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About the Mailing List
A very relaxed forum where we discuss many things, as long as they are somehow related to the world of entertainment. Of course, many of us are also looking for information about our entertaining ancestors. Researching family history can be difficult at the best of times. Researching ancestors who were actors, music hall and circus performers, etc. can be a real pain! They were never in one place for very long, they changed their names to suit themselves and very often they weren't particularly accurate about their age.
The THEATRE-UK mailing list is for the discussion of theatre and entertainment history. The buildings, the troupes, the actors and players, the acts and the plays, the playwrights and backstage folk. With luck you might find the little snippet of information you need to track down your elusive ancestor, or maybe a list-member can provide you with some details of your ancestors career.

To get the greatest benefit from the list, why not introduce yourself and tell us the sort of information you are hoping to find. You’ll be surprised how friendly the people are on the THEATRE-UK list.

If you have any problems or something you wish to discuss privately, just drop me a line at

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