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Cemetery Records

  Grant Parish: The USGenWeb Project Louisiana Archives Index of Grant Parish Cemeteries
   Springhill Cemetery
        Unnamed Cemetery

  Natchitoches Parish: The USGenWeb Project Louisiana Archives Index of Natchitoches Parish Cemeteries
   Abandoned Cemetery
     Bay Springs Cemetery
     Bellwood (Old) Cemetery
     Bolton Cemetery
     Dowden Cemetery
     Emmanuel Cemetery
     Gorum Cemetery
     Merrell Cemetery
     Mora Cemetery
     Pine Grove Cemetery
     Rachal Cemetery
  Rapides Parish: The USGenWeb Project Louisiana Archives Index of Rapides Parish Cemeteries
   Amiable Cemetery
     Ball Cemetery
     Ballard Cemetery
     Barnidge Cemetery
     Belgard Cemetery Also called Flournoy / Sibley Cemetery
     Bethel Methodist Cemetery
     Bethel / Willis Flats Cemetery
     Bethlehem Cemetery - African American
     Beulah Cemetery
     Big Island Memorial Gardens Cemetery
     Big Island Baptist Church Cemetery
     B'Nai Israel Cemetery
     Boyce Cemetery - African American
     Bradford Cemetery
     Brewer (Moore) Cemetery
     Buckeye Cemetery - African American
     Burlew Cemetery
     Burns Cemetery Also called Burns / Blair Cemetery
     Burrough Cemetery
     Bushnell (Bayou Clear) Cemetery African-American Burials
     Butler Cemetery
     Butter Cemetery
     Calvery Baptist Church Cemetery
     Camp 8 Pentecostal Cemetery
     Campbell Creek Cemetery
     Campbell (Ryland) Cemetery
     Campground Cemetery
     Carnahan Cemetery
     Carnahan/Deloaches Cemetery
     Castile (Texada) Cemetery
     Catholic Cemetery (Old)
     Cheney Cemetery
     Christian (Old) Cemetery
     Cleveland/Carnahan Cemetery Also called Cunningham Cemetery
     Cloverdale Cemetery
     Cotile/Crain Cemetery - African American
     Czech (National) Cemetery
     Czech (at Libuse) Cemetery
     Daffin Cemetery Also known as Atkinson / Orr / Morris Cemetery
     Dark Neal Cemetery Also known as Owens Cemetery
     Daughters Of Mt. Zion Cemetery
     Deville Church of God Cemetery
     Dewil Cemetery
     Dorsett Cemetery
     Doyle Cemetery
     Dunnam Cemetery
     Dunnam Cemetery near Cotile
     Edgefield Cemetery
     Elisha Cemetery
     Fellowship Cemetery
     Figgens Cemetery
     First Evening Star Cemetery
     Flatwoods Cemetery
     Glenmora Cemetery
     Graham Cemetery
     Griffin Cemetery
     Hardshell Cemetery
     Hemphill Star Cemetery
     Henderson Cemetery
     Henderson (African American) Cemetery
     Hill/Smith Cemetery
     Holly Oak (African American) Cemetery
     Holmes/Rice Cemetery
     Holt Cemetery
     Hopewell Cemetery
     Iles Cemetery
     Jackson (Old) Cemetery
     James (Old) Cemetery
     James-Henderson Cemetery Also called Henderson Hill
     Jewish Cemetery
     Knight Cemetery
     Lecompte Cemetery
     Linzay Cemetery
     Lone Star Cemetery (New)
     Lone Star Cemetery (Old)
     Longview Cemetery
     Martin Springs Cemetery
     Marler Cemetery
     Martha's Chapel
     Maryhill Cemetery
     Melder Cemetery
     Methodist (Old) Cemetery
     Miller / Strange Cemetery
     Mt. Pilgrim Baptist Church Cemetery
     New Hope Baptist Cemetery
     Newell Cemetery Also called Neff
     Nichols Cemetery
     Occupy No. 1 Cemetery
     Osborn Cemetery
     Paige Cemetery
     Paul Family Cemetery
     Peart Cemetery
     Peniel Cemetery
     Philadelphia Cemetery
     Pine Grove Cemetery
     Pine Ridge Cemetery
     Pisgah Cemetery
     Plaisance/Lacour/Bush/Deloaches Cemetery
     Pleasant Grove Cemetery
     Rapides (Old) Cemetery
     Red Hill Cemetery
     Red Stone Cemetery African American Burials
     Robert Cemetery
     Roberts Cemetery
     Rocky Hill Cemetery
     Rougeou Cemetery
     St. Clair Cemetery
     St. Francis Xavier Cathedral Burials
     St. John the Baptist Catholic Cemetery
     St. Joseph Cemetery
     St. Matthew Cemetery
     St. Paul Cemetery
     Sardis Cemetery
     Schoolhouse Cemetery
     Smith Cemetery
     Stafford Cemetery
     Stanley Cemetery
     Strange Cemetery
     Sunlight Cemetery - African American
     Sunrise Memorial Gardens Cemetery - African American
     Tanner Cemetery
     Taylor Cemetery
     Trinity Episcopal Cemetery
     Union Hill Cemetery
     Unnamed Cheneyville Cemetery - African American
     Valentine Cemetery - African American
     Venus-Cherina Cemetery
     Wale Cemetery
     Walker, Gov. Cemetery
     Watkins Cemetery
     Wells Cemetery
     Wells-Gordon Cemetery
     Willis Flats / Bethel Cemetery
     Wise (Old) Cemetery
     Wise Chapel Cemetery
     Wise-Ruby Cemetery
     Woodworth Cemetery
  Vernon Parish: The USGenWeb Project Louisiana Archives Index of Vernon Parish Cemeteries

     Allen Cemetery
     Almadane Cemetery -  African American
     Anacoco (Old Anacoco Church) Cemetery
     Antioch Cemetery
     Beckom Cemetery
     Beechgrove Congregation Methodist Cemetery
     Bellview Burial
     Blue Branch Cemetery
     Burns  Cemetery (Fort Polk # 1)
     Burr Ferry & Cemetery
     Burr Ferry United Pentecostal Cemetery
     Canaan Baptist Church Cemetery
     Castor Cemetery
     Cold Springs Cemetery
     Collins Cemetery
     Comrade Cemetery
     Cooley Cemetery
     Craft Cemetery
     Cryer Cemetery
     Cypress Creek (Old Abandoned) Cemetery
     Cypress (Old) Cemetery
     East Leesville Pentecostal Cemetery
     Ebenezer Cemetery
     Elizabeth Chapel Cemetery
     Evans Community Cemetery
     Farris Cemetery
     Forest Lawn Cemetery
     Franklin Cemetery
     Garden of Memories Cemetery
     Glass Window Cemetery
     Good Hope Cemetery
     Gravel Hill Cemetery
     Haymon Cemetery
     Haymon / Watson Cemetery (Fort Polk # 3)
     Hinson - Knight Cemetery
     Holly Grove Cemetery
     Holly Springs Cemetery (Fort Polk # 12)
     Holton Cemetery
     Hunt Cemetery (Fort Polk # 11)
     Hunt (Old) Cemetery
     Johnson - Bailey Cemetery
     Kay Cemetery
     LaCamp Church of God Cemetery
     LaCamp Pentecostal Cemetery
     Lambert Burials
     Laurel Hill Cemetery
     Leesville Cemetery
     Leesville (Old) Cemetery
     Lewis / Cypress Cemetery
     Liberty Cemetery
     Marlow Cemetery
     May - Weeks Cemetery
     Mayo Cemetery
     McAllen - Smith Cemetery
     McInnis Cemetery
     McInnis-Bonnett Chapel Cemetery
     MCManus Cemetery
     Melton Cemetery
     Merritt Cemetery (Fort Polk # 14)
     Mill Creek Cemetery
     Miller Cemetery at Evans
     Miller Cemetery at Cottonwood
     Mitchell Cemetery
     Monk Hill / Roberts Cemetery
     Mt. Bethel Baptist Church Cemetery
     Mt. Moriah (Upper) Cemetery
     Mt. Pleasant Cemetery
     Mt. Pleasant Cemetery - New Llano
     Neame Cemetery
     O'Bannion (Gill) Cemetery
     Oak Grove Baptist Church Cemetery
     Oak Grove Union Cemetery
     Occupy # 2 Cemetery
     Old Anacoco Baptist Church Cemetery
     Ollivill Cemetery
     Phillips Cemetery (Fort Polk # 7)
     Pine Hill Baptist Church Cemetery
     Pine Island Cemetery
     Plunkaway Cemetery
     Providence Baptist Church Cemetery
     Scoggins Cemetery
     Scott Cemetery
     Self Cemetery (Fort Polk # 2)
     Self - Hornbeck Cemetery
     Silver Creek Cemetery
     Sirmon Cemetery (Fort Polk # 9)
     Shackleford Cemetery
     Smith Cemetery (Fort Polk # 13)
     Smith Cemetery at Lake Vernon Cemetery
     Smith - Brewer Cemetery
     Smokey Ridge Cemetery
     Spanish Cemetery
     Stephens Family Cemetery
     Stephens Cemetery - New Llano
     Sunny Hill Cemetery
     Trull Cemetery
     Walnut Hill Cemetery
     Wales Cemetery
     Welcome Cemetery
     West (Old) Cemetery
     West - Pitkin Cemetery
     White Burial
     Whittaker Cemetery
     Wilson Cemetery
     Wisby Memorial Cemetery
     Woods Cemetery (Fort Polk # 10)
     Zion Hill Cemetery (Fort Polk # 5)