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( ANNAGHMORE - continued)
Drapers :
Felix Devlin
Jas. Duffy

Grocers : marked thus [*]retails spiritsMrs C. Deighan
Felix Devlin
Mrs M. Devlin
James Duffy
Thomas J. Hall *
Wm. J. Mullin

Post M. : Patrick Doherty

Railway station : Patk. Doherty, toll collector

R. I. C. : Sergeant L. Toolan

School, Natl. : James McGurrin

Conn, John, Derrycor
Devlin, Felix, Annaghmore
Fearin, Daniel, Eglish
Gallagher, James, Annaghmore
Gilpin, John, Annaghmore
Gilpin, Robert, Annaghmore
Greenaway, Francis, Derrycoose
Greenaway, Francis, Derrycorr
Greenaway, Geo. Derrycorr
Hall, John, Derrycor
Hall, Mrs. , Drumnott
Jackson, John, Derrycorr
Locke, Mrs. , Derrycorr
Loney, Joseph, Annaghmore
McKeown, Mrs M. T. , Annaghmore
McKeown, Terence, Annaghmore
McNiece, Thos. , Annaghmore
Martin, George, Derrycoose
Matchett, Thomas, Derrycorr
Palmer, Wm. jun. , Annaghmore
Smith, William, Derrycoose
Willis, George sen. , Derrycoose
Willis, George, Derrycorr



Diamond, a village of a few houses, in the barony of O’Neilland West, is about 4.75 miles to the west of Portadown. The post-office, which is also a parochial school-house, supported by Mrs Cope, of the Manor, Loughgall, is three quarters of a mile nearer. Potatoes, beans, oats and wheat are the chief crops of the district. The land is heavy and difficult to manage. Apple-orchards are numerous, and in good seasons-when fruit is not too abundant-farmers find them valuable aids to income. . . . .

Blacksmith : J. McGall

Church, C. I. : Rev D. McFerron

Post M. : Richard Lindsay

School, Parochial : Rd. Lindsay

Allen, Ephraim, Grange lr
Allen, Richard, Grange lr
Atkinson, William, Cusheny
Blacker, John, Cusheny
Blacker, Wm. J. , Cusheny
Collen, Thos. , Faughart
Curran, Patrick, Cusheny
Dalzell, John, Grange lr
Dick, Edward, Grange lr
Ford, James, Kilmoriarty
Gardner, Robert, Tullymore
Graham, David, Cusheny
Hughes, Mrs. , Grange lr
Kells, Thomas, Grange lr
Lindsay, Alex. , Grange lr
McCoo, Matthew, Annagora
McFadden, James, Grange lr
McFadden, John, Grange lr
McKeever, Jas. , Faughart
McKeever, John, Grange lr
McKeever, Mrs J. , Faughart hill
McMurray, John, Grange
McQuade, Mrs M. Tullymore
Mears, John, Grange lr
Moor, John, Grange lr
Newport, James, Grange lr
Quinn, Daniel, Cusheny
Quinn, James, Grange lr
Quinn, Mrs. , Cusheny
Redmond, Johnston, Grange lr
Ruddock, James, Grange lr
Ruddock, Richard, Grange lr
Ruddock, W. J. , Grange lr
Russell, John, Grange lr
Stewart, Marshall, Ballytrue
Taylor, Edward, Grange lr
Taylor, John, Grange lr
Taylor, Richard, Grange lr
Taylor, Robert, Grange lr
Taylor, Samuel, Grange lr
Troughton, Christr. , Grange lr
Troughton, Jacob, Corglass

Troughton, John, Grange lr
Watt, John, Diamond house
Weir, John, Grange lr
Weir, Robert, Grange lr
Whiteside, Thomas, Kilmoriarty
Williamson, James, Grange lrWinter, Francis, Diamond
Winter, Misses J. & M. , Diamond



Scarva is a village in the County Down, divided from Armagh by the Newry canal. It is 3.5 miles south-west of Banbridge, and a station on the Great Northern Railway. . .
Residents of the County Armagh named as follows, receive their letters from the Scarva post-office:

Black, Edward, Aughlish
Black, John, Aughlish
Clarke, Andrew, Aughlish
Cole, Alexander, Aughlish
Cole, Andrew, Monclone
Crothers, Andrew, Auglish
Crozier, Thomas, Monclone
Ferrin, Edward, Terryhoogan
Girvan, Mrs. , Druminargal
Greenaway, David, Mullaglass
Greenaway, T. , jun. , Mullaglass
Hake, Edward, Aughlish
Hudson, William, Monclone
Johnston, John, Monclone
Jones, James, Aughlish
Jones, William, Aughlish
Liggett, John, Mullaghglass
McBirney, David, Mullaghglass
Mathers, W. H. , Mullaglass
Plunkett, John, Terryhoogan
Smith, John, Shanelish
Whiteside, George, Mullaghglass
Whitten, Charles, Monclone



The Birches is a rural post-office and Petty Sessions district, 6 miles north-west of Portadown. Colonel Stanley, Mr Edward S. Obre, Mr Charles Stanley, Lord Charlemont, Capt. William Brown, and Mr A. T. Wakefield are the landlords. A clump of birches growing near the road, a short distance below the post-office, suggests the appropriateness of the name given to the neighbourhood, the greater part of which is a partly cultivated bog.
Birches grow naturally in this region. . . .
Good crops of potatoes and oats are produced in the boggy land by means of a process known as “heating”. . . . .

Church, Methodist : Portadown Circuit

Draper : Thos. Palmer

Grocers : marked thus [*] retail spirits :
Jos. Jackson, Clonmacate
Richard Jackson, Clonmacate
John McClure, Derryaugh *
John Matchett, Ballynarry *
Thomas Palmer, The Birches
Jno. Wethered, Milltown

Hardware and Seed : Thomas Palmer, The Birches

Petty Sessions, 1st Monday every month, Thomas Palmer, clerk

Post M. :Thomas Palmer

R. I. C. : Sergeant Chas. Feeney

School, Nat. : Christr. Boyce

Bell, David, Derrykeevan
Boyce, William, Drumaliss
Campbell, Joseph, Derrylard
Carrick, David, Foymore
Carrick, James, Foymore
Carrick, Thomas, Derrykeevan
Cassells, Mrs M. , Cloncore
Connolly, Patrick, Derrinraw
Carrick, William, Derrykeevan
Cullen, Daniel, Derrinraw
Donnelly, James, Derrylard
Farquhar, Robert, Derryaugh
Fawcett, A. , Derrinraw
Fearon, Bd. jun. , Derrinraw
Ferrin, Bd. sen. , Derrinraw
Ferrin, Michael, Derrinraw
Fox, William, Derrinraw
Fulton, James, Derrylileagh
Gardener, Henry, Foymore
Gilmore, James, Derrykeevan
Hendron, Joseph, Derrykeeran