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Located on Farm Road 258, Ysleta, Texas, just east of El Paso.
This cemetery is behind the Old Ysleta Mission which was established
in 1681 by the Franciscan Fathers, and is the oldest building in the
State of Texas.  This Mission and the cemetery are still in use today.

This is just a small sampling of inscriptions from this cemetery
which I copied in 1965.  Do Not use this material for monetary 
profit or gain.
					Jan Parsons Armstrong August 2000

Alderete, Abe 1884-1942 "Daddy"

Blanchard, Ward P. "Died April 5, 1884, 55 yrs 5 mo 26 days"

Cooper, J. M.(H.?), "died 30(?) Dec 1910"

Cooper, J. M.(H.?), Jr. "died 2 Mar 1922"

Cooper, William Price "died 25 Apr 1922"

Gallecio, Antonio D. Lozano Romo Vivar 1875-1955

Garcia, Santiago 1906-1925

Garcia, Eutimio 1911-1925

Garcia, Jose 1909-1925

Gonzalez, Francisco "died 31 Dec 1935, Pvt. Montes, Texas Minute Men, Indian War"

Gonzalez, Francisca Moreno 1883-1955

Gonzalez, Lorenzo Varela 1847-1930

Hernandez, Bentura 14 July 1915- 24 July 1930

Herrera, Victoriano	"died 16 July 1930 aged 50 years"

Holguin, Teodora C.  1863-1942

Pedregon, Diego 12 Dec 1874-7 June 1948

Pedregon, Gilberto O.  1911-1918

Pedregon, Francisca 1877-1944 "Madre"

Pedregon, Flora 1914-1932

Pedregon, Viterbo 1864-1930 "Padre"

Pedroza, Juan 1888-1945

Julia 1913 (on horizontal bar of wooden cross)

Efren Trebiso (on vertical bar of same cross)


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