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Descendants of Joseph WILKINSON

First Generation

1. Joseph WILKINSON was born about 1732 in County Antrim, Ireland. He died in Lived Harrison Co, VA.

Legislative Petition, Augusta County 1776-1783, Box A, Virginia
Archives, Richmond, Virginia. The document in the Virginia Archives in
a handwritten copy of the original petition.

We are informed
that the old part of Augusta are Petitioning to have the same
Divided into Smallor Counties for the Conveniencey of the
People: We your Petitioners - Humbly pray we may not be join'd
to any County that lies to the East of the Allegania Mountains,
nor Included in any County on the Wasters of James River or the
South branch of Powtomack, nor Mononglia County, for we flatter
ourselves we are able to Build & Support all Publick buildings
necessary for a County town -- There fore we your Petitioners -
humbly request your Honourable House would take their Case under
your Consideration & Grant them a New County including the
Tiger's Valley Settlement & the Settlement on the Westfork of
the Monongalia and also Buckhannan's Creek Settlement, which
will greatly ease your Petitioners and Very as in duty shall
ever Pray --

Wm. Weftfall Wm Currants
John Casaday Wm. Casaday
George Weftfall Henry Doleya
Peter Casaday Jr. James Weftall
David Casaday Wm. Blair
Readen Blunt Fracis Riffle
Allexa. Macfield John Crouch
Jacob Weftfall Sen. Peter Casaday, Ser.
George Shaver Jacob Shaver
Peter Shaver Daniel McClane
Alexan. McClane John McClane
Wm. White Daniel Weftfall
Nicholas Smith Peter King
John White Jacob Stalnaker Sr.
Vallentine Stalnaker Jacob Stalnaker Jr.
Benja. Wilfon Joel Weftfall
Cornelus King Solomon Ryan
Edward Skidmore Francis Trader

Mathew Lambert Henry Pedro

Jacob Woolf Jonathan Smith
Anthony Sandusea Anthony Smith
Thos. Lovet Thos. Philips
Wm. Lovet Peter Dodson
Benja. Cutright Michal Ausner

Thos. Ausner John Lambert

John Lambert Jr. John Yeohem

Francis Wire Aron Richardson
Nichols Wools Sen Nichols Wools Jr.
James Simms Jacob Springstone
Andrew Crouch Daniel Simmerman
Thomas Price Jacob Weftfall Jr.
Jacob Everman Jr. Samuel Eversman
Jacob Everman Sen. Wm. CLever Sen.
Joshua Cleaver Benja. Cleaver
Charles Clever Wm. Clever J.

Daniel Booth Jefse Hamilton
Mofes Thomson Anthony Huston
Thos. Skidmore Andrew Skidmore
John Hunter Elias Barker
Wm. Gibfon Aron Vanscoyk
David Mathews Benja. Johes
James Booth Enoch James
Saml. Merifield Edward Cuningham (Cunningham)
Phillip Coone Wm. Tucker
Thos. Cunnaham Thos Merifield
John Tucker Jonathan Boyer
Henery Tucker Nathan Tucker
Nathand Cochran John Merifield
Goerge Tucker John Tucker Jr.
James Currant Saml. Tucker
Wm. Williams Wm. Tucker Jr.
Henery Snidor Richard Merifield
Jofeph Koon Thos. Hellen
Coonrod Koon James Tucker
John Crofs Anthony Coon
Nichol. Capenter Wm. Childers
Obediah Davison Nathaniel Davison
Hezekiah Davison Josiah Davison
Thos. Barkley Daniel Davison
Jofeph Heaflings John Wollf
John Nutter Jofeph Gregory
Samuel Cotral Thos. Reed
John Reed Adam OBria

Christopher Hanaman Hezekiah Stone (Stout)
Aaron Smith Benja. Shin (Shinn)
Wm. Crundey John Grundey
Charls Burkein Joseph Wilkeson
Saml. WIlkeson John Thomas
John Owens Sen. John Owens Jr.
John Murphey Denis Murphey
Gilbert Husteg Mofes Husteg
John Goodan John Wickwire
Alpheus Wickwire Amefiah Davison
John Rife John Merrit
Levi Duglas Charls Persons Sr.
Charles Persons Jr. Wm. Thomas
Henry Thomas Christopher Baker
Sotha Hickman Wm. More
Mathew Nutter Saml. Board
Jonah Webb Thos. Webb
Benj. Webb Thos. Nutter
Christopher Nutter Wm. Taylor
Wm. Louther Robert Parks
Coonrod Richards Jofeph Woolf
Daniel Came John Cane
Arnol Richards Isaac Richards
Charls Washburn Isaac Washburn
Steven Washburn James Washburn
Robert Louther Joel Louther
Richard Ratliff Charls Ratcliff
Joshua Allen Wm. Roberson
John Powers Daniel Stout

Jonathan Lambert Job Stout

Wm. Murphey Thos. Shin (Shinn)
John McDonald Thos Herbert (Harbert)
Abraham Reece Barns Allen
James Owens David Edward
John Husteg Archebol McCenney
James McCenney John Stackhour (Stackhouse)
Isaac Stackhouse Benja. Couplan
Gabriel Wilkeson John Watts
WIlliam Pettyjohn William Pettyjohn Jr.
Amos Pettyjohn John Pettyjohn
Major Powers Edmon Freeman
John Chacker (Hacker) Abraham Sandres
Saml. Blair Richard Skidmor (Skidmore)
William Powers

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Joseph married Mary HOLLINGSWORTH. Mary was born in Harrison Co, (VA) W VA.

They had the following children:

+ 2 M i Asahel WILKINSON
+ 3 M ii Thomas WILKINSON

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