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Letters addressed to residents of sub-postal
districts should bear the name of the head
office, thus : Collone, Armagh.



Cladymilltown is a rural post-office 7 miles south-east from Armagh. Markethill, 2 miles, is the nearest railway station. The land of the district is fair for oats, potatoes and flax. Although there is no village here, the houses, for a considerable distance all around, are near each other. Dairying is done on a modest scale, most of the butter being sent to market in “bricks. “

GROCERS [*] =retails spirits.
Jas. Carr
P. Carr
H. Coulter
Thos. Corr
Jno. Donnelly
Ptk. Lennon *
Ml. Loughran
Mrs Mt Loye
J. McCartney
Wm D. McCullagh
Miss E. Martin
Edw. Rocks
Bernard Vallely

Post M. :
Wm. D. McCullagh

Presbyterian Church : Rev. Rt. Shannon
R. C. Church : Rev. F. Corr, P. P.

Scutch Mills : Sl. Black, Hh Gass [corn also], Mrs G. Gray, Sl. Martin.

Agnew, Francis, Lisnaget
Black, James, Enagh
Black, Robert, Enagh
Black, Samuel, Ballylane
Blair, Hugh, Lisnaget
Corr, Thomas, Lisnaget
Cosgrove, John, jun. Cladybeg
Coulter, Hugh, Cladymore
Dalzell, Henry, Lisnaget
Dougan, George, Killymachugh
Dougan, Robert, Damoily
Gass, Mrs E. Killymachugh
Gollogly, Henry, Cladybeg
Gollogly, Terence, Cladybeg
Gray, James, Enagh
Gray, John, Ballylane
Gray, John, Ballylane
Gray, Mrs Gordon, Killymachugh
Gordon, Robert, Enagh
Holmes, Thomas, Lisnaget
Gray, Wm. Enagh
Lee, Alex. Lisnaget
Lennon, John, Cladymore
Loughran, Peter, Cladymore
Kilpatrick, Thos. Cladybeg
McArdle, John, Cladymore
McCairn, Hugh, Cladybeg
McCammon, Jas. Damoily
McClenaghan, James, Cladybeg
McClenaghan, Wm. Cladybeg
McClure, James, Cladymore
McClure, James, Greyhillan
McClure, Samuel, Cladymore
McClure, Samuel, Enagh
McCullagh, Alex, Cladymore
McCullagh, John, Cladymore
McGaughey, James, Damoily
McGaughey, Robert, Enagh
McKean, Archd. , Cladymore
McMullin, David, Cladybeg
McMullin, John, Cladybeg
McMullin, John C. Damoily
Mackey, Jos. N. , Killyhugh
Mann, Jacob, Cladybeg
Mann, Thomas, Cladybeg
Marshall, Mrs E. E. Lisnaget
Marshall, William, Cladybeg
Martin, Jno. Ballylane
Murphy, Michael, Cladybeg
Nugent, Patrick, Cladybeg
Porter, Alex. Cladybeg
Porter, Alex. jun. , Cladybeg
Porter, Hugh, Cladybeg
Rafferty, Jas. Cladymore
Rafferty, Patk. Cladymore
Rocks, Edward, Cladymore
Rocks, Hy. Cladymore
Shannon, Rev. Robert, Cladymore
Sleith, Alex. Enagh
Taylor, George, Cladymore
Taylor, Mrs Mt. Cladymore
Taylor, Thomas, Cladymore
Traynor, Thomas, Enagh
Vallely, Arthur, Cladymore
Vallely, Daniel, Cladybeg

Vallely, Edward, Cladybeg
Vallely, John, Cladymore
Vallely, Mrs C. Cladymore
Vallely, Mrs M. Cladymore
Vallely, Terence, Cladybeg
Vallely, Hugh, Cladybeg
Wallace, James, Cladymore



Collone is a rural post-office 2.5 miles east by south from Armagh, on the road to Markethill. Potatoes, oats and flax are the crops of the district. The land is of medium quality. Nearly all the farmers grow a little flax, and make some butter, which they send to market chiefly in
”bricks. “

National School : Mrs R. Gray
Post master ; Wm. Gray
Presbyterian Church : Rev. W. J. Brown,
Red Rock, Armagh.

Alexander, J. H. Carnavanaghan
Armstrong, Fras. , Edenknappa
Armstrong, Hugh, Edenknappa
Black, John, Collone
Black, Joseph, Collone
Broomfield, Sl. , Carnavanaghan
Conlan, D. jun. , Carnavanaghan
Conlan, Rt. , Carnavanaghan
Crozier, David, Seagahan
Crozier, James, Edenknappa
Crozier, James, Seagahan
Crozier, Jno. , Carnavanaghan
Crozier, Thomas, Seagahan
Dodds, Robert, Seagahan
Donaldson, James, Cavanagrove
Donnelly, Henry, Drumbeemore
Dougan, Alexander, Cavanagrove
Dougan, George, Ballymacaully
Dougan, John, Collone
Dougan, J. jun. , Carnavanaghan
Dougan, Mrs E. , Ballymacaully
Dougan, Simpson, Cavanagrove
Dougan, Wm. , Seagahan
Farley, Sl. , Carnavanaghan
Ferguson, Robert, Kilcopple
Finn, John, Edenknappagh
Frazer, Mrs L. , Collone
Gilmore, Rt. , Edenknappagh
Henning, George, Killeen
Hutchinson, Mrs J. , Collone
Jamison, Robert, Killeen
Kennedy, James, Cavanagrove
Kennedy, Mrs R. , Cairn
Kennedy, W. Carnavanaghan
Kilpatrick, James, Collone
King, Samuel, Killycopple
Largey, Hugh, Collone
Lyons, James, Cavanagrove
McCall, George, Carnavanaghan
McCall, Jas. , Carnavanaghan
McCall, Jno. , Carnavanaghan
McCall, R. S. Carnavanaghan
McCall, Samuel, Seagahan
McCartney, W. , Carnavanaghan
McCune, James, Carnavanaghan
McMahon, George, Collone
Magill, John, Killycopple
Megarity, George, Killeen
Mitchell, George, Killycopple
Mitchell, Robert, Killycopple
Montgomery, Wm. , Cavanagrove
Phoenix, William, Edenknappa
Porter, James, Edenknappa
Semple, Robert, Killycopple
Shillington, Edward, Killycopple
Simpson, George, Collone
Simpson, James, Collone
Simpson, John, Cavanagrove
Simpson, William, Killeen
Tate, James, Killycopple
Tate, John, Collone
Tate, Misses, Collone
Tate, Thomas, Killycopple
Whiteside, James, Killycopple
Wilson, Thomas, Cavanagrove
Wilson, William, Cavanagrove.



This village is on the border of Co Armagh, less than a mile from the Tyrone Railway Station, with which it is connected by the Clogher
Valley Steam Tramway. The following residents of Co. Armagh receive letters from the Caledon Post Office :- Curry, Ptk, Clontcarty McElroy, James, Clontycarty Lee, Wm, Drumgolliff Marshall, Thos. jun. , Drumgolliff