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by Jeff Reams

Last updated 01/20/2004

I have been fortunate to contact some wonderful people around the country who have shared lots of valuable information. If you run across a name that may have a connection with your family please email me and we can see where it leads, you never know. I will continue to update my records and post them periodically, as often as I can anyway. I have made great use of several genealogy forums available on the Internet and have have added those links to each surname's page in the hope you may find a piece and fill in part of the puzzle.

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Jeff's Family

Anne's Family

Reams - updated 01/18/2003 Knutz - updated 01/20/2004
Barrows - updated 01/23/2003 Lougheed - updated 01/22/03
McGlothlin - updated 03/01/2003 Boling - updated 01/23/03
Lloyd - updated 02/23/2003 Oswald - updated 01/23/03
  Kinyon - updated 01/23/03
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