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While researching my husband's ancestor Fred Tetley (aka Rhodes), I have gathered quite a lot of information on the wider Tetley family.  Over several months I extracted a large number of  references to the name Tetley from online 19th and 20th century English newspapers.  From this, I started to assemble Tetley lines, hoping to be able to connect them with our Tetley branch. While not succeeding in being able to establish a connection with Fred Tetley and his family, rather than have the information gathered lie idle, I have placed it on my website so others with an interest may be able to make use of it.

The Tetley index link contains information gathered from these sources.

 My own area of interest Fred Tetley's family I have included in the main surname index, accessed from the home page.

I have uploaded a few of the notices which can be seen by clicking on the newspaper article links to the right.  There are also more newspaper articles on the Newspaper Article webpage.


Newspaper articles

The Brewery Leeds   - 26 February 1891
Captain Tetley - 20 August 1811

Arabella Tetley - Leeds Mercury, 6 March 1888
Arthur Joshua Tetley - Derby Mercury, 1 July 1896
Charles Tetley - Liverpool Mercury, 24 April 1869
James George Tetley - Jackson Oxford Journal, 25 July 1868
John William Tetley - Leeds Mercury, 23 March 1888
Jonas Tetley - Morning Chronicle, 3 April 1832
Joshua and Hannah Tetley - Leeds Mercury, 30 May 1887
Lily Tetley - Leeds Mercury, 30 April 1885
Mabel Grace Tetley -  Bristol Mercury, 26 October 1898
Mark Tetley, Leeds Mercury, 27 June 1829
Maxwell Tetley - Bristol Mercury, 7 May 1894
Peter and Amos Tetley, (10 hours Factory Bill) - The London Despatch,15 January 1837
Richard Tetley - Jackson's Oxford Journal, 12 October 1861
Samuel Tetley - Liverpool Mercury, 16 September 1857
Samuel Tetley - Leeds Mercury, 24 July 1862
Samuel Tetley - Birmingham Daily Post, 26 October 1891
Tetley, Tatham & Walkers Flax Mill (re Factories Regulation Act) - Cleave's Gazette, 5 June 1841
Thomas Walsh Tetley - Western Mail, 30 January 1894
Thomas Tetley - Birmingham Daily Post, 2 August 1900
William Tetley - The Northern Star and Leeds General Advertiser - 15 September 1838
William Henry Tetley - Derby Mercury, 30 April 1890

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