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Key: S=Spouse, C=Child, P=Parent


, Elizabeth (Abt 1852-Abt 1885)p,S
, Philipina (1789- )p,S
, Sarah Or Mary Martha (Abt 1733-1776)p,S
, Unknown 1St WifeS
, Unknown 3Rd Wife
Allen, Annp,S
Barnhill, Charles C.p,S
Barnhill, Flossie H.p,S
Barnhill, Williamp,S
Bauer, Dominic ( -Bef 1880)C
Bauer, Franz (1789-1880)p,S
Bauer, Theresa (1822-1895)p,s,C
Bendich, UnknownS
Berry, Unknownp,S
Bicanich, Ivan "John" (1887-1976)S
Brandt, Jerome Fred (1903-1980)P
Brandt, Joan Alice
Brock, Sarah ( - )p,S
Brown, ?elizabeth (Bef 1780- )p,S
Brown, JaneS
Case, DavidS
Case, LesterS
Case, Thomas William
Cornelius, Lucy (1660- )p,S
Corrie, Janet (Abt 1515- )p,S
Corry, George Of KelwoodP
Corry, Jane Anne (Corrie) (Abt 1575-1632)p,s,C
Corry, John Of Kelwood
Draper, Margaret ( - )p,S
Eager, Elizabeth (1710-1756)p,S
Ferguson, Marian (Mariote Fergoussone) (Abt 1475- )p,S
Frazo, Cora (Abt 1876- )C
Frazo, Edward "Eddie" (Abt 1870- )C
Frazo, Ellen B. (1858- )
Frazo, Eugene Thomas (1911-1958)C
Frazo, Henry Felix (1851-1929)p,s,C
Frazo, Ida (Abt 1862- )
Frazo, Levi (Abt 1827- )p,S
Frazo, Margaret Louisa (1908-1946)p,s,C
Frazo, Selina (Abt 1856- )C
Frazo, Thomas Lewis (1883-1935)p,s,C
Frazo, William Barton (1880-1964)
Gentry, Agnes (Abt 1780-1853)C
Gentry, Allen A. (1725- )C
Gentry, Ann (1723- )
Gentry, David (1821- )C
Gentry, David (1718- )C
Gentry, David (Abt 1708- )C
Gentry, Elizabeth (1687- )
Gentry, George (1781-1875)C
Gentry, James (1778-1840)
Gentry, James (Abt 1706- )C
Gentry, Jesse (1820- )C
Gentry, Joseph (1776- )C
Gentry, Joseph (Abt 1685- )C
Gentry, Joseph G. (Abt 1728-Abt 1813)p,s,C
Gentry, Mabel (1702- )C
Gentry, Martha Jane (Bef 1815- )C
Gentry, Matthew (1782- )C
Gentry, Nicholas (1720- )C
Gentry, Nicholas I (1665-1736)p,s,C
Gentry, Nicholas II (1697-1779)C
Gentry, Richard (1730- )C
Gentry, Samuel (1756-After 1816)P
Gentry, Samuel (Abt 1810- )
Gentry, Samuel (1756-After 1816)s,C
Gentry, Samuel (Abt 1704-Abt 1789)P
Gentry, Samuel (1737- )
Gentry, Samuel (Abt 1704-Abt 1789)s,C
Gentry, Samuel (1635- )P
Gentry, Samuel (1663- )
Gentry, Samuel (1635- )S
Gentry, Sarah (1814- )p,s,C
Gentry, Shelton (Abt 1792-Bef 1833)p,s,C
Gentry, Shelton ( -Abt 1830)C
Gentry, Simon (1734- )C
Jones, PatsyS
Karst, Bonnie Berniece (1887-1973)p,s,C
Karst, Flora (Abt 1865- )C
Karst, Frank Emmanuel (Abt 1861- )
Karst, George Louis (1831-1899)p,S
Karst, Infant (Abt 1883-1883)C
Karst, Louis George (1856-1940)p,s,C
Karst, Teresa "Trissie" (Abt 1863- )
Kelley, Benjamin Roten (Abt 1817- )C
Kelley, Caleb (Abt 1799-After 1880)C
Kelley, Deborah Anne (Abt 1826-1897)s,C
Kelley, Elizabeth (1821-1902)
Kelley, John C. (Abt 1822- )
Kelley, Joseph (1789-1853)p,s,C
Kelley, Margaret Jane (1821-1876)p,s,C
Kelley, Mary E. (Abt 1830- )
Kelley, Mary K. (Abt 1795-After 1870)p,S
Kelley, Minerva J. (Abt 1835-Bef 1871)C
Kelley, William (Abt 1756-1854)p,S
Kelley, William Jackson (Abt 1816- )C
Kennedy, AncestorP
Kennedy, Isobel (Abt 1535- )p,S
Kennedy, Unknown Dtrp,S
Lacer, Rosa Ethelp,S
Like, Unknownp,S
Marder, JaneS
McAdam, Martha Of Auglmacloy, Ireland (1645- )p,S
McIlvain, Alexander (1634-Abt 1690)p,s,C
McIlvain, Allan (M'ylveyne) Laird Of Grimmet (Abt 1470-Abt 1545)p,s,C
McIlvain, Andrew (Bef 1669-1726)C
McIlvain, David ( - )
McIlvain, Gilbert Of Co. Antrim, Ireland (Abt 1630-After 1668)C
McIlvain, Gilberto (M'ilveyne) Laird Of Grimmet (Abt 1510-1547)p,s,C
McIlvain, Gilberto (M'ylveyne) Laird Of Grimmet (Abt 1450-Abt 1537)p,s,C
McIlvain, John (Abt 1640- )C
McIlvain, John Laird Of Grimmet (Abt 1600-1669)p,S
McIlvain, John Laird Of Grimmet (Abt 1570-Abt 1637)
McIlvain, John Laird Of Grimmet (Abt 1600-1669)
McIlvain, John Laird Of Grimmet (Abt 1570-Abt 1637)s,C
McIlvain, Mary (1686- )p,s,C
McIlvain, Nigel (Macylveyne) Laird Of Grimmet (Abt 1400-Abt 1465)P
McIlvain, Patrick (Mcilvane) Laird Of Grimmet (Bef 1540-1613)p,s,C
McIlvain, Quentin Laird Of Grimmet (Abt 1630-Abt 1695)C
Mickey, Agnes (Abt 1757- )C
Mickey, Agnes (Abt 1740- )C
Mickey, AncestorP
Mickey, Andrew (Abt 1770- )C
Mickey, Andrew (Abt 1723- )C
Mickey, Anna (Abt 1774- )C
Mickey, Daniel (Abt 1733-1775)P
Mickey, Daniel (Abt 1762-Abt 1812)
Mickey, Daniel (Abt 1733-1775)s,C
Mickey, Daniel (Abt 1708-1784)C
Mickey, David (Abt 1768- )C
Mickey, Eleanor (Abt 1759- )
Mickey, Eleanor Elizabeth (Abt 1714- )C
Mickey, Frances (Abt 1754- )C
Mickey, James (Abt 1766- )
Mickey, Margaret (Abt 1763-1829)p,s,C
Mickey, Martha (1670- )C
Mickey, Mary (Abt 1719-After 1789)C
Mickey, Robert (Abt 1755-1814)C
Mickey, Robert (1682-1742)P
Mickey, Robert (Abt 1721-1795)
Mickey, Robert (1682-1742)s,C
Mickey, Sarah (1744-1830)C
Mickey, Susanna (Abt 1716-After 1761)C
Mickey, Thomas (Abt 1710-1755)p,s,C
Mickey, William (Abt 1764-Abt 1814)C
Mickey, William (Abt 1729- )C
Mickey, William (Abt 1725- )C
Miller, Amelia Mary "Esther Marie" (1907-1978)P
Monson, Aksel (1901-1945)p,S
Monson, Marjorie Ann (1932-1984)p,s,C
Polk, James ( -1837)S
Poulter, Eleanor ( - )C
Poulter, Elizabeth (Abt 1760-Bef 1830)p,s,C
Poulter, John (1762-1847)
Poulter, William ( -1806)P
Poulter, William (1766- )
Prosser, Abraham (1805-1882)C
Prosser, Child(Daniel-Margaret) (Abt 1785- )
Prosser, Child(Daniel-Margaret) (Abt 1795- )
Prosser, Daniel (Abt 1744-1829)p,S
Prosser, Daniel M. (1787-1873)C
Prosser, Daniel S. G.? , Jr.? (1823-1901)C
Prosser, Dtr. (1840- )
Prosser, Dtr. (1844- )
Prosser, Elisabeth Destimony (1860-1921)C
Prosser, Elizabeth (1819-Abt 1854)C
Prosser, Infant Twin1 (1831- )
Prosser, Infant Twin2 (1831- )
Prosser, James (1821-1885)p,s,C
Prosser, James Isaac (1844-1933)C
Prosser, John (1797-1887)p,s,C
Prosser, John Calvin (1852-1929)C
Prosser, John F. (1835- )C
Prosser, John W. (1832-Bef 1835)
Prosser, Joseph (1827-1890)
Prosser, Louisa (1858-1944)p,s,C
Prosser, Margaret (1825-1908)C
Prosser, Margaret (Abt 1804- )C
Prosser, Margaret J. (1850-1912)C
Prosser, Martha Elisabeth (1854-1854)
Prosser, Mary Mae (1848-1926)
Prosser, Mary West (1833-1923)C
Prosser, Minerva Jane (1842-1844)C
Prosser, Nancy (1862-1865)
Prosser, Rachel(D?daniel-Margaret) (Abt 1790- )C
Prosser, Rebecca Jane (1856-1935)C
Prosser, Robert Newton (1841-1930)C
Prosser, Robert? (Abt 1800-1861)C
Prosser, Sarah Ann (1846-1896)C
Prosser, Son(Daniel-Margaret) (Abt 1779-1799)C
Prosser, Son(Daniel-Margaret) (Abt 1784- )
Prosser, Son(Daniel-Margaret) (Abt 1792- )
Prosser, Son(Daniel-Margaret) (Abt 1803- )
Prosser, William (Abt 1780- )
Prsa, Lubica "Ruby" Violet (1909-1976)p,s,C
Prsa, Manda (1907-1984)
Prsa, Thomas ( - )p,S
Razich, Anna (Annie) (Abt 1886-1957)p,s,C
Razich, UnknownP
Schaw, Juliana (Abt 1605-1641)p,s,C
Schaw, UnknownP
Scott, ?joseph (Bef 1770- )p,S
Scott, Dtr?joseph\Eliz (Abt 1802- )C
Scott, Dtr?joseph\Eliz (Abt 1807- )
Scott, Dtr?joseph\Eliz (Abt 1810- )
Scott, Dtr?joseph\Eliz (Abt 1815- )
Scott, James M. (1805- )
Scott, John (Abt 1804- )
Scott, Sarah (1801-1886)p,s,C
Scott, Son?joseph\Eliz (Abt 1803- )
Scott, Son?joseph\Eliz (Abt 1812- )
Scott, Son?joseph\Eliz (Abt 1814- )
Scott, Son?joseph\Eliz (Abt 1820- )
Seaton, Sarah (1790-After 1835)p,S
Shelton, Agnes ( -Abt 1826)p,S
Silvey, Sally "Sary" (Sarah) (1778-1855)S
Stamps, Peggyp,S
Stamps, Thomas L. (1913-1996)p,S
Starcevich, Maryp,S
Udovich, UnknownS
Williams, Abner 'Abb'P
Williams, Georgep,S
Williams, Joseph Greenberryp,S
Williams, Sarahp,S
Wood, MabelS
Zupan, Annie (1924-1991)C
Zupan, Anton (1892-1946)p,s,C
Zupan, JeanMarieS
Zupan, Mary (1925-1989)C
Zupan, Stephenp,S
Zupan, William (1884-1930)C
Zupan, William Antonp,S

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