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Gregory Family

Henry Pendleton's wife was Mary Gregory Taylor. Mary father was James Taylor and her mother was Mary Gregory. This is the Gregory family and more.

Before I get into Mary Gregory family I must tell what I was send and what I think. Janet

Mary Gregory's mother is Elizabeth. I doubt her maiden name was Bishop. I think she may have been previously married to a Mr. Bishop and she had a son, Robert Bishop, by her first husband. The legend says that the Robert Bishop who died in 1678, willing some real property to John Gregory, Jr., Mary Gregory's brother. For this NOT A LEGEND BUT TRUE

This what I stated on my Taylor page and it is WRONG.

Mary Gregory's mother was Elizabeth but her maiden was NOT Bishop. She was married to John Bishop . John Bishop and Elizabeth had son name Robert Bishop and a daughter. The daughter COULD HAVE BEEN NAME Mary Bishop. This were the mix-up could have take place. I have not idea when John Bishop died.

I was send this and it came out of this book "WILLS OF RAPPAHANNOCK COUNTY,VIRGINIA, 1656-1693”

21 April 1676; 6 June 1677

Bishop, Robert , of the County of Rappahannock & Parish of Franham

To John Gregory JR, the land I brought of Mr. Henry Awbrey to him and his heirs forever likewise all my personal estate. Executor John Gregory ,JR,

Wit.,Tho:Wheeler, age 80 years of thereabouts, John Garner, age 25 years or thereabouts, John X Burnett

Later 24th of May 1676 he gave his Executor power and command in demand and receive two hundred and thirty five pounds of good tobacco of John Jones my brother-in-law which is to b paid by October 10,1676 and the sd John Gregory is to produce an heifer with sd toba for the use of John Jones JR. with the increase of the sd, heifer until the sd John Jones comes of age and likewise I give John Grigory JR order to receive one heifer which is at Capt John Grigory’s pen marked with a cropp and a slitt in the left eare one year old of a red colour with her increase male and female when the said John Jones shall come of age and likewise one sow when the sd John Jones shall come of age and the sd John Grigory to keep the sd two helifers with their increase until the sd John Jones shall come of age and then deliver them with their increase.

Wit Tho:Wheeler, Richard Bishop. Page 206

John Jones's wife name could have been Mary Bishop. The daughter of John and Elizabeth Bishop

Mary Gregory Taylor parents were:

John Gregory, born 1623 in Langton, England; died 1676 in VA. He was the son of Roger Gregory and Margaret Thornton. He married Elizabeth Bishop 1655. Elizabeth Bishop, born 1625 in Caroline Co., VA; died 1676. She could have been the wife of a Mr.Bishop. Mr. Bishop and Elizabeth had son name Robert Bishop found the above will and a daugther who married John Jones. As mention above that her name is unknown but I wonder if it could be Mary.

Children of John Gregory and Elizabeth Bishop are:

1 Mary Gregory, born 1665 in Caroline Co., VA; died 1747 in Orange Co., VA; married James Taylor August 12, 1682 in Caroline Co., VA.

2 Elizabeth Gregory, born 1667.

3 John Gregory, born 1667.

I was send a copy of John Gregory JR's will from the book "Wills of Rappahannock County, Virginia 1656-1692”

Page 104

18 December, 1677; 4 September,1678

Grigory, John

In the Name of GOD Amen. I John Grigory being very Sick and Weak in body in perfect mind and memory Doe make this my last Will & Tesamt: First I give my Soule to God that gave it me a Sure and Certaine hope that after this life Ended, that at the last day my Soule & Body shall be Untied together, & my body to the Earth to be buried in a Terestiall Buriall as my Friends shall think Fitt & as for my worldly Goods. I bestow as followed. Item I give unto my Sister Mary Grigory foure hundred and Eighty acreas of Land being a Tract of land former brought by Robert Bishop of Mr. Henry Awbrey to her and heires forever but if my Said Sister Die with out Issue lawfully begotten of her, that then the said land to Returne to the nearest of Blood, Alsoe one pied Cow Calfe the said Cow shall being to be delivered to Katherine Armstron to her and heires for Ever. Item I give to my Sister Elizabeth one Red Cow with all her increase to her and heires for Ever Alsoe. I doe Appoint my Brother Richard Grigory my whole and Sole Execr of this my Will to See it performed as WITNESS my hand this 18th dor Decembr: 1677

John Grigory



James Fugit

4 Richard Gregory, born 1669 in Caroline Co., VA; died Abt. 1747 in Essex Co., VA. Richard daughter Sarah m'd John Meador in 1745.

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5 Robert Gregory, born 1669.

This marriage of some the Virginia Grigory/Gregory family members.


1677 Grigory, Elizabeth : Sister of John, married Thomas Wheeler

1745 Grigory, Elizabeth : Daughter of Richard, married Thomas Moore

1726 Grigory, John ; Married Jane Kidd

1702 Grigory, Katherine: widow of Richard, married Thomas Snead

1745 Grigory, Sarah: daughter of Richard married John Meador

John Gregory parents were:

Roger Gregory, born Abt. 1598 in Stockwith, England; died in England. He was the son of Robert Gregoryborn Abt. 1549 in Stockwith, Lincolnshire, England; died in England He married Isabel Brocksleyborn Abt. 1560 in Glentworth, Lincolnshire, England; died in England. He married Margaret Thornton 1610 in England. Margaret Thornton, born 1585 in Thornton, England. She was the daughter of Christopher Thornton and Mary Lake. Mary Lake father was William Lake (bc 1500 Gainesborough, Eng.),

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Child of Roger Gregory and Margaret Thornton is:

1 John Gregory, born 1623 in Langton, England; died 1676 in VA; married Elizabeth Bishop 1655.

Robert Gregory (bc 550, Stockwith, Eng.), father of Roger Gregory & Margaret Thornton. Robert's Wife Isabel Brocksley (bc 1560 Glenworth, Lincolnshire Eng.), father Robert Brocksley,

This all I know about the Gregory family.

William and Mary College Quarterly Historical Papers, Vol. 1, No. 3. (Jan., 1893), pp. 139-140.

SPOTSYLVANIA COUNTY. Marriage License 1726-1744. ___________

By. W. G. Stanard.

The following is a list of the marriage licenses contained in the first volume of the records of Spotsylvania Co., Virginia. I have made, within brackets, additions identifying some of the persons named

1726, John Catlett and Mary Grayson; 1727, Benjamin Winslow and Susannah Beverley [daughter Robert B. of "New- lands," Spotsylvania]; George Home and Elizabeth Proctor; 1729, Moseley Battaly and Elizabeth Taliaferro; 1729, Francis Slaughter and Ann Lightfoot, (June 26th) John Chew and Margaret Beverley [daughter of Robt. B.]; 1729-30, March, Chichley Thacker and Hannah Clowder; 1730, June, Rodham Kenner and Judith Beverley [daughter of Robt. B.]; 1731, Thomas Hill and Elizabeth Gray, (August 3d) William Wood- ford and Elizabeth Cock, [Wm Woodford was the first sheriff of Caroline Co., 1728 and 1729, and father of Wm Woodford of the Revolution]; 1732-3, January 4th, Elliott Benger and Dorothea Brayne, [the sister of the wife of Governor Spotswood, and the "Miss Theky" of the Byrd Papers]; 1733, Larkin Chew and Mrs. Mary Beverley [daughter of Robert B.], Rice Curtis and Mrs. Ann Brock, Hancock Lee and Mary Willia; 1736, Francis Thornton and Frances Gregory [He was of Fall Hill, near Fredericksburg. She a daughter of Roger Gregory and his wife Mildred Washington]: 1737, William Robinson and Agatha Beverley [W. R. was a brother of Speaker Robinson. Agatha B., a daughter of Robert B.], John Gregg and Elizabeth Waugha 1738, William Waller and Mrs. Ann Beverley, [daughter of Robt. B.]; 1739, John Gordon and Margaret, daughter of Doro- thy Tennant, Joseph Calvert and Lucy Webb, Reverend James Marye and Mrs. Elinor Purcel Dun [Rev. James M. was a Huguenot immigrant, minister at Manakintown, and afterward from 1735 to 1767, minister of St. George's Parish, Spotsylva- nia]; 1740, Edmund Waller and Mrs. Mary Pendleton, John Thornton and Mildred Gregory, [daughter of Roger G.]; 1741, Thomas Minor and Alice Thomson; 1742, Henry Willis and Elizabeth Gregory, [daughter of Roger G.], 1744, William Hun- ter and Martha Taliaferro, [ancestors of Robert Mercer Taliaferra Hunter], William Johnston and Betty Taylor.

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