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This website brings together the information I have put together on the various branches of both my own and my husband's family. I have been researching our combined family history for over 25 years. It continues to be a work in progress as I  find new information.  The information I have gathered has come from a variety of sources - official documents -Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates, Wills etc, transcripts of parish records and information from other family members.

My husband's mother, Josephine Bowring, came to New Zealand from Manchester as a small child with her parents Joseph & Lottie (nee Olney) Bowring in the early 1930s. His father's family came to New Zealand in the 1860s from England.

My mothers grandmothers Sarah Holland and Jane Little both came to New Zealand in the 1870s from Ireland. Her two grandfathers Joseph Sillick and James Salisbury were from England, Cornwall and Dorset respectively. My father's grandparents with the exception of his mother's father, all came from Ireland. His maternal grandfather, Christopher Huett came from East Brent in Somerset in the 1870s.

 While all care has been taken to record information accurately, where possible you are urged to check with the original information as it is possible that there may be some errors which I have overlooked.  Please email if you are able to provide any additional information for this site. 

No living persons have been recorded on this site.

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In the Surname Index can you provide any additional information. Do we have your family members correctly? Are you able to provide photographs of your ancestors for this site?

Many years of research and dedication have gone into researching the information contained on the site.  If you intend to use information obtained from this website in any published form, please provide a suitable acknowledgement of this website.

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