me loads of photos of of family tombstones and other very interesting tidbits of information.

From here on, I will use the double "n" spelling unless a family consistently stuck with the single "n" spelling. For most families, the spelling was haphazard, even through the 19th century. There is no reason to believe that the Manningtons and Maningtons could not be the same family.

I have become curious about all the other Manningtons around the world. Could we all be related, or were there several distinct and unrelated families? East Sussex contained several families that I have not yet been able to trace back to a single root and there was another one family nearby in Kent. Western counties near the Welsh marches (Radnorshire, Herefordshire, Gloucestershire) and south-western counties (Cornwall and Devon) were, at one time, well supplied with Manningtons. Now they seem to be mostly Monningtons and Manatons respectively. Of course, London collected its share of stray Manningtons, but there were few there on a permanent basis.

Emigrants from Britain went to the USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia where they started up new branches. The line in the USA seems to have mainly originated from a 17th century immigrant from Gloucestershire and is mainly called Monington these days. In the census records for the USA, I have even found a few African-American and Native American Manningtons.

There are also places associated with the name Mannington. Prominent among these is Mannington Hall and Gardens in Mannington Parish, Norfolk, but there are also places named Mannington in Wimborne, Dorset; in Swindon, Wiltshire, and in Essex. In the USA there are places named Mannington in New Jersey, West Virginia, Kentucky and Ohio.

Please browse the Mannington & Manington family group sheets. Some of the more recent family members have associated photographs, some of the older ones have pictures of their homes or tombstones. Be sure to take a look - click on the tiny camera icons located beside the individual names for individual photos or by the marriage dates for family photos.

Remember that this is a work in progress and I would love to have help from you if you are a Mannington or Manington or know some, dead or alive. Even if you just run across a village or street named Mannington, that might be important too as an indication that our family passed through that town at some point.

These webpages are brand new as of 1 June 2005, so check back in a while for changes or additions.

Last updated 1 June 2005