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James Murphy

James Murphy was born May 6, 1860 in Owen Township, Jackson County, Indiana. He married Sarah Catherine Lutes at Yellowstone, Monroe County, Indiana on Februrary 2, 1884. Sarah was the daughter of Daniel Lutes and Mary Jane Grayson and was born December 1, 1868 at Norman, Monroe County, Indiana. James died on November 6, 1932 at Norman Station, Polk Township, Monroe County, Indiana. Sarah died March 5, 1947. They are buried at Mitchell Cemetery.

James and Sarah had ten children.

Ocia Iris Murphy was born March 11, 1885 in Monroe County, Indiana. She married Daniel Boone George on September 30, 1903 in Monroe County and had a son, Ralph V. George. Her second marriage, to Asa B. McKnight, produced two daughters, Catherine McKnight and Ruth Ella McKnight. Ocia died May 11, 1963 and is buried at Mitchell Cemetery.

Ocia with her daughters Ruth Ella and Catherine McKnight

Elmer Murphy was born near the little hamlet of Yellowstone near what is now known as Hunters Creek, [Monroe County, Indiana] on April 9, 1897. He was the son of James and Sarah (Lutes) Murphy. At about the age of two he was left without the use of his legs by polio. Elmer went to school like other children. "For a couple of years other children pulled me to school in a little two-wheeled cart," he once explained. "But when I was about eight, my father built me another cart, and I drove a goat with it to school." After he outgrew the goat cart he became skilled at horseback riding. He not only finished out school this way but he made a legend for himself because he became a skilled hunter from the back of a horse. Upon finishing school, he purchased a wagon and began buying vegetables from farmers and selling them in town. He later expanded his business by buying scrap iron and reselling it. In 1913 Elmer began "courting" Leona Crockett. Elmer was twenty-six and she was fifteen and like himself handicapped, born with a malformed left arm. "We had a lot of fun," Leona once recalled. "We'd go out a lot on horseback - both of us riding one horse." They were married September 10, 1916. A year later, Elmer successfully campaigned for Polk Township Assessor. A post he held until 1922, then he became township trustee for a four-year term. In 1927 he retired from politics and began running a little grocery store on Burgoon Ridge. In the early years the Murphy's had adjustments like any other couple. One of them was who got to ride the horse. Leona recalled, "I remember when we used to go visiting and our eldest daughter was a baby. Elmer would ride the horse and carry the baby and I would walk. We'd strike out for almost anywhere that way." The Murphy's successfully raised five children: Leon "Dick," Robert "Bob," Lois (Blackwell), Kathleen "Betty" (Todd), and Eva Eads. In his last years Elmer exchanged riding his horse for an ingenious little three wheeled machine, powered by a motor scooter engine it propelled Elmer around at the clip of a fast walk. Elmer died July 29, 1958 and Leona died July 18, 1964. They are buried at the Burgoon Cemetery. In 1986 Elmer received an award from R.E.M.C. for his work in getting electricity to rural Polk Township. The award was accepted by his grandson Michael Murphy. Elmer and Leona's lives are perfect examples of the love, happiness, and success one can achieve in spite of physical handicaps and adversity. (Taken from Monroe County, Indiana 1989 )

Everet V. Murphy was born March 16, 1890 in Monroe County, Indiana and died as a small boy on November 22, 1894. He is buried at Mithcell Cemetery.

Ellis Woodard Murphy was born June 12, 1892 in Monroe County, Indiana. He married Shirley Norman on December 16, 1913 in Jackson County, Indiana. Ellis died April 9, 1973 at Bedford, and is buried at Gilgal Cemetery, Lawrence County, IN.

Bertha May Murphy was born April 19, 1895 in Monroe County, Indiana. She was married twice, first to James Baldwin (at Indianapolis) and second to Winton Brown. Her four children were Berlin Jasper Murphy, Delphia Baldwin, Mildred Baldwin, and Kenneth Baldwin.She died on July 12, 1974 and is buried at Mitchell Cemetery.

Goldie Jane Murphy as the sixth child of James and Sarah. She was born March 11, 1898 and married Charles W. Maher on August 8, 1922. She died on February 4, 1975 in Bedford, Lawrence County, IN. Goldie and Charles did not have any children.

Esta Mabel Murphy was born May 11, 1901 in Monroe County, Indiana. She married Virgil Lively at Greenfield on September 26, 1922. Esta died October 6, 1972 and was buried at Green HIll Cemetery, Bedford, Lawrence County, IN. Their three children were James, Harold, and Hollis Lively.

Lora Marie Murphy was born September 2, 1904 in Monroe County, Indiana. She married twice. Her first marriage was to Perry Burris and second to Sam Godsky. Lora Marie did not have any children. Lora died June 24, 1953 and was buried at Cresthaven Cemetery, Lawrence County, IN.

Raymond Estil Murphy was born June 9, 1909 in Monroe County. He married Nora Combs on October 31, 1931. Raymond died February 14, 1970.

Irene Gusta Murphy was born June 7, 1911. She married Lloyd White on October 2, 1931 at Bloomington, Indiana. Irene died in November 1991.Lloyd and Irene's children are: Letta Mae, Wilma, Darrel, Dale, Kenneth and Brenda White.

James and Sarah's home on Hunter's Creek, Monroe County, Indiana.

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