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John/Jan KidneyMaritje Van der Werken

Roelof KidneyEngeltie Burger

Geertruy Kidney

f a m i l y
Maritie Kidney
Roelof Kidney
Rebecca Kidney
Johannes Kidney
Nicolaus Kidney
Jacobus Kidney
Andries Kidney
Lena/Helena Kidney
Margrietje Kidney
Elizabeth Kidney
Geertruy Kidney
Nicolaes Kidney
Geertruy Kidney
  • Born: 6 Jan 1731, Albany, Albany, NY

    Baptism date (6 Jan 1731) from Anonymous (1871, p. 138). Holland Society (1906, p. 40) and Duermyer (1999, part 3, p. 40) add witnesses of Ro., probably Robert, Kidny and Orseltie Jansen.
    Son Roelef born 13 Dec 1773 from The Yearbook of the Holland Society of New York, 1908, p. 55. Kelly & Kelly report baptism date of 6 Mar 1771.

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