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Greater London Eastern Counties

Angelina CLOSE U 24 Actress
James EDWARDS M 35 Comedian
Isabell R. TAYLOR W 33 Professional Singer
George WALLACE U 23 Actor & Singer
Wm. Hy. HILLIER M 32 Actor Traveling
A.H. ROBERTS M 48 Comedian (Actor)
Marion BECKETT 31 Actress
Catherine E. LIMBERT U 16 Theatre Serv Artiste
Rachal DUCAT U 18 Theatre Sean Artist
Cecil TURNER U 23 Actor
Kate TURNER M 21 Actress
William S. LAMBERT M 27 Comedian
Ellen SEARLE U 37 Actress
Samuel LUFF M 24 Conductor Stage 6/2
Thomasinah LUFF M 19 Actress
Walter Frank HARECOMB 27 Actor
Janie LAVIS W 46 Actress
Carl STEPHAN M 57 Professor Of Music
Eugenie STEPHAN U 24 Operatic Singer
Archur GREETHHAM U 23 Dramatic Artist (Actor)
Frederick HOB M 26 Dramatic Artist (Actor)
Henry J. TURNER W 75 Comedian (Unemployed)
George VILLIERS M 27 Comedian
Paolo BOLLI M 40 Singer In Italian Opera
William J. HARLSTONE M 50 Comedian Unemployed

Sefton PARRY M 49 Theatrical Manager
Angus MC CORMACK M 34 Dramatic Actor
Hannah C. FISHER M 29 Actress
Edward GRAHAM M 23 Actor
Harriet J. GRAHAM M 18 Actress
Elizabeth GIB M 48 Retired Actress
Guillaume LOREDAN M 34 Theatrical Profession (Actor)
Myra HAMILTON W 29 Actress
Margaret BRENNAN U 38 Actress
John FITSGERALD M 41 Musician (Theatrical Leader Of Band)
Emily Louisa CURRIE U 22 Artiste Actor
Jane P. COOK U 41 Professional Singer (Musician)
Elizabeth POWELL W 28 Art Service Theatrical Artist
Emily CONDER U 27 Singer
Constance ADAMS M 23 Actress
Brian DARLEY M 24 Actor
Kate Frances WEBB U 25 Artist Singer
Emily ROSS W 26 Professional Actress
Louise THOMLIN U 26 Professional Singer (Musician)
Edwin LILLEY U 24 Professional Singer (Musician)
William JONES M 50 Singer Professional Theatre (Musician)
Alice F. BLOUNT U 30 Theatrical (Actress)
William HOLLAND M 43 Theatrical Administrator