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Coulter Family

Alexander Coulter is son of Robert Coulter of South Carolina. They family came from Scotland via Ireland.

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1 Alexander COULTER Sr. bd. abt 1740 Scotland dd. aft Jan 13, 1807, Roane Co., TN & Mrs. Mary MOORE ( Mary Steele ?) m. 1771, Tryon, NC

William Moore and his wife Mary had three children

Joseph Moore b c 1764 "Chose Alex. Coulter as his guardian. last heard was when to GA.

John Moore b c1768 d 1788. His guardian was James Miller.

Mary Moore b c 1769 lived in Rutherford and Marion Co. Tn m'd John Jones 26 Mr. 1789. Mary and John Jones both received Rev War pensions while living in Marion Co. TN. Alex Coulter signed as affidavit for Mary as the widow of John Jones. They lived on a farm adjoining Jonathan and Delilah Coulter and her husband Jonathan Pope in Marion, Co. TN.


C436 COULTER Alexander 1770 TRYON Co. NC No Twp. Listed


C436 CHESTER CO, SC COULTER Archibald M-637 011 015 - 01 02 01 00 00

C436 CHESTER CO, SC COULTER Robert M-637 011 015 - 01 01 03 00 00

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On page 76; Oct Term 1771,

On the Motion of Alexander Martin the Will of William Moore being produced in Open court was proved by the Oath David Dicky Subscribing Witness with Joseph Hart I Samuel Gary. William Glagjorn, one of the Excecutors fo the said Will & Testament, releasing his Right to the daid executorship in Open Court, Ordered the Letters Tesamentary Issue to Mary Coulter. Being the Relict of the said William Moore. etc.

The following is Records for Alexander Coulter in Tryon Co. NC. Courts of Tryon Co. NC

Page 98; Date July 1772; Nr 15 Ale'r Coulter.

Page ?; Date Oct 1772; in Petit Jury Nr 12 Alexander Coulter.

Page ?; July 1774; Petty Jury by condent Nr 4 Alex'r Coulter

Page 138; Oct 1774; Alex'r Coulter & wife Exr's of Wm Moore Deseased vs James Buchanan.

Page 142; Oct 1774; Alex'r Coulter was Jury duty on Robert Looney vs James Coles. Orr Att.

Page 148; Jan 1775; Petty Jury Alex'r Coulter and Alex'r Coulter and wife Exr's of Wm Moore va James Buchanan case.

Page 153; April 1775; Alexander Coulte witness in sale of land.

Page 154; April 1775; Alex'r Coulter was on a Jury Duties.

Page 161; July 1775; Alex'r Coulte was ordered by the Court to be appointed Jorors to lay out a Road from Uptons Mill to William Giberts.

Page 163; Oct 1775; same as above.

Page 170; July 1777; Ordered by the Court that Alexander Coulter serve as Overseer of the Road.

Page 177; Jan 1778; A Deed of Sale from James Byars to Alexander Coulter.

Page 179; Jan 1778; Estate of John Johnson paid to Alexander Coulter 300 Pounds

Page 184; April 1778; Petty Jury

Page 185; April 1778; Alexander Coulter vs James Buchanan, Case.

Page 189; April 1778; Alex'r Coulter on Jury duty.

Page 190; April 1778; Joseph Moore came into open court and being of lawful age to Choose his guardian made choice of Alexander Coulter who entered into Bond & Secuity in the Sum of 500 pounds.

Page 192; July 1778; Petty Jury

Page 193; July 1778; Petty Jury

Page 196; July 1778; Jurors appionted to attend the next Court to be held for this County in Wit. Along with Alexander Coulter, there was Moses Moore. Who is he?

Page 202; Oct 1778; Petty Jury in two case.


Clanton - Cusack

Grantor / Grantee / Type Instrument / Deed Book / Page(s) / Year Filed

Coulter, Alexander / Shipley, Robert / Deed/A-D/175/0

Coulter, Alexander / Brown, Daniel / Deed/J-L/196/1794

Coulter, Alexander / Kitts, Francis / Deed/M-Q/169/1795

Coulter, Alexander / Ross, Charles / Deed/ 4-6/82/1797

Coulter, John & Margaret / Scott, Hugh / P of Atty/27-28/414/1816

Coulter, Matilda / Logan, John / Deed/39-40/392/1834

Coulter, Matilda / McEntire, John / Deed/44/324/1842


Coulter, Catharine sis/o Coulter, Andrew 1808 Rutherford

Coulter, Emily d/o Coulter, Matilda 1832 Rutherford

Coulter, Hannah sis/o Coulter, Andrew 1808 Rutherford

Coulter, Jane d/o Coulter, Matilda 1832 Rutherford

Coulter, John bro/o Coulter, Andrew 1808 Rutherford

Coulter, Margaret sis/o Coulter, Andrew 1808 Rutherford

Coulter, William s/o Coulter, Matilda 1832 Rutherford

"TENNESSEE LAND GRANTS VOL I SURNAMES A-K BY Barbara ,Bryon and Samuel Sistler.

This Land was grant to Revolutionary War.

Page 109. Alexander Coulter(sure which Alexander Coulter is here) There is 14 Alexander Coulter in Blount, Marion and Macon Counties, Tn. Anderson, Charles, Elizabeth,Hugh,James,John, John W and Richard Coulter are in this book too.


Sale Creek was on of the earliest settled areas in Hamilton County, and the Coulters have always been identified with Sale Creek. About the time fo the formation of Hamilton County in 1819, Thomas Coulter (the son of Alexander Coulter SR) obtained a deed for 420 acres "in Rhea County on Sale Creek.

Alexander Coulter SR b c 1740 m'd in 1771 Mary, widow of William Moore. Alexander Coulter pushed on from Knox County and was in Roane County by 1807. Two of his sons, Alexander JR and Thomas were in the War of 1812, with Thomas serving as a brigadier General of the East Tennessee Militia. This Thomas Coulter m'd Louisa Johnson. He died at Bledsoe County in 1826.

The families that link to Coutler and Monkres families 1830 Census Washington County, Arkansas They are still in TN

1840 Washington County Arkansas

Line 29

M. Wright ;w/m 20-30 years=1; w/m 30-40 years=1; w/f under 5 yrs=1; w/f 05-10 years=1; w/f 20-30 years=1; Slaves ; b/m under 10 yrs=3; b/m 10-24 years=2; b/f under 10 yrs=2; b/f 10-24 years=2; b/f 24-36 years=1;

Line 4

John D. Moore; w/m 05-10 years=1; w/m 10-15 years=1; w/m 15-20 years=5; w/m 20-30 years=5; w/m 50-60 years=1; w/f under 5 yrs=2; w/f 20-30 years=1; w/f 40-50 years=1; Slaves; b/m under 10 yrs=4; b/m 10-24 years=2; b/f under 10 yrs=2; b/f 10-24 years=2; b/f 24-36 years=2;

Line 20

James Coulter; w/m 10-15 years=1; w/m 20-30 years=2; w/m 30-40 years=1; w/f 15-20 years=1; w/f 20-30 years=2;

Line 23

James B. Russell; w/m under 5 yrs=2; w/m 20-30 years=3; w/m 30-40 years=1; w/f under 5 yrs=1; w/f 10-15 years=2; w/f 20-30 years=1; w/f 30-40 years=1; Slaves; b/m 10-24 years=1; b/f 10-24 years=1;

Line 24

Wm Munkers ; w/m 20-30 years=2; w/f under 5 yrs=2; w/f 05-10 years=1; w/f 20-30 years=1;

1850 Washington County Arkansas Census

Cane Hill Township Dwelling & Family No. 38

37. Maurice Wright w/m 44 yrs Merchant $5,000 NC; 38. Ruth Wright w/f 35 yrs TN; 39. Carolina Wright w/f 15 yrs AR - S; 40. Elizabeth Wright w/f 13 yrs AR - S; 41. Robert Wright w/m 9 yrs AR - S; 42. Maurice Wright w/m 5 yrs AR ; 1. Laura Wright w/f 3 yrs AR;

2. Thomas Gilbreath w/m 59 yrs Farmer TN - M; 3. Elizabeth Gilbreath w/f 49 yrs TN - M; 4. William M. Lewis w/m 17 yrs Clerk AR; 5. Benj G. Estell w/m 43 yrs Cabinet Maker $300 TN;

Dwelling & Family No. 73

15. James B.? Russell w/m 47 yrs Merchant $5,000 TN; 16. Anna Russell w/f 46 yrs TN; 17. Elizabeth Russell w/f 19 yrs TN - S; 18. Allavinia Russell w/f 14 yrs TN - S; 19. James Russell w/m 12 yrs AR - S; 20. George Russell w/m 10 yrs AR - S; 21. Samantha Russell w/f 8 yrs AR - S; 22. Samuel Russell w/m 6 yrs AR - S; 23. James P. Russell w/m 16 yrs Farmer TN - S; 24. Malinda Russell w/f 13 yrs TN - S; 25. Catharine Myers w/f 14 yrs AR - S; 26. Mary Myers w/f 12 yrs AR - S; 27. James Myers w/m 10 yrs AR - S; 28. William Myers w/m 7 yrs AR; 29. Jacob Myers w/m 46 yrs Tanner TN;

Page 417

Dwelling & Family No. 89

1. Thos H. Coulter w/m 28 yrs Farmer TN; 2. Jane Coulter w/f 26 yrs AR; 3. Mary Coulter w/f 9 yrs AR; 4. Celia Coulter w/f 7 yrs AR; 5. Thomas Coulter w/m 6 yrs AR;

Dwelling & Family No. 129

3. Mary V. Philips w/f 49 yrs KY; 4. Mary Samuels w/f 11 yrs MO - S; 5. Amy Coulter w/f 16 yrs AR - S;

Gen II

*1.1 James COULTER (Apr 1, 1772 - 1849) bd. Apr 1, 1772, Green River, Rutherford Co., NC dd. 1849, Cain Hill, Washington Co., AR & Catherine TUNNELL (Jan 31, 1777 - Sep 12, 1826) bd. Jan 31, 1777, Fairfax Co., VA dd. Sep 12, 1826, Rhea Co., TN brd. Sep 1826, Rhea Co., TN m. Jul 6, 1792, in Rutherford County, North Carolina. Found in Rutherford County, North Carolina Marriage records 1779-1867. Not in TN but NC.. For more on James go to the bottom the page. At the time of this marriage East Tennessee was part of North Carolina. East Tennessee/North Carolina start to become what is now Tennessee after or about 1800.

James Coulter, son of Alexander Coulter SR., m'd Catherine Tunnell in 1792 (notice the date here) Their 15 children included the Thomas Coulter of Sale Creek. Catherine Tunnell was born in Fairfax County, Virginia, in 1777, the daughter of William Tunnell and Mary Maysey. James Coulter and Catherine Tunnell were married in 1794 near Robertsville. (Note: If there is Robertsville in NC then that is town they were married in for I have a copy of the marriage book for Rutherford Co. NC were they were married, Janet). They lived on the Holston River, then in Sequatchie Valley, and later near her brother Robert Tunnell, near Harrison. James Coulter died in Arkansas in 1849 after moving there with most of the rest of his children in the 1830s. Catherine Tunnell Coulter had died in 1826. (Note: James was killed while move cattle to Texas for his son-in-law William Munkres. William had James daughter Margaret Coulter in c1831. The time of James death there was fight with cattle rustle. James kill a few and one them kill him. The date for this was during the year of 1849 near Little Rock, Arkansas).

1.2 Alexander COULTER Jr. (Aug 16, 1775 - Mar 28, 1853) bd. g 16, 1775, Green River, Rutherford Co., NC dd. Mar 28, 1853, Walker Co., GA brd. Old Coulter Cemetery near LaFayette, Walker Co., GA & Margaret McREYNOLDS (Apr 22, 1786 - Oct 6, 1870) bd. Apr 22, 1786, Washington Co., VA dd. Oct 6, 1870, LaFayette, Walker Co., GA brd. Old Coulter Cemetery near LaFayette, Walker Co., GA m. Jan 14, 1804, Blount Co., TN. Margaret was the daughter of Samuel McReynolds. They moved to Bledsoe County, where five of the six children were born. About 1820, they move to Marion County, where Alexander Coulter JR bought 600 acres of Elizabeth Park's 640 acre Cherokee Indian reservation. The gave the other 40 acres of the reservation for the town of site of Jasper, Tennessee. Alexander Coulters moved to Walker County, GA, in 1835, settling south of LaFayette. Alexander Coulter JR was an Indian trader, sawmill and gristmill operator, saddler and silversmith.

I have a copy of Alexander Coulter Jr Bible. Thanks to Mr & Mrs J.D. and Mary Coulter.

Alexander Jr with his family move to Marion County, TN to Walker Co. Ga. The county had just been formed from Cherokee Indian territory and the Cherokees were still living in the area while waiting the final decision on removal. Their first home was near the town of Lafayette and was a two-story log house on Broomtown road. Alexander , a saddler and silversmith, was in the War of 1812.

1.3 Thomas COULTER Brig. Gen. (Oct 20, 1777 - 1826) bd. Oct 20, 1777, Green River, Rutherford Co., NC dd. 1826, Bledsoe Co., TN & Louisa "Lucy" JOHNSON m. Jan 27, 1800, Knox Co., TN

When Thomas Coulter died he left Louisa a widow with small Children. Louisa filed for Bounty Land in Newton Co. Mo. in 1850.

1.4 Elizabeth COULTER (1781 - ) bd. 1781, Green River, Rutherford Co., NC

1.5 Delilah COULTER (May 1, 1786 - Mar 19, 1860) bd. May 1, 1786, Green River, Rutherford Co., NC dd. Mar 19, 1860, Mt. Airy, Pikeville, Bledsoe Co., TN brd. Pope Cemetery, Bledsoe Co., TN & Jonathan POPE (Aug 1, 1786 - Mar 17, 1860) bd. Aug 1, 1786, NC dd. Mar 17, 1860, Sequatchie Valley, Bledsoe Co., TN brd. Pope Cemetery, Bledsoe Co., TN m. Nov 14, 1809

I have the Baptism records for James Coulter and Catherine Tunnell and their children. Thanks to Vera Coulter. James Coulter and Catherine Tunnell are the book named " NOTABLE SOUTHERN FAMILIES" BY Zella Armstrong. Thanks to Barbara Ribling These are the Children of CATHERINE TUNNELL AND JAMES COULTER:

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1.1.1 Thomas COULTER b Jun 25, 1795 d May 14, 1876 (was over 87 years old at the time of death) bd. Jun 25, 1795 dd. May 14, 1876, Hamilton Co., TN brd. Hutcheson Cemetery, near Coulterville, Hamilton Co., TN m'd Rebecca PARKS b Apr 20, 1793 d Dec 29, 1880 ( Rebecca died at Coulterville in 1881 when she was nearly 88) bd. Apr 20, 1793 dd. Dec 29, 1880, Coulterville, Hamilton Co., TN brd. Hutcheson Cemetery, near Coulterville, Hamilton Co., TN m. Apr 26, 1815, Roane Co., TN

Thomas Coulter had married Rebecca Parks in Roane County in 1815. Her mother, Ruth Parks, left slaves to her Coulter grandchildren that were deeded in 1828. One grandson who ws named for the Parks side of the family--- James Parks Coulter--- received a young male slave. Margaret Coulter was given the slave Keziah and Catherine Coulter received the slave Melinda.

Thomas Coulter was chosen as postmaster when Sale Creek got its own post office in 1841. He held this position for about the next 15 years. He and his sons, James Parks Coulter and John Jerome Coulter, were leaders of the Sale Creek Cumberland Presbyterian Church. The Sale Creek section where these Coulters lived came to known as Coulterville.

Many descendants of Thomas Coulter still live in the Sale Creek area. They include twin sisters Mrs. Billie Coulter Garrison of Dayton and Mrs. Betty Coulter Williamson of Soddy-Daisy, whose families are still in the funeral business. Others include Luther G Coulter, who was Sale Creek postmaster for almost 40 years and Alyne List daughter of Gertrude Coulter List. Currently there are 10 seventh-generation descendants of Thomas Coulter living in Sale Creek. They are identified as Angie and Alan Coulter, Sarah and Lanita Aslinger, Laura and Cathy Coulter, Andrew, Benjamin and Allison Coulter and Hugh Coulter. Curtis N Coulter, a teacher at Sale Creek School, has written several books on the Sale Creek community. He lives on a portion of the original 420 acre Coulter homestead.

1.1.2 Polly COULTER bd. abt 1797 dd. abt 1850, Cedar Co., MO & Abram MITCHELL (Jan 28, 1789 - Feb 5, 1870) bd. Jan 28, 1789 dd. Feb 5, 1870, Renick, Randolph Co., MO m. TN

1.1.3 James COULTER Jr. bd. abt 1800, Harrison, Hamilton Co., TN dd. Jul 13, 1835, On Arkansas River brd. Little Rock, Pulaski Co., AR & Mary W. MOORE (1794 - Jul 20, 1870)bd. 1794 dd. Jul 20, 1870, East of Farmington, Washington Co., AR brd. Cane Hill Cemetery, Cane Hill, Washington Co., AR m. 1830, Washington Co., AR. For more on James look at the bottom

1.1.4 Elizabeth COULTER bd. abt Jul 1800 dd. Mar 22, 1857, Cane Hill, Washington Co., AR brd. Cane Hill Cemetery, Cane Hill, Washington Co., AR & Thomas GILBRETH m. abt 1851

1.1.5 Anna COULTER bd. Jan 21, 1804, Rhea Co., TN dd. Oct 8, 1865, Washington Co., AR & James Bryant RUSSELL (Feb 22, 1803 - Aug 16, 1899) bd. Feb 22, 1803, Rhea Co., TN dd. Aug 16, 1899, AR m. Dec 6, 1827

1.1.6 Infant #1 COULTER bd. abt 1806 dd. abt 1806

1.1.7 Lavinia COULTER bd. abt 1808 dd. abt 1826

*1.1.8 Margaret COULTER bd. abt 1811, TN dd. Jun 10, 1863, Rusk, Cherokee Co., TX & William M. MONKERS bd. 1812 dd. Jul 18, 1877, Cherokee Co., TX m. 1831, Cane Hill, Washington Co., AR ( go to Monkres page for the family and children)

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1.1.9 Marian COULTER bd. Sep 23, 1813, TN dd. abt 1870, Fayetteville, Washington Co., AR & John LEWIS (Jul 1, 1807 - Dec 7, 1861) bd. Jul 1, 1807, TN dd. Dec 7, 1861 m. abt 1832, Cane Hill, Washington Co., AR

1.1.10 Ruth COULTER bd. Aug 20, 1815, Sequatchie, Marion Co., TN dd. 1876, Cane Hill, Washington Co., AR brd. Cane Hill Cemetery, Cane Hill, Washington Co., AR & Maurice WRIGHT Sr. (Oct 5, 1805 - Jan 13, 1871) bd. Oct 5, 1805, NC dd. Jan 13, 1871, Cane Hill, Washington Co., AR brd. Cane Hill Cemetery, Cane Hill, Washington Co., AR m. abt 1834, AR

Washington County, Arkansas, Fayetteville Democrat 2/18/1871 obit.

Wright, Maurice- Tribute of Respect for Maurice Wright who departed this life at 11 a.m. on the 20th day of Jane. 1871. Brother Wright, in the course of a long life spent in this community, was a worthy Mason, an intelligent business man , a kind friend, fond parent, a genial companion, a good citizen, an eminent and faithful Christian. For several years past, and up to the time of his death, he exhibited such an uncomplaining spirit, so much patience under severe bodily affliction, and such complete resignation to the will of Him in whose hands are the destinies of men, that we may confidently say, “our loss is his eternal gain.” Signed, W. B. Welch, F. R. Earle, R. D. Hays, Committee. Little Rock Gazette.

1.1.11 Alexander COULTER bd. abt 1817 dd. murder Nov 1838, AR. For full story on THE MURDER OF ALEXANDER COULTER, look at the bottom of this page.

1.1.12 Lettice COULTER bd. abt 1819, TN dd. 1850, AR & Jacob MOYERS/Meyers

1.1.13 Rebecca COULTER bd. abt 1821, Sequatchie, Marion Co., TN dd. Jun 1856, Cane Hill, Washington Co., AR & Henry Franklin KIRBY (1812 - Jan 8, 1867) bd. 1812, Greene Co., TN dd. Jan 8, 1867, Cane Hill, Washington Co., AR

1.1.14 Infant #2 COULTER bd. abt 1822 dd. abt 1822

1.1.15 Jemima COULTER bd. abt 1824, Cane Hill, Washington Co., AR dd. 1888, Cane Hill, Washington Co., AR & Robert MOORE ( - 1888) dd. 1888, Cane Hill, Washington Co., AR

After Catherine death. James and the family move to Rhea County, TN. I have census of 1830 for James Coulter.

In Arkansas land records: A James Coulter own the following land: 160,000 acres; 80,000 acres; 80,000 acres.


1.2.1a Delila Jane COULTER* (May 11, 1809 - Jul 8, 1876) bd. May 11, 1809, Pikeville, Bledsoe Co., TN dd. Jul 8, 1876, Walker Co., GA brd. Coulter Cemetery, Near George A. Langley's Home. & Thomas Jefferson HASLERIG (abt 1800 - 1830) bd. abt 1800 dd. 1830, Jasper, Marion Co., TN

1.2.1b Delila Jane COULTER* (May 11, 1809 - Jul 8, 1876) bd. May 11, 1809, Pikeville, Bledsoe Co., TN dd. Jul 8, 1876, Walker Co., GA brd. Coulter Cemetery, Near George A. Langley's Home. & Andrew Hamilton CALDWELL (Dec 21, 1805 - Mar 8, 1879) bd. Dec 21, 1805, SC dd. Mar 8, 1879, LaFayette, Walker Co., GA brd. Coulter Cemetery, Near George A. Langley's Home. m. bef 1830

Other Children of Alexander JR is Delila J, who married Thomas J Haslerig and Andrew H. Caldwell.

1.2.2 Samuel Woods COULTER (Apr 8, 1811 - abt 1870) bd. Apr 8, 1811, Bledsoe Co., TN dd. abt 1870, Hopkins Co., TX & Margaret CANNON (abt 1816 - abt 1879) bd. abt 1816, TN dd. abt 1879, Hopkins Co., TX

Samuel Woods who ? Elizabeth and went west after 1850,

1.2.3 Alexander Washington COULTER* (Oct 9, 1813 - Feb 1889) bd. Oct 9, 1813, Bledsoe Co., TN dd. Feb 1889 & Margaret BRAZIL? (abt 1826 - ) bd. abt 1826

Alexader Washington "Wash" who married Margaret and lived near LaFayette,GA.

1.2.3b Alexander Washington COULTER* (Oct 9, 1813 - Feb 1889) bd. Oct 9, 1813, Bledsoe Co., TN dd. Feb 1889 m'd Margaret GAINS

1.2.3c . Mary E.E.O. COULTER married 1. Carter Madison MORELAND who died in the early part of the Civil War of measles. There was one son from this marriage. His brother, John Henry MORELAND married Carter's widow, Mary. John Henry was married one other time to a WHEELER from Walker Co., GA.

1.2.4 James Jefferson COULTER (Jan 1, 1815 - Nov 18, 1885) bd. Jan 1, 1815, Bledsoe Co., TN dd. Nov 18, 1885, McLemore Cove, Walker Co., GA brd. Cedar Grove Cemetery, Walker Co., GA & Mary Sandel HARWELL (Dec 4, 1827 - Mar 28, 1885) bd. Dec 4, 1827, Walker Co., GA dd. Mar 28, 1885, Cedar Grove, Walker Co., GA brd. Cedar Grove Cemetery, Walker Co., GA m. Jan 21, 1848, Near Rock Springs, Walker Co., GA

James Jefferson m'd Mary S Harwell. The sons of James Jefferson Coulter were known as the "tall Coulters".The tallest was six feet 11 and shortest was six feet four.

1.2.5 Thomas Monroe COULTER (Jul 28, 1818 - May 6, 1871) bd. Jul 28, 1818, Bledsoe Co., TN dd. May 6, 1871, Killed In Walker Co., GA

Thomas Monroe who lived from 1818 to 1871 in Walker Co. GA.

1.2.6 William Mitchell COULTER (Oct 26, 1823 - Jul 26, 1879) bd. Oct 26, 1823, Bledsoe Co., TN or Marion Co., TN? dd. Jul 26, 1879, Kensington, Walker Co., GA brd. Coulter Memorial Cemetery, Kensington, Walker Co., GA & Minerva Lawrence SUTTON (Apr 10, 1824 - Apr 13, 1895) bd. Apr 10, 1824, Habersham Co., GA dd. Apr 13, 1895, Kensington, Walker Co., GA brd. Coulter Memorial Cemetery, Kensington, Walker Co., GA m. Jun 20, 1848, Habersham Co., GA.

William Mitchell "Mitch" Coulter son of Alexander Coulter JR was born in 1823 when they family still lived in Marion County. He married Sutton at Habersham County, GA., in 1848 the daughter of Joshua Sutton and Nancy. Her maternal grandparents, Jonathan and Nancy Kirkeys, Had come to Walker County on land drawn in the 1832 Georgia land lottery. Coulter first lived on a farm given him by ? in McLemore Cove, then he bought a farm near High Point, GA. on Chattanooga Valley. In 1874 he bought a farm at Cassandra. It had been built in the 1850s by Wiley Bailey. Bailey's Crossroads (formerly Hinnard's C?) The children of Mitch Coulter were: ? McReynolds who married Minerva Evitt; Delilah who married Ambrose Mitchell; Alexander who married Elizabeth Palestine Wallin; Thomas Cicero never married; Nancy Eugenia m'd William Jess?. The Ambrose Mitchell’s family moved to Chattanooga, he had mercantile business on Whiteside (Broad) Street. Their daughter, Mollie married Henry Gillespie, son of David Elbert Gillespie and Sarah Elizabeth Cleage. The farm at Cassandra to Will and Tom Coulter, then to James Coulter SR, son of Will. It later went to Jamiam ?"Jay" Coulter JR and his Vera. Their daughter Mary Coulter m'd Charles Shaw and lived on the home place. Doris Coulter who m'd Neal Hetzler, also resided at the home place Cassandra.

These are the Children of THOMAS COULTER and LOUSIA"LUCY" JOHNSON

1.3.1 Alexander H. COULTER (1803 - aft 1868) bd. 1803, Roane or Knox Co. TN dd. aft 1868

1.3.2 Matilda COULTER (Mar 21, 1810 - Sep 5, 1898) bd. Mar 21, 1810, Lookout Mountain, Bledsoe Co., TN dd. Sep 5, 1898, Blanco, Blanco Co., TX brd. Blanco Cemetery, Blanco Co., TX & William Sevier HOGE (May 22, 1805 - 1860) bd. May 22, 1805, TN dd. 1860, MO m. May 27, 1827

1.3.3 Thomas Harris COULTER (Jun 30, 1813 - Aug 11, 1872) bd. Jun 30, 1813, Bledsoe Co., TN dd. Aug 11, 1872, Taney Co., MO brd. Coble Cemetery, Cedar Creek, Taney Co., MO & Jane D. OLIVER (May 6, 1821 - Dec 20, 1909) bd. May 6, 1821, TN dd. Dec 20, 1909, Taney Co., MO brd. Brittain Cemetery, Taney Co., MO m. Jun 17, 1840, Washington Co., AR

1.3.4 Hudson Johnson COULTER (Jan 16, 1815 - Apr 3, 1859) bd. Jan 16, 1815, Bledsoe Co., TN dd. Apr 3, 1859, Hamilton Co. TN brd. McDonald/Hutcheson Cemetery (at Sale Creek), Coulterville, Hamilton Co., TN m’d Elizabeth Agnes Clift, daughter of Col William Clift. His other daughter, America m’d Robert W Coulter. Robert is the son of Thomas and Rebecca Park Coulter.

1.3.5 Pleasant Monroe COULTER (1821 - bef 1856) bd. 1821, Bledsoe Co., TN dd. bef 1856, Cedar Co., MO & Nancy M. UNKNOWN (1824 - bef Apr 1869) bd. 1824, TN dd. bef Apr 1869, Cedar Co., MO

1.3.6 William J. COULTER (1824 - 1859) bd. 1824, Bledsoe Co., TN dd. 1859, Cedar County, Missouri & Hulda SHERRILL (Mar 21, 1821 - ) bd. Mar 21, 1821, Illinois m. Jul 10, 1845

1.4 Elizabeth COULTER (1781 - ) bd. 1781, Green River, Rutherford Co., NC

These are the Children of DELILAH COULTER and JONATHAN POPE.

1.5.1a Thomas Alexander POPE* (Aug 14, 1810 - Oct 29, 1878) bd. Aug 14, 1810, Bledsoe Co., TN dd. Oct 29, 1878, Bledsoe Co., TN & Ala J TOWNSEND

1.5.2 Eleanor Minerva POPE (Sep 5, 1812 - Aug 30, 1897) bd. Sep 5, 1812 dd. Aug 30, 1897 & William RANKIN (Jul 11, 1804 - Jan 10, 1886) bd. Jul 11, 1804 dd. Jan 10, 1886 m. Sep 7, 1830

1.5.3 James Jerome POPE (Jan 3, 1819 - Apr 9, 1880) bd. Jan 3, 1819 dd. Apr 9, 1880, Bledsoe Co., TN brd. Pope Cemetery near Mt. Airy, Bledsoe Co., TN & Mary Murphy WORTHINGTON (Nov 15, 1820 - Jun 22, 1876) bd. Nov 15, 1820 dd. Jun 22, 1876 brd. Pope Cemetery near Mt. Airy, Bledsoe Co., TN

1.5.4 Polly POPE & Charles RAINES MD

1.5.5 Peggy POPE & James VAUGHT MD

1.5.6 Levander M. S. POPE (Feb 24, 1820 - Aug 29, 1853) bd. Feb 24, 1820 dd. Aug 29, 1853 & Musasora BLACK

1.5.7 Leroy Newt POPE (Mar 30, 1821 - ) bd. Mar 30, 1821

1.5.8 Delilah M. POPE (Apr 5, 1823 - ) bd. Apr 5, 1823 & Ben HAWKINS

1.5.9 Mitchell Napoleon POPE & Hallie ACOCK

Gen IV

Thomas COULTER and Rebecca Parks children:

Thomas Jefferson “Jeff” Coulter m’d 1st Joanna Gamble, daughter of Charles Gamble. She died after having daughters Minerva m’d James Madison Martin and Elisabeth Samantha m’d Jacob Alfred Newton Patterson. Jeff 2nd wife Providence Jane McDonald. At the outbreak of the Civil War, Jeff Coulter had to make a difficult decision on which army he would join. He was appointed commander of the Hamilton County Militia by Gov. Isham Harris., but he had pro-Unionist sentiments. He decided not to take part in the war. One the best known Coulters was Robert Jerome Coulter, a son of Jeff Coulter. Born in 1868, he ran a department store at Dayton, then he went into the undertaking business at age 30. His first funeral home was at Dayton, but in 1922 he started the R. J. Coulter Funeral Home in Chattanooga. The business success of “Uncle Bob Coulter” was largely attributed to his friendly manner. He greeted strangers with the resounding “I’m Bob Coulter from Coulterville, by guy!” Though R. J. Coulter died in 1939, the Coulter mortuary business remains in operation today.

James Parks Coulter m’d Mary Ann McDonald. Mary and Providence were sisters. The McDonald sister parents were James and Kittie Jones McDonald. John Parks Coulter was also not a combatant since he was over 40 years old and walked with a limp. James son Alexander A Coulter enlisted 7 Aug 1861, in Co. D of the First Tennessee Cavalry (Carter’s). He died the following April 12 at his home at Sale Creek. He was about 19. Gertrude Coulter, daughter of Adolphus J. Coulter in 1902 married William H List and Indiana man whose brother had earlier settled at St Elmo. Adolphus is the son of James Parks Coulter and is listed for many years was the leader in the thriving strawberry and peach business in the Sale Creek vicinity.

Robert W. Coulter m’d America Clift, daughter of Col. William Clift. America sister Elisabeth Agnes and Elisabeth m’d Hudson Johnson Coulter. Hudson is the son of Thomas and Louisa Johnson Coulter.

John Jerome Coulter m’d Arabella.

Milo B. Coulter moved into Chattanooga and was merchant with Daniel Rawlings. He married Mary Hickman in 1879. Milo Coulter was a jailer during the war years at Swaim’s Jail, where the Andrews Raiders were held.

Ruth Coulter is the youngest. William Rankin POPE ( Thomas, Delilah, Alexander) bd. , Bledsoe Co., TN dd, Bledsoe Co., TN M’d Martha Elizabeth “Mattie” McReynolds.

William and Mattie McReynolds Pope children

Lewis Shepard Pope b 16 Aug 1878 d 14 may 1972

Samuel McReynolds Pope b 19, Sept 1869 d 21 July 1911

Joseph William Pope b 25 Nov 1867 d 13 Apr 1953 m’d Flora Bell Ross . Flora parents were Dr James Austen Ross and Salena Jane “Jemmie” (Brown) Ross. Joseph and Flora Bell Ross Pope Children: Anna Brown Pope (Michael); Eleanor (Downing); Martha Ross (Lee)

Joseph and Flora children were *James William SR b 7 Sept 1909 d 9 April 1991; Virginia Ross (Hardaway); Eleanor Frances (Katz) and Bill Pope.

Thomas Alexander Pope b 5 Oct 1874 d 4 Dec 1965 m’d Gertrude Ault. Thomas and Gertrude home was built around 1904-05 and is located on South Main St in Pikeville, TN

* J William “Bill” Pope, son of James William Pope SR. and Hewell J. Given, attended Battle Ground Academy , Nashville: University of Tennessee, Knoxville; Cumberland School of Law, Samford University, Birmingham, Al. He was the mayor of Pikeville; a state representative serving Bledsoe, Marion. Sequatchie and Van Buren counties in the 85th Tennessee Assembly 1966-68; distract attorney general for the 12th and 18th Judicial Districts 1969-92; president and board member of Tennessee District Attorney’s General Conference 1970-92; board member First National Bank of Pikeville 1966 to present; chairman Bledsoe County General Hospital and since 1993 is an attorney in private practice with Crutchfield, Benson & Pope Chattanooga .

I was sent the most wonderful information on my Coulter family.

I am post all that I have so that others can read it too.

James and Catherine Tunnell Coulter dau. 1.1.5 Anna COULTER bd. Jan 21, 1804, Rhea Co., TN dd. Oct 8, 1865, Washington Co., AR & James Bryant RUSSELL (Feb 22, 1803 - Aug 16, 1899) bd. Feb 22, 1803, Rhea Co., TN dd. Aug 16, 1899, AR m. Dec 6, 1827 Had son name James McGrady Russell b Cane Hill Ark on 17 Feb 1837 d 11 July 1931 at Elmer, OK m’d 20 July 1859 to Mary Rebecca Bellar per Velma Harrell Mc Kinzie of Elmer, OK. They also had son name James M Coulter. Read below for information on him


James M. Russell, one of the well-to-do farmers and merchants of , Ark., and a native of the county in which he resides, was born on the 17th of February, 1837. His parents, J. B. and Ann (Coulter) Russell, were Tennesseeans, and came to Arkansas about 1831, locating on a farm in . Since the death of his wife, in 1865, the father has resided with his son, James M. The latter received a good practical business education in the common schools and at Cane Hill College, and assisted his father on the farm until the breaking out of the war. In 1862 he enlisted in Col. Brooks' regiment, and at the battle of Prairie Grove lost his right arm, which was shot off by a cannon ball, just below the elbow. He was taken to the hospital, and his arm was amputated above the elbow. After receiving his discharge he returned home, and has since been engaged in tilling the soil. He has 225 acres of land, a portion of which was part of the old homestead; has 100 acres under cultivation and 175 acres fenced. He has an apple orchard of ninety acres. on which are 3,600 trees, of the Ben Davis variety, and the yield from his orchard this year amounts to 25.000 bushels of apples. He has an evaporator, and dries about 100 bushels of green fruit per day. Since 1886 he has been engaged in the mercantile business in Newton. and is doing a fair business. In July, 1861, he was married to Miss Mary Beller, a native of Hempstead County, Ark. She is a teacher of instrumental music, and is exceptionally well educated. Her children are as follows: William C., Ewert. Ola and Nona


James M Coulter, Letters written by this Washington County pioneer from Farmington in 1859 and from Paraclifta, Ark., after the War. Note from Janet this must be James Coulter SR grandson.

Court records in Washington Co. Ark

G. B. Stagner vs. John D Moore, adm of estate of Jno Coulter decd (note from Janet John D Moore is father of Mary Moore the wife of James Coulter JR)

At the October 12,1837 session of Circuit Court, Wm. E. Woodrufff, Little Rock newspaper publisher, put in claim against John D Moore, adm. Of the estate of James Coulter decd and Polly Stout, adm of the Estate of John G. Stout decd -- probably for unpaid subscriptions to the Arkansas Gazette.

John B Walker vs. John D Moore adm of estate of James Coulter decd.

Wm. E. Woodruff vs. John D Moore administrator of the estate of James Coulter dec’d

John B Walker vs. John D Moore, administrator of the estate of James Coutler dec’d

Early land Entries of Old Cane Hill

Preemption Certificate No 136 James Coulter of Washington County. E ½ of SW ¼ of Sec. 5 in Tp 14 N of Range 32 W. containing 160 acres. Dated August 20 1838. Note from Janet I own copy of his land records

This is found on the net


COULTER JAMES 33 15N 32W 80 1838/08/20 This must be JR

COULTER JAMES 5 14N 32W 0 1838/08/20

COULTER JAMES 5 14N 32W 160 1838/08/20

COULTER JAMES 5 14N 32W 80 1838/08/20

Mary is wife of James Coulter JR and daughter of John D Moore and Amy Patrick

COULTER MARY 30 15N 32W 66.28 1841/06/15

William Munkres/Monkres is husband of Margaret Coulter. Margaret is daughter of James and Catherine Tunnell Coulter. I own a copy of his land records

MUNKES WILLIAM 19 14N 32W 80 1838/08/20

MUNKRES WILLIAM 19 14N 32W 40.23 1838/08/20

James Bryant Russell here is the one who married Ann Coulter. Ann Coulter is daughter of James and Catherine Tunnell Coulter

RUSSELL JAMES B 18 14N 32W 160 1838/08/20

RUSSELL JAMES B 18 14N 32W 40 1838/08/20

Maurice is the husband of Ruth COULTER .Ruth is daughter of James and Catherine Tunnell Coulter

WRIGHT MAURICE 18 14N 32W 40 1843/03/10

Who is this William to Maurice????? I wonder if he is Maurice’s father Look at the land records. The reason I would like to know is below WRIGHT WILLIAM C 18 14N 32W 40 1838/08/20

WRIGHT WILLIAM C 17 14N 32W 40 1843/03/10

WRIGHT WILLIAM C 7 14N 32W 76.89 1843/03/10

Mr. L. C. Kirby post his family records of Washington Co. Ark. Mr Kirby lives in Tyler. TX.

It start with Louie Christopher Kirby son James Henry Kirby b 1871 Cane Hill, Washington Co. Ark and Hessie Brogdon b 1869 TN dau of George Brogdon and Louisa Muns James father was James Christopher Kirby b 1844 Cane Hill, Washington Co. Ark and Mary Irwin b c 1842 Ireland dau of David Irwin and Margaret Dickson James father was Henry Kerby b 1812 TN and Rebecca Coulter dau of James and Catherine Tunnell Coulter. 1.1.13 Rebecca COULTER bd. abt 1821, Sequatchie, Marion Co., TN dd. Jun 1856, Cane Hill, Washington Co., AR & Henry Franklin KIRBY (1812 - Jan 8, 1867) bd. 1812, Greene Co., TN dd. Jan 8, 1867, Cane Hill, Washington Co., AR

Note from Janet: I wonder if one this Kirby had Jane who married John Kirby. They would have son name Harrison Crawford Stout who married Elizabeth MUNKERS/Monkres

With name Kirby in the Monkres family. I wonder if this were Kirby Monkres, the youngest son of William Monkres and 2nd wife Mrs Elivira Minerira McKnight Spraggins got his name??? The Kirby family livid and lives in Tyler, TX to this day.

Nov 1988 Flashback publication of at least one “AHNETAFEL CHARTS” Compiled by Nancy Maxwell of Cucamonga CA.

She mention the Crawford family, Coulter family, Moore family, Mobley family all from Cane Hill, Washington Co. Ark to back East in NC and VA.

Note from Janet. Mrs. Maxwell did not know that these family are related other they what she wrote.

Elizabeth COULTER b 6 Sept 1834 Cane Hill, Washington Co. Ark. d 13 June 1880 Troy, Bell Co. TX m’d 5 Jan 1858 in Washington Co. Ark to Robert LaFayette Cox b 10 July 1828 Warren Co. KY d 23 Feb 1911 Troy, Bell Co. TX. Both are buried Lewallen Cem 4mi E of Troy, Bell Co. TX . His parents were Burell Cox an Rebecca Mobley Child was Mary Cox b 23 Aug 1867 Elm Creek, Bell Co. TX m’d William Crawford b 18 Mar 1863 Cane Hill, Washington Co. Ark.

Note from Janet: The Crawford family is related to William Monkres through his mother Rebecca Pendleton. Rebecca mother was Martha Awbrey . Martha mother was Elizabeth Sorrell. Elizabeth mother was Sarah Crawford Sarah father was David Crawford. Rebecca Pendleton sister Elizabeth m’d David Mobley. Mary Cox by birth is related to Coulter family and also by lineage she related to William Monkres family.

“TERRITORIAL PAPERS” (from The Territory of Arkansas 1918-1825. County officers: Washington County

January 30th 1832 : James Coulter coroner

Campbell and Pittman Store of Cane Hill from 1837-1839. The story keep a ledger mention the ledger is James and John J Coulter There were charge of purchases ranged from $10 to $100 for 9 months. James Coulter charge 1 pair of shoes $1.75.

I have copy of murder of THE WRIGHT FAMILY. The family was William Wright 15 June 1839. There no mention of names William children or his wife. Their name was James B Russell. There was committee of 36 discreet and reliable citizens. Two of them were James Coulter and William Munkress. The article mentions a Rev Samuel Harris. Under I wonder if this Rev Samuel Harris found here is relate to the one found on William Moncus page is a Saml. Harris's. mention in VESTRY BOOK OF CAMDEN PARISH 1767-1820 (with other miscellaneous records by Mary Leigh Boisseau.

FLASHBACK published by the Washington County, Historical Society. VOL VI # 1 Fayetteville, Arkansas Jan 1956. Editor W. J. Lemke

(Found under Crime and Punishment issue)

“THE MURDER OF ALEXANDER COULTER” The First Murder Committee in Northwest Arkansas By J. P. Neal

“The Parties concerned in this unfortunate affair were James and Alexander Coulter on the one side and Nick and William Butler on the other.

James Coulter SR, the father of James Coulter JR and Alex Coulter, came to this county in 1831 and settled on Cane Hill. He was at the head of a large and wealthy connection. He raised ten daughters and two sons. When he came to Arkansas he left three of his married daughters in Tennessee and brought three with him. The three that came with him were the wives of James Russell, William Munkress and Jacob Myers. His single daughters became the wives of Maurice Wright, Robert Moore, Frank Kerby, and the old bachelor, whose name has been forgotten, who had been engaged to Elizabeth Coulter for Twenty years--- long before they left Tennessee. James Coulter married the beautiful Mary Moore, the daughter of John D Moore, a wealthy farmer on Cane Hill and at the heard of a large, prosperous and respectable family.

The Butlers lived in this valley near Sulphur Springs, between Praire Grove and Hubbard. They were related to S. G. Sneed, who at that time was living at Fayetteville, who came from Illinois, and also to the Butlers of Butler County, KY, from whence they came.

The difficulty between them and the Coulters arose in the following way: Nick Butler owned a find saddle horse which he took with his father’s stock and placed in the cane-brake for the winter. Next spring when he went down after them, his horse could not be found. During the next summer William Blair, of Blair’s Valley, was visiting in the Lee’s Creek Country and swapped for him; when he came up, he sold him to James Coulter, who was buying horse do drive south. Nick Butler saw the horse and claimed him at once. James sent him to William Blair, who put him off under the opinion that he was not Butler’s horse. The horse was exhibited publicly for many days , to fifty or one hundred persons, and they were about equally divided as to whether it was Butler’s horse or not his horse. James Coulter, however, concluded to take him off. Butler told him if he did he would kill him.

About the 22nd of Nov,1838 (this date is taken from his family record in the hands of his daughter, Mrs Robert Cox of Trot, Texas) on the day of their starting quite a concourse of people assembled at Boonsborough; Nick and William Butler were both there. Coulter’s relatives were much divided. Many of them advised him to take the horse. Maurice Wright, John D Moore and few others, not only advised but insisted that he should not. The Coulters, however, taking Johnson Coulter with them, drove off. The second night on their way, they put up at Dr. Williams on Mulberry. The next morning they resumed their journey and Alex Coulter instead of James was shot from ambush and fell from his horse. Alex riding on Butler’s horse, leading another, and the Butlers, who were concealed near the roadside, thought it was James, and opened fire on him. They then mounted their horses and left. Robert and John Bean, who were on their way from Bean plantation to their Uncles Mark, Tom and Dick on Cane Hill, seeing what was done, were not long in carrying the news to Cane Hill. As the threat was toward James Coulter, it was thought that it was him who was shot. Shortly afterward a note arrived giving the true facts. This relieved to an extent the Moore family and especially Jim Coulter’s wife, who was almost frantic. Doctors McCurry and Conditt, particular friends of Nick Butler’s family, started down to see him. They returned, however, when the messenger informed them that he was dead. His remains were brought to Cane Hill and buried in the presence of a large concourse of people, Jesse Blair performing that funeral ceremony.

The Butlers were shortly afterwards arrested and put in jail in old Crawford Court House. They employed S. G. Sneed and Linton to defend them. After several continuances and bailings, they were tried and acquitted. They afterwards move to Benton Co. and settled on Butler Creek, after whom it was named.

James Coulter went with a drove of horse south the next fall. He took sick and died on the trip. His estimable wife, Mrs Mary Coulter, a few years afterwards married Mr. John Reagan, son of the late John Reagan of Cane Hill and brother of W. D. Reagan. They settled a mile and one half east of Farmington, in this valley, where they lived until some time during the war, when Mrs. Reagan died, leaving our worthy citizen of Fayetteville, a child. Mr John Reagan then moved back to his old place and after a few years died. Leaving Hugh with his relatives and friends. He was well cared for.

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