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Frey Family

At the bottom of this page you fine THE NAME AND FAMILY OF FREY listed below. This information may or may not be related to OUR FREY family but it something to read and think about. Signed Janet

1. Friedrich Frey was born in Gundetswil, Zurich, Cantons of Switzerland.

Child of Friedrich Frey is:

1. Jacob Frey, b. Gundetswil, Zurich, Switzerland

Jacob (Heinrich) (Friedrich) Frey was born in Gundetswil, Zurich, Switzerland. He married ANNA (Hirtzeller) Frey. January 26, 1656/57 in Altheim(Now Altenheim) Alsace ( Now Neuried-Baden)Germany, daughter of JACOB Hirtzeller. Source: Sippenbuch of Altenheim. It then lists the baptisms of their 5 children.

Are not the children of JACOB FREY and ANNA FREY are:

1. Peter Fry.

2.Elizabeth Fry

3. Catherine Fry

4. Heinrich (Henry) Frey son of Jacob and Grandson of Friedrich. was born June 17, 1653, Altheim, Province of Alsace Loraine, Germany. Baptised on 17 JUNE 1663; d. 1734, Zeiglerville( Germantown), Philadelphia Co., Pennsylvania. He married ANNA CATHERINE (LEVERING) FREY b March 1675/1676 in Mulheim-on-Rulhr d 1754 in Germantown, Pennsylvania.

Marriage Notes for HEINRICH FREY and ANNA FREY:

This was the first marriage in the “Friends MeetingHouse”, Germantown, Pennsylvania. This couple was buried on part of their farm with several of their slaves. Recently the Descendents of this couple enclosed this plot with a stone fence and monument was erected to their memory


RECORDS THE MARRIAGE, ON APRIL 26, 1692, OF HEINRICH FREY TO ANNA CATHERINE, Records the marriage, on April 26,1692, of Heinrich Frey to Anna Catherine Levering, the 16 year old daughter of Wigard Levering, one of the Two American Progenitors of that family, the other being his brother Gerhand. The Author MILTON RUBINCAM, of Washington D.C., in an article in the “NATIONAL GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY QUARTERLY, 1941, V. 29” PAGE 138-139. States: “That this Heinrich Frey was not the orginal immigrant who came to America soil, But rather, his Father, Heinrich was. He reached this conclusion because the Bridegroom, was in reality the son of the immigrant, and not the immigrant himself. In 1680, The son Heinrich must have been approximately 28 years old, his date of birth of his Alleged Bride, Anna Catherine Levering was 16. He certainly was a young man at the date of his father’s alleged letter, in 1681. If we agree with other writers that he was the bridegroom of 1692. He was therefore about 40 years old, a not improbable date for his marriage, although unusual for those days when people as a rule married early. (I wonder about this signed Janet.)

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The precise working of the marriage Certificate of 1692, Quote from the book of COL.JOHN LEVERING (OP. SIT. PP 97-98),


"As no objections were filed, the ceremony was performed, and THIS Certificate witnesseth that the said Henry Fry and Anna Catherine Levering have this day solemnized such their marriage by taking one another as husband and wife, according to the law of this country, and before and in the presence of us, whose names are hereunder written at Germantown, the 26th day of the Second month [April], 1692."

Francis Daniel Pastorius,

Justice of the Peace

Witnesses: Wigart Levering, Gerhard Levering, Magdalena Levering, Hans Peter Umstat, Arnold Cassel, Henrich Shellenberg, Jon Ponder, Andrew Supplee, Manigha May, Catein Tompkins, William Rittinghuysen, Henrich Zollern, Jacob Pfoutz, Henrich Bucholtz, Elias Tossen, Honnas Miller, Elizabeth Cassel, Herman Trapman, Sara Hendricks, Anecki Supplee, Maria Bonus and others.


And According to the historian Abraham M. Cassel, "Heinrich Frey and Joseph Blatenbach were the first two German emigrants who came to Pennsylvania. They emigrated in 1680 and settled in Philadelphia."

I have been told that HEINRICH FRY came to America before WILLIAM PENN. Heinrich married in 1692 in the New log Church in Germantown to Ann Levering. Anna was the daughter of Wigard Levering. At the time Heinrich marriage to Anna Katherine Levering, he owned for many years of one hundred acres of land in Roxborough, adjoining the tract of like area then owned by Gerhard Levering. He is said to have taken up 250 acres of land in TOWAMENCIN TOWNSHIP, in 1712 and in 1716, 550 acres in FREDRICK TOWNSHIP. He gave 200 acres to the latter tract to his son, Jacob and 200 acres to his son William. A daughter of Henry Frey, Elizabeth b 1717 m'd John Miller, who bought 125 acres in Frederick Township in 1732 and is mentioned as a "PRACTIONER OF MEDICINE" Dr Miller, died Sept 16, 1755. Heinrich and Anna Catherine Levering Frey had 11 children.

There needs to be other evidence that his is indeed our Heinrich Frey. Most believe that it is true because the marriage records says he was of Altheim in Alsace. (Note from Janet. The Shipping records listed below has Heinrich from Altheim.)

Heinrich Fry came to America from Altheim, Slsace-Lorraine, Geramny/France, on board the ship MARKUS, with the CAPTAIN SOUDER, MASTER. They arrived in the South River of the Delaware, in about the year 1680. This was Approximately 3 years before the Township of Germantown, Pennsylvania was established.

He was Naturalized as a U.S.CITIZEN in Germantown, Pennsylvania on March 7,1690.

I must tell here and now what I found.

“SHIP PASSENGER LISTS Pennsylvania and Delaware (1641-1825) by Carl Boyer, 3rd

“Einwanderer in Pennsylvania vor 1770” Jahfbuch Fue Ausland-deutsche Sippenkunde, 1 (1936), 52-54 [Lancour No 116]

Bleickers, Johannes, von kdefeld,1683

Frey, Heinrich, aus Altheim im Elsass, 1685

Levering, Gerhart und Wigartm von Muhlheim, 1685

“Naturalizations, Germantown, PA., 3/7/1691/92; Copia Naturalizations of Frances Daniel Pastorius and of 61 persons. More of German Town from William Penn, Esq., “ National Genealogical Society Quarterly, 28(1940), 7-8[Lancour no 129] “William Penn, Propretary of the Province of Pennsilvania etc. By the King and Queen’s authority, to all to whom these Presents shall come. Sends Greetings, etc. Whereas : Wiggert Levering; Heinrich Frey and Gerhard Levering; Johannes Bleickers.

“…, Citizens….1683, 1692 1698…. And Owners of land in German-town and in the County of Philadelphia, being foreigners, and so not freemen, according to the acception of the Law of England. Have requested to be made freeman of the said Province, pursuant to the Powers granted by King’s Letters patent, and Act of Union and Naturlization, etc. made in this Government. Now Know ye, that for the further incouragement of the Industry and Sobriety of the said Inhabitants, And for the better and further Security of their Estates reall and personal, top them and their heirs, They the said Inhabitants having Solemnly promised (upon record in the County Court of Philadelphia aforesaid) faith and Allegiance to William and Mary, King and Queen England, etc . and fidelity and lawful Obedience to me, according to the King’s letters, patents aforesaid, I doe declare and by this Presents Confirm them the said Inhabitants before named to be Freeman of this Government, And that they shall be accordingly held and reputed in as full and ample manner as any person or persons residing therein, And that they the said Freemen have liberty and freedom hereby to trade and traffick in this Colony or in any of the King’s Dominions and Plantations, as other good Subjects do without any manner of Lett, Henderance or Molestation whatsoever.

Witness Thomas Lloyd, Deputy Govenr of Province of Pennsilvania, etc, Given at Philadelphia aforesaid, with the assent of the Provinvial Council, the Seventh day of the Third month Anno Domi 1691, and in the third year of the reign of King William and Queen Mary over England, etc….

Heinrich was a Turner by trade.

He and his family were members of the Protestant Lutheran Church.

Heinrich Frey bought a large tract of land west of Philadelphia and near Falkner's swamp. This region is near Zeiglersvill, PA.

Heinrich and his wife were buried on their Plantation near Zeigersville, in what is call the Frey-Bertolett Cemetery, Montgomery Co., Penn. along with Shi nephew Rev Andrew Frey, a daughter and others including many of their children.

This story below was should be Titled "True Comrades". Today it would be called an historical novel, not NOVAL. THIS WOULD BE WONDERFUL IF IT WERE TRUE.

The History of this man’s coming to America, with one friend name Platterbach, (Note: They were the first two Germans to come to this country) was written in German by A. Barba. It was printed in the Allentown, Penn. “Morning call”, in a continuing story form. It was written in German by Ludwig August Wolienweber, and translated by Preston A Barba. The parents and family of Heinrich Frey followed him to this country.

The Two men, Fren and Blatterback, befriended a young Indian they found in the forest who was seriously injured. They nursed him back to healtn he was the son of Urgurt, The Chief of the Lenni Lennapi Indians. When Henrich Frey retruned the boy to his father. He told him that he could have all the land he could walk thru from the setting to the rising of the sun. The path Frey took during this walk is still to this day, called Rising Sun Ave., and it is in Germantown. The Grant of this land was ratified by William Penn in 1691, and has become a part of the Archives of the State of Pennsylvania.



1) Jacob Frey b 1694 d 1785

2) WILLIAM FRY, b. 1695; d. June 15, 1758,

3) Henry FRY, b. 1698; d. 1758

4) ABRAHAM FRY, b. 1700

5) BENJAMINE b. abt 1700; d. March 1753, "FRYE FORT", FREDERICK CO., VIRGINIA.

6) John FRY, b. 1703; d. October 23, 1766,

7) George FRY, b. 1705; d. 1750,

8) Amelia Elizabeth FRY, b. 1719; d. June 05, 1781,

9) Rebecca FRY, b. 1718, Roxborough, Philadelphia Co., Pennsylvania. She was Unmarried in Oct 1732. Her History is unknown

10) Elizabeth Barbara (FRY) MILLER, b. 1719; d. 1781

The Grandchildren and Great-grandchildren of Heinrich Frey and Anna Katherina Levering.

1) Jacob in Roxborough, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania d 1785 in Towamencin Township in Philadelphia Co. Pennsylvania. Jacob and his parents moved to Towamencin Township, Philadelphia Co. PA (now Montgomery). M’d married Margaret. Jacob Fry’s will was dated February 28,1782 and was proved January 7,1785 at Norristown, county seat of the then new county of Montgomery. “In his will he gives to his wife Margaret, the household goods and ditects all other personal estate to be sold and distribution made between “all my children”, viz; Jacob, George, William and Henry” His farm of about 200 acres (probably the original homestead), he divided. ˝ for Jacob, other fourth to George and fourth to Joseph and them made provision for equalization. The date of probate of his will makes Jacob age to 90. He was doubtless, buried in the Old Frey graveyard.

1 Jacob Frey 1756-1844 married Margaret Springer

2 John Frey 1762-1846 married Eva Frey. Their child was Godlieb Frey.


3 Joseph Frey before 1765-1794 married Susanna Frey.He d between 27 Aug ABD 12 Sept 1793. Children: 1 Jacob; 2 Margaret; 3 Joseph b. 1793, MONTGOMERY CO., PENNSYLVANIA; d. 1868; 4 George Frey 1765-1855 married Margaret Bean d in 1853; 5 William Frey after 1765-after 1785 buried in the Bertolet Cemetery in West Frederick Township along with his family; 6 Henry b 1768 d July or Sept 1846 m?. Their Child was. 1 George, b. 1788; d. 1877


1 Catharine Frey married John Gesel

2 Matthais (Christian) Frey ?-1745

3 Veronica Frey 1723-1780 married Joseph Miller

4 Henry Frey 1724-1784 married Anna Maria Burstler

5 William Frey 1724-1811 married Veronica Stittler

6 Magdalena Frey 1725-1797 married Christopher Paus

7 Jacob Frey 1726-1770 married Susannah Berthelot a daughter of Jean Bartolet, a Huguenot, who came to Germantown, in 1726.

8 Christina Frey 1727-1816 married John H. Segner

9 Salome Frey 1734-1771 married Christopher Hensel

10 Elizabeth Frey 1738-1823 married Abraham Grubb

The children below as not the Children of William and Veroncia Markley Frey. Because They are not in the father will and it would be impossible for them to be their children since the mother died in 1752 and the father died in 1768.

(12) Abraham 11 Jun 1780

(13) Adam b 9 Oct 1787) So you are they?

and The ones that are not are Hanna,Philp, Abraham, and Adam. I imagine Philp should be spelled Philip.

4) Henry born 1698 in ROXBOROUGH (OR GERMANTOWN), PHILADELPHIA CO., PENNSYLVANIA, and died 1758 in LOUDOUN CO, VIRGINIA. He married CHRISTINA (BACHE) FRY, daughter of HANS GEORGE BACHE. Mr. Heckler states” Henry and wife, Christiana, lived in the north corner of Towamencin Twp. He built a woolen mill on a small stream, which was disposed of and the mill taken down in the early part of this century (1800s) The remains of the dam and race are still(1896) visible. After selling he bought a farm, June 10,1761, in Lower Safford Twp. This he sold September 10, 1769 ad no further trace is found.

Children of HENRY FRY and CHRISTINA FRY are:

1) Mary Elizabeth (Fry) Vextroem, b. April 09, 1768, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; d. September 05, 1858, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

2) Hans Martin, b. 1722; d. 1806, Pennsylvania. (THIS NOT THE SON OF HENRY AND CHRISTINA) COL. Arthur Frey of Leesburg, VA was responsible for this mistake. I am sorry for posting this with out checking out first. ******** Per cousin.

6) Abraham Fry born abt 1700 in Roxborough, Philadelphia Co., Pennsylvania

1) William AbrahamsFRY, b. 1756; d. 1821.

7) Benjamin Frey b 1696-1753 or b. 1700, Roxborough or Germantown, Montgomery Co., Pennsylvania; d. March 1753, "FRYE FORT", FREDERICK CO., VIRGINIA. Married Christena? Abt 1721 in Pennsylvania

1) Rebecca Frye

2) Abraham Frye b. 1722, Perkiomen, Philadelphia Co., Penn.; d. February 01, 1807, Fallowfield Twshp. Washington Co., Penn. Married Agnes Ann Young

3) Benjamin Frye b. 1731, Perkiomen, Philadelphia Co., Penn; d. 1813.married Catharine___

4) Henry Frye b. 1724, Perkiomen, Philadelphia Co., Penn.; d. 1812.married Fanny Littler

5) Jacob Frye b. 1726, Perkiomen, Philadelphia Co., Penn, Philadelphia Co., Penn.; d. 1781, Frederick Co or Shenandoah Co.,Virginia Married Molly___

6) Joseph Frye b. 1727, Perkiomen, Montgomery CO., PENN.; d. 1781.married Ann Funk

7) Samuel Frye b. 1727, Perkiomen, Montgomery CO., PENN; d. 1781.married Christina Speers

8) Cristen Frye b. 1733, Perkiomen, Montgomery CO., PENN. Married Joseph Powell

9) William Frye b. 1735, Perkiomen, Montgomery CO., PENN; d. 1796. Married Rachel Spears

10) Elizabeth Frye b. 1737, Perkiomen, Montgomery CO., PENN

8) John Frey was born 1703 in Roxborough, Philadelphia Co. Pennsylvania, and died October 23, 1766 in Franconia Twshp., Montgomery Co. Pennsylvania. He married Mary (KIESLER) FRY. There is record evidence that John lived in Franconia Tp. Montg. Co. in 1734 and died there Oct. 23,1766; was buried in the Mennonite Cemetery.

1) Daniel Frey ?-1796

2) Hanna Frey married Isaac Wells

3) Cathrine Frey

4) Henry Frey 1724-1821 married Mary Hendrick

5) William Frey Abt 1724-1816 married Elizabeth Kerr

6) Samuel Frey 1727-1813 married Dianna Wells

7) Jacob Frey 1734- death date unknown, married Jemima Wells

8) Jonathan Frey 1739-?

9) Enoch Frey Abt 1742-1810 married (1) Nancy Ann Leinbach; (2) Saloma Holtzapple

9) George Frey was born 1705 in Roxborough, Philadelphia Co. Pennsylvania, and is thought to have died 1750 in Virginia, married Elizabeth. There is nothing is known of him. Last know date for him was 1732 in Pa.

1) Sarah Fry

2) Mary Fry married ___Chrispiosak(?)

3) Susannah Fry

4) John Fry

5) George Fry

6) Rebecca Frey Aft1714-1758

10) Amelia Elizabeth Frey was born 1719 in Roxborough, Philadelphia Co., Pennsylvania, and died June 05, 1781 in Graceham, Frederick Co., Maryland. She married FREDERICK LEINBACH June 10, 1737 in Oley, Berks Co., Pennsylvania. Notes for FREDERICK LEINBACH: FREDERICK AND HIS WIFE ARE BURIED AT GRACEHAM MORAVIAN CHURCH CEMETARY, MARYLAND. Fredrick Leinbach/Linebaugh parents were Johnannes Leinbach and Elizabeth Kliess.

Amelia was baptized by Count Zinzendof (then a bishop), at Germantown, Philadelphia Co., Pennsylvania on Mary 6,1842- nearly five years after her marriage-thereby becoming related to the Moravian Church.

The records of Oley referred to names Elizabeth as having married to Frederick Leinbach, but Abraham H Cassel, the Antiquarian, of Harleyville, Montg. Co., Pa. Has a legal document of that period, signed by the parties, which show that Amelia married Mr. Leinbach and Elizabeth married Johannes Miller.

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1) John Leinbach 1738-1746

2) Henry Christian Leinbach 1739-1792 married Anna Rosina Paus

3) *Jacob Leinbach 1740-1826 married Susanna Nein For more on the Linebaugh/Leinbach family go to their page and Nuen page too.

4) Benjamin Leinbach 1741-1823 married Margaret Nuss

5) Elizabeth Leinbach 1743-?

6 )Nancy Ann Leinbach 1745-Abt 1792 married Enoch Frey

7) Johanna Leinbach 1746-? married Jacob Protzman

8) ___Leinbach 1747-1747

9) Joseph Leinbach 1748-Abt 1819 married Magdalena___

10) Maria Leinbach 1750-? married ___Stover

11) Magdalena Leinbach 1751-? married ___Weller

12) John Leinbach 1753-?

13) Rosina Leinbach 1755-? married ___Weller

14) Catherine Leinbach 1757-?

15) Fredrick Leinbach 1760-?

16) Daniel Leinbach 1760-?

17) Samuel Leinbach 1762-?

11) Elizabeth Frey((Barbara) was born 1719 in Roxborough, Philadelphia Co. , Pennsylvania, and died 1781 in Frederick Twshp., Montgomery Co., Pennsylvania. She married DR. JOHANNES MILLER prior to Aug 18, 1735

1) Christen Muller/Miller

2) Catherine Muller/Miller 1733-? married Henry Happel

3) Salome (Sarah) Muller/Miller 1735-? married Daniel Knauss

4) Elizabeth Muller/Miller 1737-? married Jacob Echel

5) John Muller/Miller 1738-?

6) Anna Muller/Miller 1740-? married John Marberger

7) Joseph Muller/Miller 1741-?

8) Henry Muller/Miller 1743-?

9) Anna Marie Muller/Miller 1744-?

10)___Muller/Miller Abt 1745-?

11) Jacob Muller/Miller 1749-1751

12) Magdalena Muller/Miller 1747-?

13) John Phillip Muller/Miller 1751-?


The surname FREY is, in most cases at least, of Germanic origin and is said by family historians to have been first borne by a "free man" (a person not in bondage), the German Frey being the equivalent of the English free. In some cases, too, the name is known to have been a corruption of the English Fry, which has the same origin. One writer advances the theory that those who resided in Friesland, a province in the Netherlands first assumed the name, but the first-mentioned derivation is that most generally accepted. Among the spellings in which the name appears in ancient records are Freye, Frye, Fry, Frei, and Frey. Of these, the last form is frequently in evidence in America in modern times, while that immediately preceding it is also found, having been brought over in comparatively recent times by emigrants from northern Europe.

Chiefly resident in Germany, Switzerland, Alsace, Bavaria, Sweden, Hesse, and Austria, the bearers of the name were in many cases of noble birth and belonged in some considerable part to the landed and educated classes.

Of the family in Switzerland, Kaspar Frey or Frei, who was born, probably at Hilsbach, in Baden, it is said to have been descended from a line long resident in Urdorf, Zurich. He died in 1683, over eighty years of age, leaving issue by his wife Anna of a son, Hans Frey or Frei, who was first married in 1666, at Hilsbach, to Margarethe Schopff, of Weiler, a nearby township. Hans made his home at Weiler and had issue by Margarethe of four sons, Hans, Jacob, Michael (died in infancy), and another Michael (also died young). Of these, Jacob or Hans Jacob, as he is sometimes recorded, was the progenitor of a family which flourished in the male line for five generations at Weiler, but ended in female heirs in 1893, upon the death of John George Frey, of Weiler, without male progeny. By his second wife, Margarethe Volck, of Weiler, whom he married in 1676, Hans was the father of Martin, George, Tobias, and Anna Katharina. Tobias Frey (sometimes written Frei), son of Hans and Margarethe (nee Volck), was married at Weiler in 1709 to Anna Maria Peters, of Eppingen. His children by this union were Conrad, Gottfried, and Anna Maria, of whom the last was born in 1722. The name then disappears from the records of that district, and it is considered certain that the family came to America soon after that date. This line will be mentioned again.

Another early settler in America, Martin Frey, is believed to have been a descendant of the before-mentioned Hans, son of Hans and Margarethe (nee Schopff), or a son of Jacob, also recorded as Hans Jacob, the half-brother of the immigrant Tobias. However, the records of this Martin Frey are only fragmentary, and nothing is known concerning his descendants, other than that he had a son named Martin.

Among the early records of the name in Germany are those of the Schonstein line, which was established before 1633 and was represented at a later date by Carl Freiherren Frey; those of Heinrich Frey, of Freyenfels, Silesia, who was granted arms in 1658 and whose descendants bore the title of Baron as early as the year 1722; those of Ferdinand von Frey, who held public office in 1697 and left issue by his wife, Maria Claudia Johanna von Hochstain, of two sons, Carl Joseph Octavian and Johann Philipp Ferdinand von Frey; and those of the Frey family of Dern, in Hesse, the members of which bore the title of Baron in 1737, and probably before.

The first of the name in America was probably Humphrey Frey, an Englishman, who settled in James City County, Va., in 1639. His records are not complete, but it is probable that his descendants, if any, changed the spelling of the name to Fry. Heinrich Frey, who emigrated from Altheim, in the Province of Alsace, German, settled at Germantown, Philadelphia County, Pa., in 1680. He was married in 1692 to Anna Catherine Levering, also of German birth and the daughter of Rosier Levering, ,who is said to have been born in the Netherlands of English or Anglo-Saxon parentage and to have married a native of Westphalia, in Germany. To this union of Heinrich and Anna Catherine were born seven children, Jacob, Henry, John, George (no further record), Elizabeth, Rebecca, and Amelia. NOTE: ROSIER WAS NOT ANNA CATHERINE’S FATHER BUT HER GRANDFATHER. ANNA CATHERINE FATHER WAS JOHN WIGARD LEVERING. FOR MORE ON THE LEVERING FAMILY LOOK UNDER LEVERING.

Jacob Frey, eldest son of the immigrant Heinrich, whose name was sometimes corrupted to Fry, removed with his parents to Montgomery County, Pa., before 1709. By his wife Margaret, whom he married about 1750, he was the father of five sons, Jacob, Joseph, George, William, and Henry. Of these, Jacob married Margaret Springer before 1789 and was the father by her of John (died young), Margaret, Anna, Daniel, Barbara, Lydia, and John; Joseph married Susanna Godshalk before 1787 and left issue at Norristown, Pa., of Jacob, Margaret, and Joseph; George was the father by his wife, Margaret Bean, whom he married before 1794, of six children, Rebecca, Susanna, John, Mary, Sarah, and Sophia; William died unmarried; and Henry (Dr. Henry Fry, of Skippack, Pa. ) married Elizabeth Schoenberger before 1788. To the last mentioned union were born Dr. George, Susanna, and Elizabeth Fry.

Henry Frey, second son of the immigrant Heinrich,, had a wife named Christiana, but the names of his progeny, if any, are not available. He removed to Lower Salford, Pa., about 1763, but sold his land there in 1769, after which date no further record of him is found.

John Frey or Fry, third son of the immigrant Heinrich, married a Miss Kiesler and made his home at Franconia, in Montgomery County, Pa. His children were Jacob, Henry, John, Joseph, Amos, Polly, Anna, Hannah, and Betsey. Of these, Jacob married Elizabeth Beard and left issue by her at Trappe, in Montgomery County, of seven children, Jacob, John, Samuel, Mary Anna, David (died young), Daniel, and Hannah; Henry made his home in Chester County, Pa.; John resided at Essecks, in Montgomery County; Joseph married Mary Getty and resided at Trappe; and Amos made his home at Pottstown, in Montgomery County. However, the records of the younger son are not in evidence.

One Jacob Frey, possibly an Englishman, settled in New Jersey in 1681, but the names of his progeny are not available. About 1688 another Heinrich Frey came from Zurich, in Switzerland, to America and settled at Palatine, on the Mohawk. He is said to have been the first settler in the Mohawk Valley, west of Schenectady, N.Y. He had a son, Heinrich or Henry Frey Jr., who was the first white child born in that vicinity. Henry Frey Jr., of the Mohawk Valley, was married in 1734 to Margaret Kaiser, by whom he had issue of two sons, Hendrick or Henry and John. Of these, Colonel Hendrick Frey, an officer in the French and Indian Wars, married a daughter of General Herkimer, but In not known to have had children; while Major John Frey, who also served in the French and Indian Wars, married the Widow Anna Gertrude (nee Shoemaker) Wormuth, a niece of General Herkimer, in 1779 and had issue by her of, among other children, a son named John. Gottfried Frey, before-mentioned son of Tobias Frey, the immigrant from Weiler to America, resided at York, Pa., and was married in 1742 to Maria Margaretha Linn. To this union were born Gottfried or Godfrey, Maria Catherine, Anna Maria, Bartel (died young), Julianna Barbara, John George, Conrad (died young), Joseph (died young), Adam, Maria Elizabeth, Samuel, and Heinrich or Henry, of whom the last may have left issue, but his records are incomplete.

Godfrey Frey, son of the first Gottfried, made his home in Montgomery County, MD. By his wife Margaret, he was the father of Mary, John, Margaret, Sarah Ann Catherine, and possibly others as well.

George (John George) Frey, son of the first Gottfried, married Mary Magdalena Ziegle. His children, born at York, Pa., were George (died young), Catharine, Mary Magdalen, another George, Elizabeth, Jacob, Daniel, Samuel, and Frederick.

Adam Frey, son of the first Gottfried, was married before 1783 to Anna Mary Mielhof. To this union were born Elizabeth, Henry, Regina, Daniel, John, Adam (died young), Jacob, and another Adam. Samuel Frey, son of the first Gottfried, located at Baltimore, Md., before 1793. His name appears in the records of that city both as Frey and as Frye. By his wife Belinda, he had at least four children, Elizabeth, Samuel, Anna, and John.

Among the other lines in America which are believed to have been descended from the immigrant Tobias are those of Frederick Frey, possibly a son of that settler, who resided at Windsor, in York County, Pa., and was the father of a son named Philip in the year 1753; those of John George Frey, possibly a son of Tobias, who was the father in 1763 of a son named John Martin; those of Bernhard Frey, who was the father in 1769 of a daughter named Julianna, whose baptism was witnessed by Gottfried and Godfrey Frey; those of John Frey, who had a son named John baptized in 1762; and those of Samuel Frey, of Adams County, Pa., who was connected in some way with the Linns.

Others of the name who emigrated to America between the years 1731 and 1771, arriving at Philadelphia, Pa., included Johannes, 1731, Johannes and Johannes Conrad, 1732; Hans Peter, Andreas, Valentine, Christian, and Christopher, 1733; Conrad and Jacob, 1734; Jacob and Heinrich, 1735; John Dieter, Andreas, and Hans George, 1738; John Henrich, 1739; Hans and Peter, 1740; John Peter, 1742; Henry and Johan George, 1743; Jacob, 1747; Hans Rudy and Jacob, 1749; Hans George, 1750; Clementz, 1751; Henrich, John George, and Jacob, 1752; J. Henry and Johannes, 1753; Phillippus and Jacob, 1754; Martin and Henry, 1765; Christian and Francis, 1766; and Michael, John Martin, and Friederich, 1771.

The Freys may be described in general as a sturdy, upright, practical, and energetic race. In some cases they have shown themselves to be possessed of rather high artistic ability. Bearers of the name who served with the Colonial forces during the American Revolution included Brigade Major John Frey, of New York; Bernard or Barnard and Nicholas Frey (also recorded as Frye), of Maryland; and Abraham, Bernard, Christian, Conrad, David, George, Jacob, John, Joseph, Leonard, Martin, Michael, Peter, Philip, Samuel, and William Frey, of Pennsylvania. Joseph, George, Samuel, Frederick, John, Jacob, Martin, Henry, William, Daniel, Philip, Conrad, Peter, Michael, and Adam are among the masculine Christian names frequently chosen by the Freys for their progeny.

Of those of the name who have been prominent in America in comparatively recent times, the following are considered representative: Joseph Samuel Christian Frederick Frey (1773-1850), of Germany and Michigan, clergyman, missionary, and author.

Joseph Frey (latter eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries), of Pennsylvania, Congressman from 1827 to 1831.

George H. Frey (b. 1825) of Pennsylvania and Ohio was lawyer, journalist, manufacturer, and railroad president.

Albert Romer Frey (b. 1858),of New York, litterateur and author.

Adolf Frey (b. 1865), of Germany and New York, was a musician and composer.

John Philip Frey (b. 1871), of Minnesota and Washington, D.C., trade unionist and author.

Noah J. Frey (b. 1883), of Illinois and Wisconsin, life insurance executive.

Oliver W. Frey (b. 1890), of Pennsylvania, a Congressman.

John Walter Frey (b. 1892), of Pennsylvania, physician.

The coat of arms most anciently borne by the Frey family of Germany is believed to be that described in heraldic terms as follows (Rietstap, Armorial General, 1934):

Arms.--"Azure, three garbs or; a chief argent," Crest.--"Two buffalo horns, argent and azure." According to the same authority the arms borne by the family of Frey of Zurich is described thus: Arms,--"Azure, a sun or, on the dexter a crescent figured contourne, the same on the sinister."

Crest.--"A wing, azure."


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I have found book named "PENNSYLVANIA BIRTHS BERKS COUNTY 1710-1780" by John T Humphrey

Frei family:

Anna Catharina bp 23 May 1773 to David and Maria Elizabeth

Anna Maria b 19 Dec 1768 to Marthias and Anna Maria

Dorothea b 8 Aug 1762 to Jacob and Anna Catharina

Georg David b 14 Ap 1776 to Jacob and Regina Catharina

Heinrich b 4 Sep 1775 to Jacob and Maria Catharina

Jacob b 11 Oct 1780 to Philipp and Margaretha

Johan Adam bp 10 Aug 1780 to Jacob and ?

Johann Daniel b 11 Apr 1768 to Jacob and Anna Catharina

Johann Georg b 11 Apr 1770 to Jacob and Maria Catharina

Johann Heinrich b 21 Apr 1764 to Henrich and Magdalena

Joahann Jacob b 24 Feb 1761 to Jacob and Anna Catharina

Johannes b 9 Nov 1763 to Jacob and Anna Catharina

Johannnes b 15 Dewc 1764 Johan Friderich and Barbara

Frey family

Andreas b 26 Nov 1750 to Christoph and An. Maria(Waner)

Anna Barbara b 7 Sep 1723 to Petter and Anna Barbara

Anna Barbara b 6 Mar 1743 to Johann Valentin and A. M. Barb(Pinckel)

Anna Barbara b 12 Sep 1769 to Philipp and Margareth

Anna Elizabeth bp 2 Feb 1777 to Frantz and Rosina

Anna Eva b 30 Dec 1718 to Petter and Anna Barbara

Anna Margaretha b 5 Feb 1774 to Georg Philipp and Anna Margaretha

Anna Maria b 7 Apr 1726 to Petter and Anna Barbara

Anna Maria b Ocr 1749 to Johann Valentin and A. M. Barb(Pinckel)

Anna Maria b 28 Mar 1773 to Andreas and Christina

Anna Rosina b 27 Aug 1757 to Valentin and Mria Barbara

Barbara b 16 Jun 1715 to not given and not given

Barbara b 3 Aug 1768 to Heinrich and Catherina

Catharina b 14 Jun 1766 to Johannes and Phippina

Christian b 22 nov 1759 to Valention and Anna Barbara

Christina b 22 Dec 1731 to Petter and Anna Barbara

Christina b 18 Mar 177(2) to Henrich and Margaretha Barb

Elisb. Catharina b 25 Mar 1763 to Henrich and Catharina

Elizabeth b 1 Jul 1719 to Henrich and Ma Cath(Levering)my

Elizabetha b 23 Mar 1774 to Jacob and Regina Catharina

Esther b 17 Feb 1772 to Andreas and Anna Christina

Eva Rosina b 8 Feb 1766 to Heinrich and Catharina

Georg Philipp b 10 Feb 1768 to Georg Philipp and Anna Margeth

Hanna bp 1745 to Joh.Niclaus and Elizabetha(Papst)

Heinrich b 14 Jun 1751 to Johann Valentin and A. M. Bar.(Pinckel)

Heinrich b 9 Aug 1767 to Johannes and Phillina

Heinrich b 19 Feb 1778 to Henich and Margaretha

Joh. Abraham b 11 Feb 1768 to Jacob and Regina Catharina

Johan Peter b 13 Nov 1729 to Petter and Anna Barbara

Johann Christopher b 23 Jan 1757 to Jaocb and Anna Catharina

Johann Georg b Dec 1740 to Petter and Anna Barbara

Johann Henrich b 1 Apr 1774 to Henrich and Margaretha Barbara

Johann Jacob b 16 Mary 1776 to Henrich and Margaetha Barb

Johann Marhaus b 10 Jul 1747 to Andreas and Cath.Barb.(Ritter)

Johann Peter b 29 Apr 1746 to Johann Vlentin and A. M. Barbara

Johann Valentin b 8 Mar 1748 to Johnann Vlentin and A. M. Barbara

Johann Valentin b 9 May 1721 to Petter and Anna Barbara

Johannes b 25 Dec 1753 to Johann Valentin and A. M. Barbara

Johannes b 21 Aug 1778 to Henrich and Barbara

Juliana b Feb 1735 Petter and Anna Barbara

Maria Catharina ca Dec 1773 to Frantz and Rosina

Maria Magdalena b 3 May 1773 to Thomas and Anna Maria

Maria Margaretha b 3 May 1773 to James and Anna Maria

Maria Margretha b 18 Sep 1755 to Valinetine and Anna Barbara

Maria Salome bp 2 Jun 1771 to Abraham and wife

Michael b 8 Jan 1745 to Johann Valentin and A. M. Barb(Pinckel)

Petter b 27 Sep 1689 not known

Philip b 24 Aug 1769 to Jacob and Catharina

Tobias b 10 Jan 1764 to Valentin and Maria Barbara

Anna Chathaina bp 23 May 1773 to David and Maria Eliaabeth

Anna Magdalena ca Jul 1764 to Frantz and Rosina

Catharina Dorothea b 1 Dec 1765 to Jacob and Regina Catharina

Christina 18 Mr 1772 to Henrich and Margaretha Barbara

Friderich ca Oct 1770 to Frantz and Rosina

Johann Georg b 30 Dec 1769 to Henrich and Margaretha Barbara

Johann Jacob 9 Mar 1768 to Henrich and Catharina Barbara

Johann Jurg b 29 Jun 1766 Frantz and Rosina

Matthes b 19 Sep 1767 to Matthes and wife

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