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John/Jan KidneyMaritje Van der Werken

Roelof KidneyEngeltie Burger

Roelof Kidney

f a m i l y
Children with:
Cathrina Bresie

Maritie Kidney
Rebecca Kidney
Johannes Kidney
Nicolaus Kidney
Geertruy Kidney
Jacobus Kidney
Andries Kidney
Lena/Helena Kidney
Margrietje Kidney
Elizabeth Kidney
Geertruy Kidney
Nicolaes Kidney

James Kidney
Rebecca Kidney
Roelof Kidney
  • Born: 15 Jul 1739, Albany, Albany, NY
  • Married to Cathrina Bresie

    1739 - 15 Jul - Baptised (Anonymous, 1871, p. 138). Holland Society (1906, p. 79) and Duermyer (1999, part 3, p. 79) confirm date and add witnesses of Bernardus Brad and Zara Kidney.
    1766 - Rented a farm at Sober near the town of Livingston (Kelly, 1978, p. 41).
    1771 - 23 Aug - Witnessed baptism of Cathrina Weland, daughter of Edward Weland and Magriet Cole, at Lithlingo Reformed Church, Livingston, NY (Kelly, 1968, p. 55).

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