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Reams Family History

My research into the Reams family has taken our origins to Pennsylvania in the late 1700's. I have, so far, not been able to identify this person but I believe he was born about 1790. This Unknown Reams moved his family to the area around Chillocothe, Ohio around 1820. His three children, Peter, Sophia, and William, were all married in Ross County, Ohio between 1841 and 1850.

Peter Reams: Around 1852 Peter moved his wife, Minerva, and three sons, Daniel, Samuel, and John to Paw Paw, Illinois. Peter and Minerva had three additional children, Sarah, Willis, and Charles in Paw Paw. Peter and Minerva remained in Paw Paw until their deaths in 1890 and 1898. Peter was killed in the devistating Paw Paw cyclone.

Daniel enlisted at the age of 15 in the 75th Illinois Infantry, Co. K, and served the duration of the Civil War. He fought in many campaigns and was wounded four times.  After the war Daniel married Rosanna Nebergall of Astoria, Illinois. While in Astoria they had four children between 1866 and 1876 - Dora, Ida, Caleb, and Fred. It has been rumored they moved to Nebraska for a short time and then moved to Paw Paw, where Daniel's family still lived. A fifth child, Clara, was born in Paw Paw in 1886.

Daniel's son Caleb married Mary Jane Beemer of nearby Compton and had three children, Harold, Eva, and Verna. Daniel's other son, Fred, married Carrie Gates and had two children, Harry and Lola. Their older sister Ida married George H. Finney and had two sons, Donald and Daniel.  I am still trying to find information on Dora who married George Waite, and Clara, who married an Alsager.  Clara died quite young in Seattle at age 33.    

After Rosanna's death Daniel and most of his family moved to the Pacific Northwest around 1910. Caleb was killed in a construction accident in Seattle in 1924 while working on the Olympic Hotel. Daniel Reams died in 1943 at the age of 97 and is buried in Seattle at the Grand Army of the Republic Cemetery, a cemetery for Civil War veterans, near Volunteer Park. I have not been able to piece together too much more of the more recent history.

Sophia Reams: I have very little information on Sophia. Records from Ohio indicated Sophia married Francis Biggs and had at least one child, Mary Jane. I have not been able to determine if they followed Peter and William to Illinois yet.

William Reams: William moved his wife, Ellen, and his son Marshall to Paw Paw at the same time as Peter. Along with the Reams' it appears Ellen's family moved to Paw Paw also. Shortly after moving Ellen died and William and Marshall lived with Ellen's family. William later married Amanda Snider and they had two additional children, Mary and George. Marshall remained in Paw Paw and married Sarah Sanford and had three children - Wilbur, Fred, and Grace. Marshall and his family move to Bangor, Van Buren Co., Michigan in 1900.


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