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Jayna Rhodes Brown Quinn Family History

Most common surnames: Brown, Bivins, Bulger, Bybee, Davis, Donald/Donnel, Epley, Freer, Greatorex, Hammon, Hill, Hobart, Lyle, Ogden, Perkins, Quinn, Reid, Rhodes, Rice, Roberts, Rose, Slack, Stephens, Taliaferro, Tharp, Thompson, Tuttle, Welborn, Whitesides, Williams, and Wortham.

It's safe to say I'll probably never outgrow my love for most things vintage and antique. I have been a lover of history since about the age of 10, when I sneaked into the little run-down shack behind my Grammy Lou's farmhouse in Idaho. It was long-abandoned, with rough planked walls half-covered in peeling floral wallpaper, light coming through the ceiling where parts of the roof had given in to the ravages of time, and every surface covered in years of accumulated dust. Grammy Lou called it The Shanty, and told us it was not safe to go inside, but the abandoned treasures beckoned through the small dirt-encrusted windows, and I couldn't resist them. It was dirty in there, and full of spiders, but each of the various rooms was like a little time-capsule of the 40s and 50s, and I felt more excitement at rummaging through them than I did on Christmas morning. I get a similar thrill today when I step into an antique shop or attend a rummage sale.

This love for history, and for articles and documents preserved from another time, has influenced many aspects of my adult life. It opened the door for genealogical research begun at age 12. It gave me a keen desire to travel and inspired me to learn more about other cultures. It led to the pursuit of knowledge about preservation and conservation artifacts from the past, and it created a determination to keep my own written record of life as I knew it, from the tender age of 11.

In my adult life, I am an artist and genealogist. While I don't live in the past, or for the past, learning about and valuing those who came before us, and preserving the few rare tidbits that remain from their eras is a fascinating pursuit that I don't think I'll ever tire of being a part of.

I hope the documents and photos here will be useful to visitors who may happen by. Thanks for looking, and happy digging!


 Over time, I hope to add many resources to this list, but as this is an ongoing project, it will take some time before I can do so. In the meantime, I hope these items will be of interest to some.

My searchable indices, resources, and photos:

Index to The Pioneer History of Midland County, Texas  1880-1926

The Bonafide Club (two editions) 1923 and 1924

Index to A Brief History of Farmington, Utah by George Q. Knowlton

Autobiography of Winnie May Arthur Phillips

William and George Davis Family Papers

Brown, Warren, Bates and Odd Family Photos

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