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Springer Family

Like all Springer family member I would love my Springer to link to the Springer family of Delaware. But DNA proves that I am not related to Delaware Springer. I am posted this facts on Springer so that others do not fall for the HOAX again in the Century.

My Springer is Dennis Springer b 1768 in VA or SC. For more on him look under Dennis Springer page on my WebPages or the link from this page.

I found out there are at least three Dennis, one Dennis died in 1760 in Fredrick Co. VA. This Dennis had son Dennis who move to PA. The other Dennis b 1768 in Va. died in AL and this one is my.

There is story about the Springer family going many years. A lot of Genealogist how have been fooled. From what I found there was even book printed that is not true and it has fooled a lot of people. The Springer Hoax is such a good story it needs a page of it own. So I am give It a page of its own. I think everyone who is doing Springer Family search should know about it and be careful not fall for the Springer Hoax. For more information on the Springer Hoax to the page called " The Hoax"

Moses Springer of Philadelphia, published two books starting in 1881. First titled “A GENEAQLOGICAL TABLE AND HISTORY OF THE SPRINGER FAMILY IN EUROPEA AND NORTH AMEREICA,FOR EIGHT CENTURIES,FROM THE EARLIST GERMAN PRINCES;ORIGIN OF THE NAME ETC”. In 1917 Mr. E. L. Scibner, of Amesbury, Mass, ”Genealogist of the Springer family and Clerk of the Springer Heirs, Corporation 1913, US America and Canada” produced a second edition in the preface of which he soberly assures us that “probably no the other family( except that of the late Queen Victoria of England) in the world’s history can boast of one direct line traced as far back as OLD CHARLEMAGNE, 742, nearly 1200 years” In another place he lauds Mr. M. C. Springer’s work as “wonderful… through the most renowned royalty of 1200 years Mr. Moses Springer has the family back to 400 A.D. with names of people who never existed.


BUT I DID FIND OLD BOOK CALL" 1693 Census of the Swedes of the Delaware"

State that Charles Springer of Christiana Hundred, DE . is the son Christopher Springer and his third wife Beata Salina. If any one a copy let me know.

Charles of De had son Christopher Springer. Christopher m'd Catherine Hendrickson. Their son Jeremiah m'd Mary Reese. Their son Charles m'd Mary Ball.

Karell Christoggerson(Chareles of DE)parents are Christopher and Lady Beatea Jacobine Henrickson. They are also the parents of Jacob who could be the father of Dennis Springer who m'd Ann Pickett. So Charles(Carl) and Jacob are brothers. This what a book that found say but from other researcher on Dennis Springer and Ann Pickett is that Dennis father , if he is the son of a Jacob Springer. Jacob is not the son of Christopher and Lady Beatea Jacobine Henrickson.

Starting with I Henry, The King of France to America Springer. Remember some the facts are true and others are not. As far as I know I will post the false facts with truth facts so you can see were truth and false facts are used. I hope this will help others. The facts that I am posting come from the book “THE AMERICAN GENRALOGIST” date 1941 “THE SPRINGER GENEALOGY:A CRITICAL REVIEW” by Milton Rubincam, Esq of Washington D.C.

I HENRY , the Fowler, King of France b ABT. 870 M'D 1 Spouse Unknown

Child of I Henry: IV CHARLES , King of France b: 879 d 929 in Castle at Peronne m'd 918 in France? to 1 daughter of Edward the the Elder EDGIFU\EDGIVA b: 922 in of Wessex, England

* Child of IV Charles: IV LOUIS , d'Outremer b BET. 919 - 921 d 954 M'D abt 940 to 1 wife of LOUIS IV GERBURGA , d'Outremer b: ABT. 922

Children of IV Louis and Louis IV Gerburga d' Outremer:

1 Western Frankish King Lothairer b: 941 in France

*2 Duke of Loraine\ Lortharingia CHARLES b: 954 in Loraine? d: 986 M'D abt. 1000 to 1 AGNES of Vermandoise b: ABT. 980 in Vermandoise?

Childern of Duke of Loraine and Agnes of Vermandoise:

1 Duke of Lower Lortharingia Otto b: ABT. 1000

* 2 I LOUIS , with the Beard, Count of Thuringia b: ABT. 1004 in Thuringia? d: 1056 in Thuringia? M'D abt 1040 in Thuringia or Sonderhausen to 1 Countess of SONDERHAUSEN CACELIA b: ABT. 1020 in Sonderhausen?


“1. LOUIS THE BEARDED’S PARRUITY: The Springer genealogy is not solely responsible for the allegation that Louis the Bearded was the son of Charles, Duke of Lower Lorraine, the uncle of King Louis V of France, and the lincal male representative of Charlemagne. THIS IS A FICTION THAT HAS BEEN BELIEVED FOR MANY CENTURIES. In early 1781 the learned scholar “Georg Christian Crollius (1728-1790), Librarian of Christian IV, Duke of Zweibrucken, demonstrated in an address before the Electoral Academy of Sciences at Mannheim,Germany, THAT LOUIS THE BEARDED definitely was NOT a son of Charles of Lower Lorraine, but WAS instead , one of the sons of CONRAD, BROTHER OF HERMAN II, DUKE OF SWABIA, and consequently a first cousin of the Empress Gisela, consort of the emperor who had appointed him ruler over Thuringia. Thus, precisely a century before the original publication of the Springer book, the oft-repeated claim that Louis the Bearded was a descendant in the male line of Charlemagne was thoroughly analyzed and vigorously repudiated”

Child of I Louis and Countess of Sonderhausen Cacelia

LOUIS II (THE SPRINGER) Count of Thuringia b: 1042 in Thuringia? d: 1128 in Monastery of Reinhardsbrun M'D 1087 in Thuringia to 1 ADELAIDE wife of (THE SPRINGER) b: ABT. 1069

Note: Louis II was accused of the murder of Frederick II. After two years of close imprisonment, he made his escape by an adventurous leap ("spring") from the tall battlements of the castle into the water beneath. For this deed, the Emperor, admiring his great courage, pardoned him and bestowed upon him the surname "THE SPRINGER".

More information on this subject

Why was the Thuringian count called “The Springer?” It is known fact that Louis was imprisoned at one time by the emperor. One day, he attempted to escape by leaping from the towering battlements of his prison, Giebichenstein, near Helle. The Springer genealogists declare (2nd edition p 78) that the Count “came from the wall unhurt, and was immediately taken before the Emperor, who, after having the manner of his escape explained to him, expressed great surprise at his courage, and in token of his appreciation of the great risk taken by Louis II.(sic) to gain his liberty, pardoned him, and in sport gave him the surname ‘The Springer,’ which he retained” BUT the Springer genealogists evidently were not aware that Count Louis was not known as der Springer (Latin Saltator “dancer”) until three centuries after his death. An Unimpeachable source assures us that the surname was not applied to him until the 15th century, as a later addition to the manuscript of the Erfurt Annals. Thus it could not have originated as a family name during his lifetime.

There are several possible explanation of the origin of “Springer” as family surname.

Dr Otto Springer, Professor of Germanic Languages and Literature at the University of Pennsylvania, has informed the author, under date of May 25 1941, that the most plausible etymology of his name is Middle High German “sprngaere” which often occurs, particularly in later medieval literature, in connection with the “videla re” the two words referring to the minstrels of a lower type who would perform at medieval courts; the springaere must have entertained their audience by some dancing, jumping and other “circus” tricks.

The present writer has been unable to locate any of the so-called Counts of Waldenberg, a title certainly not borne by the Springer family. Kneschke mentions only two families of the name. One is that of the Barons Waldenburg, whose ancestors lived in Rheinland and Westphalia in the 15th and 16th Centuries. The other family was that of the natural children of Prince August Ferdinand of Prussia of the House of Hohenzollen, d diploma a nobility having been granted to them, under the name of Waldenburg, in Sept 1810.

In addition, passing mention may be of Waldenburg in Wiirttemberg, one of the early possessions (since 1250) of the Counts of Hohenlohe.

A careful review of the leading authoritics on the subject shows that there were several Springer families of noble rank. Kneschke names two: 1 Springer or Sprenger, an ancient noble house of Austra and 2 Springer, an Austrian family granted a diploma of nobility in 1605. Siebmacher’s Wappenbuch (vol III part 2 p 387) mentions a Sprenger family in Posen, Poland and in Lower Silesia. Riestap’s Armorial General lists (2nd edition, tome II 1934 pp 814/15) 1 Springer of Middleburg, in Holland; 2 Sprenger of Silesia; 3 Sprenger of Basel, Switzerland (two coats-of-arms are given for this family); 4 Sprenger van Eyk in Holland; 5 Springer of Austria and 6 Springers of Holland. It may be that the Swedish-American family derives its decent from the Lower Silesian line, but confirmatory evidence is lacking.”

Child of Louis II ( The Springer)and Adelaide:

“2 “Christoph Louis, Count Springer of Walenburg” Louis the Springer seceded his father, the bearded Louis, as Count of Thuringia in 1056 and ruled over that land until his death in 1123. He is claimed by the “Springer genealogists” as the source alike of the name and the pedigree of their family. They list his children as “Herman I,Count of Thuringia d 1114/15; “Christoph Louis b 1091,Count Springer of Waldenburg”; Ott, Count of Thuringia, afterwards a Bishop; Louis III Count of Thuringia and Henry Raspe, Count of Thuringa.

The SECOND-NAMED SON: “Christoph Louis” says our authors, was presented with Waldenburg in Silesia by the Emperor Henry IV and was knighted by that monarch in 1092, when he was but one year old. I making this statement our authors completely DISGEARD the then prevailing rule that candidates must first pass through a long apprenticeship as pages and esquires before attaining full Knighthood, an honor that certainly was never conferred on year old infants in the Middle Ages.

Is should be stated emphatically that there is NO EVIDENCE TO SHOW THAT LOUIS THE SPRINER EVER HAD A SON “CHRISTOPH LOUIS”. Lack of space prevents here the enumeration of the numerous authoritative works consulted by this writer, in none of which is mentioned the existence of a “CHRISTOPH LOUIS” but special mention must be made of two important works on the this subject. The Rev. James Anderson, in his “ROYAL ENEALOYICS(1732)” Table CCXLVII, p 483 list the following children for Louis the Springer of Thuringia by Adelheid von Nordmark, his wife:

1. Louis(I), Landgrave of Thuringia,1130 d 1149,m Helwig daughter of the Saxon Emperor Lohtar ( THIS FACT IS NOT TRUE) The Springer genealogist are in error when they reportedly describe Louis the Bearded as Louis the first, and Louis the Springer as Louis the Second. History has nor accorded then those designations. The son of Louis the Springer is recognized as Louis the first Landgrave of Thuringin, because he was the first landgrave in that county, and not as the third, as given in the Springer genealogy, which apparently followed Anderson in this respect.

2. Udo,Bishop of Naumburg 1125 d 1148

3. Conrad d young

4. Henry of Rosenberg d young

5 Herman of Hammersieben d in prison 1114

6 Cungiunda m Dedo Count of Rochiltz

7. Adelheid m Ulrie, Count fo Orlamunda

8 Cneclia m Gerlacus Count Waldersee

To add the confusion of the Springer family legend here is another researcher thoughts on this subjects.

Dr Erich Brandenburg, one of the most careful of modern historical scholars, in his fine work, “DIE NACHKOMMEN KARS DES GRSOOEN(LEIPZIG 1935) p 26 gives the following list of Louis the Springer’s children, based primarily on O Debenecker’s “REGESTA HISTORIC THURINGIA (3 vols., 1896)

1 Adelheid d 1145; m before 1102, Ulrich II, Count of Weimar_Orimude, who divorced her and d 1112

2 Herman d 1114 in captivity

3 Ludwig I, Count of Thuringin, 1130, first Landgrave, 1131; d 1140 m before 1122 Hedwig of Gutenberg d 1148

4 Udo Bishop of Naumburg d 1148

5 Heinrich Raspe d 1130 m 1122, Hedwig, daughter of Count Meginfred, widowed Countess of Gudensbeg

6 Kunigunde(f) d 1148 m Count Wichmann

7 Caceilie d 1141 m Gerlach I Count of Veldenz d 1136/41

8 Conrad d after 1110

These two lists, which agree substantially-when there are differences Dr. Brandenburg should be followed-should be compared carefully with the above list extracted from the Springer genealogy. We reiterate: “Christoph Louis” is not once mentioned in any authoritative work on European royal genealogies (that the writer has seen) as a son of Louis the Springer. Anderson, an early writer, was ignorant of his existence and modern research has not disclosed any such person.”


* Christoph LOUIS I SPRINGER , Count of Waldenburg b: 1091 in Waldenburg, Germany d : 1120 in Waldenburg, Germany, M'D 1110 in Weihe or Waldenburg 1 Countess of WEIHE ADELGUNDA b: ABT. 1092 in Weihe?

Child of Christoph and Wiehe

“2 “Christoph Louis, Count Springer of Walenburg” Louis the Springer seceded his father,

* WINFRIED I SPRINGER , Count of Waldenburg b: 1120 in Waldenburg, Germany, d: 1198 in Waldenburg, Germany M'D 1141 in Wurme or Waldenburg, Gremany to 1 FREDRICA of WURME b: ABT. 1123 in Wurme?

Child of Winfrield and Fredrica

* WINFRIED II SPRINGER , Count of Waldenburg b: 1142 in Waldenburg, Germany,d: 1221 in Waldenburg, Germany M'D 1164 in Wehrendorf or Waldenburg, Germany to 1 LUCIE of WEHRENDORF b: ABT. 1146 in Wehrendorf ?, Germany * GOTTLIEB HERMAN I SPRINGER , Count of Waldenburg b: 1166 in Waldenburg, Germany d: 1204 in Waldenburg, Germany M'd 1188 in Wende or Waldenburg, Germany 1 CATHERINE of WENDE b: ABT. 1170 in Wende?, Germany

Child of Gottlieb and Catherine:

* CHRISTOPH GOTTLIEB I SPRINGER , Count of Walden b: 1191 in Waldenburg, Germany, d: 1249 in Waldenburg, Germany, M'd 1215 in Wessenburg or Waldenburg, Germany 1 FRIEDA of WESSENBURG b: ABT. 1197 in Wessenburg?, Germany

Child of Christoph I and Frieda

* CHRISTOPH GOTTLIEB II SPRINGER , Count of Walden b: 1217 in Waldenburg, Germany d: 1289 in Waldenburg, Germany M'd 1238 in Waldenburg or Wassenburg, Germany 1 AUGUSTA of HERMANSTEIN b: ABT. 1197 in Hermanstein?, Germany

Child of Christoph II and Augusta

* CHRISTOPH GOTTLIEB III SPRINGER , Count of Walden b: 1240 in Waldenburg, Germany d: 1296 in Waldenburg, Germany M'd 1266 in Waldenburg Germany 1 AMALIA of WERMBURG b: ABT. 1246 in Germany Married: 1266 in Waldenburg, ? Germany

Child of Christoph III and Amalia

* CHRISTOPH GOTTLIEB III SPRINGER , Count of Walden b: 1240 in Waldenburg, Germany, d: 1296 in Waldenburg, Germany, M'd 1266 in Waldenburg?,Germany 1 AMALIA of WERMBURG b: ABT. 1246 in Germany

Child Christoph III and Amalia

* GOTTFRIED I SPRINGER , Count of Waldenburg b: 1272 in Waldenburg, Germany d: 1340 in Waldenburg, Germany M'd 1296 in Germany 1 ELIZABETH of ROMEBURG b: ABT. 1276 in Germany?

Child of Gottfried I and Elizabeth

* GOTTFRIED II SPRINGER , Count of Waldenburg b: 1298 in Waldenburg, Germany, d: 1374 in Waldenburg, Germany M'd 1322 in Germany 1 JOHANNA of KOLLINSKY b: ABT. 1302

Child of Gorrfried II and Johanna

* III GOTTFRIED , Count SPRINGER of Waldenburg b: 1323 in Waldenburg, Germany d: 1399 in Waldenburg, Germany M'd 1346 in Waldenburg Germany to 1 THELKA MEYER b: ABT. 1326

Child of III Gottfried and Thelka

* JOHAN GOTTFRIED SPRINGER b: 1348 in Germany D: 1386 in Germany, M'd 1370 in Germany to 1 GERTRUDE JOSEPHINE HALLEN b: ABT. 1350 in Germany

Child of Johan and Gertrude

* JOHAN JACOB SPRINGER b: 1385 in Waldenburg, Germany d: 1464 in Waldenburg, Germany, M'd 1415 in Germany 1 ELIZABETH HIRTENFELS b: ABT. 1385 in Waldenburg, Germany

Child of Johan and Elizabeth

* DANIEL WILLIAM SPRINGER b: 1432 in Waldenburg, Germany d: 1493 in Waldenburg, Germany M'd 1460 in Geramny 1 MATILDA STREUBING b: ABT. 1440 in Waldenburg?, Germany

Child of Daniel and Matilda

* FRANGOTT LEBRECHT SPRINGER b: 1468 in Waldenburg, Germany d: 1519 in Waldenburg, Germany M'd 1495 in Germany 1 ELIZABETH HELEN PRESSLER b: ABT. 1475

Child of Frangott and Elizabeth

* JOHAN JACOB SPRINGER b: 1496 in Waldenburg, Germany d: 1531, M'd 1517 in Germany to 1 ELIZABETH HIRTENFELS b: ABT. 1500 in Germany ?

Child of Johan and Elizabeth

* JOHAN CHRISTIAN JACOB SPRINGER b: 1520 in Waldendburg, Germany d: in Lamstedt, Hanover Province, Germany M'd abt. 1542 in Lamstedt,Hanover, Germany 1 ROSA HELLER b: ABT. 1522

Child of Johan and Rosa

* CHRISTOPH CHRISTLIEB CHRISTIAN SPRINGER b: 1550 in Lamstedt, Hanover Province, Germany d: 1630 M'd 1588 in Lamstedt, Hanover, Germany to 1 ELSIE WEHRHAHN b: ABT. 1568) THIS ENDS THE STORY.

Child of Christoph and Elsie

* CHRISTOPHER SPRINGER b: 1592 in Lamstedt, Hanover Province, Germany d: 1669 in Stockholm, Sweden M'd 1654 in Grisholm Castle, Stockholm, Sweden to 1 Lady BEATEA JACOBINE HENRICKSON b: ABT. 1634 in Sweden?

Children of Christopher and Lady Beatea

1 Elizabeth Springer b: 1655 in Stockholm, Sweden

2 KARELL CHRISTOFFERSON\CAR CHRISTOPHER\ SPRINGER b: 1658 in Stockholm, Sweden d 1738 in Wilmington Delware, burial in Wilmington, Delware. m'd 1 Anica Walraven b : abt 1658 and M'd 2 MARIA HINDRICHSSDOTTER\Hendricks b: ABT. 1668 in Christiana Hundred, New Castle Co, DE Married: 27 DEC 1685 in Christiana Hundred, Nya Swerige (New Sweden), PA

3 Christopher Springer b: 1661 in Stockholm, Sweden

4 Baltzer Springer b: 1664 in Stockholm, Sweden

5 Jacob Springer b: 1668 in Stockholm, Sweden

“3. The America immigrants-The Springer genealogy asserts that the Inspector Christopher Springer of Sweden, was the father of the three American immigrants, 1 Lorentz or Lawerence of Trverton, Rhode Island. 2 Jacob of Long Island or East New Jersey and 3 Carl of Delaware.

The only documents given in the entire book is the following record relating to the probate of the Inspector’s will, as follows: “AD 1669, June 9th, Peter Calingh, and Gustav Mathson, Aldermen and John Neilson, Notary Public, were appointed by the Orphans’ Court to make as inventory, tax and divide the estate of the late Christopher Springer, Inspector in the Royal Exehequer Colleg, between the widow, pious and virtuous matron, the Lady Beatea and the children of the late husband by the first bed, the book-keeper Laurentius (Lorentz) Springer; by the second bed, Christina Springer, the wife of John Jacobson, now living in Rigra, and of the third bed five children with the above mentioned wife , Miss Elizabeth Springer, about fourteen years, Carl Springer, about eleven years, Christopher Springer, eight years, Baltzer Springer, five years and Jacob Springer one year old”

This is sufficient evidence to show that Christopher Spriner had sons Lawrence, Jacob and Carl. BUT THERE IS NO EVIDENCE TO SHOW THAT THE ABOVE-NAMED LAWRENCE AND JACOB EVER CAME TO AMERICA.

Lawrence Springer: as the alleged settlers in Rhode Island. DOES NOT appear at all in standard reference works for that section of the country. “Savage’s Genealogical Dictionary of New England, or the numerous Volumes of the New England Historical and Genealogical Register. Austin’s Genealogical Dictionary of Rhode Island” They both mention that there was a Lawrence Springer who brought land at Seaconnet from Thomas Hicks on May 8,1679. BUT THERE IS NO PROOF THAT THIS LAWRENCE SPRINGER IS THE SON OF INSPRECTOR CHRISTOPHER SPRINGER.

Jacob Springer: was supposed to have been and early settler on Long Island (is not named at all in Professor Evjen’s monumental volume on the “Scandinavian Immigrants in New York, Stouten burgh’s “History of the Dutch Congregation of Oyster Bay, and many others books on the this subject. As an ALLEGED New Jersey settler, Jacob does not figure in the “New Jersey Archives and many other books on this subjects.


Carl Springer: was an American settler, and that the Springer genealogists were quite correct in assigning him as a son to CHRISTOPHER OF SWDEN. He is called usually Carl Christpoher Springer, and as such some times appears in the Church records of Wilmington, Delaware. Occasionally he is called Carl Christopherson Springer, which, in the writer’s opinion, is his proper name, as denoting his paternity in accordance with the Swedish custom then prevailing and the present time. Carl Springer was leading citizen of Wilmington and was very active in church affairs., holding the office of churchwarden. His high social status is shown by the title of “MR.” which is frequently prefixed to his name. The evidence that he was a son of Christopher Springer of Sweden is circumstantial, but in the writer’s opinion, it is strongly indicative of his parentage. The probate records of 1669, quoted above, show that the Inspector Christopher Springer had a son Carl, who was then “about” eleven years old. He was born, therefore, about 1658, In the year 1738 the death of Carl Springer of Wilmington was thus recorded: “Carl Christopher Springer, died May 26, and was buried May 28, 80 Years old” Thus the American Carl was shown as having been born in 1658. The fact that he was some times called Carl Christopherson Springer is the third link in the chain that connects him with the Swedish family.”

For more on Moses C. Springer Click here for the Hoax page. With the lineage lines that he thinks is Springer lines. What happens to people who let greed over come them.

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2 KARELL CHRISTOFFERSON\CAR CHRISTOPHER\ SPRINGER b: 1658 in Stockholm, Sweden d 1738 in Wilmington Delaware, burial in Wilmington, Delware. m'd 1 Anica Walraven b : abt 1658 and M'd 2 MARIA HINDRICHSSDOTTER\Hendricks b: ABT. 1668 in Christiana Hundred, New Castle Co, DE Married: 27 DEC 1685 in Christiana Hundred, Nya Swerige (New Sweden), PA

1 Anna Elizabeth Springer b: 1687 in New Stockholm, Gloucester Co, NJ

2 Rebecca Springer b: 1689 in New Stockholm, Gloucester Co, NJ

3 Mary Springer b: 1691 in New Castle Co, DE

4 Charles Springer b: 1693 in Christiana Hundred, New Castle Co, DE

5 Christopher B. Springer b: 12 MAY 1696 in Christiana Hundred, New Castle Co, DE

6 John B. Springer b: 1701 in Christiana Hundred, New Castle Co, DE

7 Andreas Springer b: 1700 in Christiana Hundred, New Castle Co, DE

*8 JAMES (Jacob) SPRINGER b: 1703 in Christiana Hundred, New Castle Co, DE, d: 1763 in Christiana Hundred, New Castle Co, DE M'd: ABT. 1732 in Christiana Hundred, Nya Swerige (New Sweden), PA to 1 MARY BISHOP b: ABT. 1713

9 Israel Springer b: 1705 in Christiana Hundred, New Castle Co, DE

10 Magdalena Springer b: 1707 in Christiana Hundred, New Castle Co, DE

11 Joseph Springer b: 1709 in Christiana Hundred, New Castle Co, DE

4 Charles Springer b: 1693 in Christiana Hundred, New Castle Co, DE Children: John b 1725; Charles b 1728 .; Edward b 1734; Jacob b 1737 and Gabriel b 1739

5 Christopher B. Springer b: 12 MAY 1696 in Christiana Hundred, New Castle Co, DE children: Charles b 1722; Johan b 1724; Peter 1729; Solomon b 1734; Abraham b 1736; and Joseph b 1738

6 John B. Springer b: 1701 in Christiana Hundred, New Castle Co, DE children: Charles b 1728; Israel; John b 1744 and William

8 8 JAMES (Jacob) SPRINGER b: 1703 in Christiana Hundred, New Castle Co, DE, d: 1763 in Christiana Hundred, New Castle Co, DE M'd: ABT. 1732 in Christiana Hundred, Nya Swerige (New Sweden), PA to 1 MARY BISHOP b: ABT. 1713.Children 1 Dorcas Springer b: 17 OCT 1733 in Christiana Hundred, New Castle Co, DE; 2 CHARLES SPRINGER b: 25 AUG 1735 in Christiana Hundred, New Castle Co, DE, d: 1802 in Union Co ?, SC M'd ABT. 1764 in Delaware? PA? VA? SC?,to 1 MARY? BALL(Baal)? b: ABT. 1736 Mary parents were William Baal (Ball) ane Elizabeth Walraven; 4 Susannah Springer b: 26 JUL 1737; 5 Anne Springer b: ABT. 1738; 6 Mary Springer b: 13 FEB 1738/39; 7 Elizabeth Springer b: ABT. 1741; 8 Nicholas b 1743; 9 Jacob Springer b: 10 FEB 1749/50; 10 Johan (John) Springer b: 15 JUN 1753;11 Thomas Springer b: 13 JUN 1755

3 Unnamed Child Springer b: 25 MAY 1736 in Christiana Hundred, New Castle Co, DE

“The 1693Census of the Swedes on the Delaware 1638-1693” by Peter Stebbins Craig

The Springer Family

#118. Charles Springer (Red Clay Creek, Christiana hundred, 200 acres): Carl or Charles Springer was born in Stockholm in 1658, the son of Christopher Springer and his third wife, Beata Salina. His father died in 1669 after forty years of service for the Swedish government; his mother, the royal housekeeper for the dowager queen Hedvig Eleonora (widow of King Charles X) at Gripsholm Castle, was buried 17 December 1693 at the Gripsholm church in Mariefred. As a young man, Charles Springer had been sent abroad to study, first to Riga, Latvia ( then a province of Sweden), and later to London to learn English and mathematics. He then disappeared. By a letter to his mother, dated 1 June 1693,Charles explained his fate: About to return home, he was kidnapped and carried aboard an English vessel to Virginia,”where I was sold like a farm animal” and held in ‘very slavery” for five years. Having served his time, he went 400 miles to join the Swedes on the Delaware. After being there a year and a half, he married Maria Hendricksdotter, 27 Dec 1685. At the time of the letter, they had three daughters and were expecting a fourth child.

Springer first lived in Gloucester County at “New Stockholm” a tract claimed by the Swedes by purchase from the Indians but owned by Andrew Robeson Sr. Here, John Andersson Cock, Springer’s future brother-in-law, was operating a farm in 1684. In the following year, Springer m’d Maria, the daughter of Hendreick Jacobsson. The Springer remaind a resident fo Gloucester County through at least 1690.

Charles and Maria Hendricksdotter Springer in 1693 was 200 acres, part of “Oak Hill” an 800 acres tract east of Red Clay Creek, which had been granted by William Penn to Nils Larsson Friend in exchange for land Penn wanted in Bucks County for his Pennsbury Estate.

Charles and Maria had Six sons and at least Five daughters:

Anna Elisabeth b 1687

Rebecca b 1689

Maria b 1691

Charles b 1693

Christopher b 12 May, 1696

John b 1698

Andreas b 1700

Jacob or James b 1703

Israel b 1705

Magdalena b 1707

Joseph b 1709.

Charles Springer first wife was buried 15 March 1727. Three months later, he married Annika, daughter of Johan and Brita Gustafsson and widow of both Matthias Martensson and Jonas Walraven. Charles Springer died of a stoke on 26 May 1738 while crossing the Delaware on his return from Gloucester County Court, where he proved a deed from Andrew Robeson SR to Marten Martensson Sr and John Archer that he had witnessed 9 May 1685

I hope one day link My Dennis to his parents. For information on my Dennis Springer look at his page.

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