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John William Trussell was born between 1836-37 at Ramsden in Essex the son of  James Trussell and Maria French. James and Maria were married on 8 September 1830 at St John the Baptist Church in Shoreditch. Also married that day in the same church was a James French to Mary Eales, possibly a brother of Maria's.

The 1841 Census shows James, Maria and family living in Hutton, Essex. They are enumerated as:

James Trussell, 34, agricultural labourer, born in county
Maria Trussell, 40m born in county
Joseph Trussell, 11, born in county
Catherine Trussell, 10, born in county
George Trussell, 8, born in county
Sarah Trussell, 6, born in county
John Trussell, 4, born in county
Eliza Trussell, 2, born in county

In 1851 the family are still in Hutton living in a cottage in Hanging Hill Lane enumerated as:

James Trussell, head, married, 42. agricultural labourer. Born Downham
Maria Trussell, wife, married, 50, charwoman. Born Ramsden, Essex
Joseph Trussell, son, unm, 21, agricultural labourer. Born Ramsden, Essex
George Trussell, son, unm, 18, agricultural laborer. Born Downham, Essex
John Trussell, son, 14, agricultural labourer, Born Ramsden, Essex
Eliza Trussell, daughter, 12, scholar. Born Hutton, Essex
Susan Marshall, niece, unm, 22, visitor. Born Downham, Essex

John married Emma Ann Simpson, the daughter of William Simpson and Mary Ann Graffham on Christmas Day 1859. Witnesses at the marriage were William Simpson and Emma Trussell.

The 1861 census shows John and Emma living next door to Emma's parents at Homerton Grove, Hackney in Middlesex. Enumerated as:

Jno W Trussell, head, mar, 23, general labourer. Born Ramsden, Essex
Emma Trussell, wife, mar, 18. Born Hackney, Middlesex
Alice E, daughter, 5 months. Born Hackney, Middlesex

Next door is William Simpson, head, mar, 46, tobacco pipe maker. Born Whitechapel, Middlesex
Mary Ann Simpson, wife, mar, 50. Born West Horsley, Surrey
Maria M, daughter, 8, scholar. Born Hackney, Middlesex

John and Emma had a son John who was born on 13 May 1866.

Sadly, John Trussell (senior) died soon after the birth of his son John. His burial is recorded at St John's Church in Hackney on 26 June 1856. John was aged 29. 

The 1871 census shows Emma now a widow, working in the household of James and Rebecca King in Hampstead. She was employed as a nurse. Her two children Alice and John were living with their grandparents William and Mary Simpson at 32 Eaton Place, South Hackney.

In 1872, on the 12th December, remarried Albert Stubbs a 21 year old carpenter.  A daughter Ethel Kate was born on 25 November 1872.

In 1875 the family emigrated to New Zealand aboard the  ship Rodney which sailed from London on 6th June 1875 arriving in Wellington on 29 August 1875.  Alice and her brother John's  surname was recorded as Stubbs.

Emma Stubbs (formerly Trussell, nee Simpson) died on 22 April 1896.

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