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Descendants of John BUSH

Fourth Generation

10. Theodore P. BUSH (Herod , John , John ) was born on 2 Oct 1849 in Ala.. He died on 5 Mar 1925 in Eros, Jackson Par, La., Usa. He was buried in 1925 in Salem Bapt. Cem., Jackson Par, La., Usa.


1880 census Fayette Co., Ala, Ridge Township 17
Bush, Theodore 30 Al Al Al
Bush, Mattie 27 Al Al Al
Bush, Edgar 8 Al Al Al
Bush, Alonzo 6 Al Al Al
Bush, Thomas 4 Al Al Al
Bush, Peyton 1 Al Al Al

Thanks for your note Jan. I appreciate the update on the Bush family. I
have Theodore's middle initial as 'F' and you have as 'P'. Also, I have
Peyton's birth year as 1879 and you have as 1880. Could you recheck these
for me?

The following is what I have on Charles Edgar Bush's ancestors. Most is
based on the research of others and can contain errors. Please correct me
if you find any.

1. Charles Edgar Bush b. 22 Oct 1871, Elmore Co., ALA,i m. 0 Jan 1910,1
Mary Frances "Mollie" Harper, b. 26 Jan 1886, Jasper Co., MISS,1 d. 12 Dec
1969, Caddo Parrish, LA,1 buried: Salem Baptist Church Cemetery, Eros,
LA.1 Charles died 5 Mar 1945, Jackson Parish, LA,1 buried: Salem Baptist
Church Cemetery, Eros, LA.1

2. Theodore F. Bush b. 2 Oct 1849, GA,ii m. 5 Jan 1871, in Elmore Co.,
ALA,iii Martha (Mattie) Jewel Kimbell, b. 18 Aug 1851, ALA,iv d. 4 May
1934, Jackson Parish, LA,4 buried: Salem Baptist Church Cemetery, Eros,
LA.4 Theodore died 5 Mar 1925, Jackson Parish, LA,4 buried: Salem
Baptist Church Cemetery, Eros, LA.4

1850 Census has as "infant', 9/12 years old. Gene Cato has as "Bryant" .
1860 census has as "Theadore". Virginia ( is
g-g-grandaughter of Theodore F. Bush who came to LA with the Heislers from
Wetumpka, ALA, e-mail 1 Aug 1999. Jan Parsons Armstrong
( has initial as "P.", email 9 Oct 2002.

3. Martha (Mattie) Jewel Kimbell b. 18 Aug 1851, ALA,4 d. 4 May 1934,
Jackson Parish, LA,4 buried: Salem Baptist Church Cemetery, Eros, LA.4

Grand Parents
4. Herod Bush b. ABT 1824, GA,v occupation Farmer,vi m. 14 Dec 1848, in
Coosa Co., ALA,vii Elizabeth Sanford, b. ABT 1828, GA.viii Herod CSA, Co.
A, 34th Inf. ix

1850 CENSUS of Coosa Co. , #1199, shows Herod Bush as 35 years old, with
wife Elizabeth 24 from GA. An infant 9/12 years is also shown. 1860 Coosa
shows b. ABT 1825 with Elizabeth b. ABT 1825. 1880 Elmore Co. Census shows
b. ABT 1824 & Elizabeth ABT 1825. Co. A, 34th Inf., CSA.

From Ellis Rowe Morris ( or,
The following information is from Founders Day Jubilee 1875-1975 of
Falkville, Alabama:
The ROWE Family. At the end of the Rowe write-up, there is an entry "BUSH

"Herod Bush, brother of Rebecca, lived in Wetumpka. Also two sisters:
Martha who married a Wesson and Lizzie who married a Shultz. Jasper Bush,
brother, lived in Talladega Territory and married Sally Wallace. After the
war, Rebecca and three sons moved from Wetumpka to Talladega to live on a
farm with her brother Jasper and family".

Ellis Rowe Morris also states, "Rebecca filed for a Civil War Widow's
Pension 5 times before it was finally approved about a year before she
died. Rebecca and sons moved to Falkville in 1900 from Harpersville,
Shelby Co., ALA, shortly after her sons John P. and Benjamin had moved
there. J. P. Rowe is my g-grandfather. Rebecca died shortly after
arriving in Falkville and is buried in the Falkville Cemetery with one of
J. P. Rowe's infant children".

5. Elizabeth Sanford b. ABT 1828, GA.8 From: Ray Isbell (,
1998. 1880 Elmore Co. census shows b. ABT 1825.

Great Grand Parents
8. John Bush b. ABT 1790, NC,8 m. 13 Jan 1813, in Bulloch Co., GA,x Mary

Was in the 1820 Houston Co., GA census. From Robert Bush
( "I have no firm evidence that John Bush & Mary Holley
are the parents of the Cosa County BUSHs, only the opinion of several
researchers". Could John Bush and Mary Howard been the parents of this
John Bush? Dates indicate that Mary Polly Howard (12/1768-4 Jul 1836)
would have been too old to be the mother of John Bush and Mary Holley's
children, (feb 3/8/02) on research of Ray Isbell.

Posted By:Robert Bush (, June 29, 2000 at 03:17:11
Message URL:
Forum:Bush Family Genealogy Forum Forum URL:

Please help me get past this wall. I have been able to trace back to my
4th GGradfather, Jasper BUSH b. abt 1830. He died in Talledega, Ala.
however his place of birth, in the 1880 census is listed as Ga. I believe
his parents to be John BUSH and Mary HOLLEY m. 13 Jun 1813 in Bulloch
County, Ga. I am unable to prove this connection and have not been able to
find any information on JOHN and MARY. Any information you might be
willing to share regarding this BUSH line would be greatly appreciated.

9. Mary Holley. From: Robert Bush (, June 29, 2000. Joe
R. Bush (, 21 Jan 2002, has last name of Howard, not
Holley. If this were the Mary Howard (12/1768-4 July 1836) that m. a John
Bush, she would have been 44 when Solomon was born and 61 when Jasper was
born, both a little too old for this family, (feb 3/8/02).

10. Caswell Polk Sanford b. ABT 1778, NC,xi m. Mary Sheppard, b. ABT 1800,
NC,11 d. 1879.xii Caswell died 13 Jan 1865, Coosa Co., ALA.12 Also from
Ray Isbell (, 1998 - 2002.

11. Mary Sheppard b. ABT 1800, NC,11 d. 1879.12 Last name "Sheppard"
from Janice Heritage (, 18 Mar 2000. W. Ray Walker has
last name as White?, 25 Aug 2000.

Great Great Grand Parents
16. John Bush m. 1786,xiii Mary Poly Howard, b. 0 Dec 1768, Wilkes Co.,
NC,13 d. 4 Apr 1836, Wilkes Co., NC,13 buried: Howard Cemetery, Elkville,
Wilkes Co.,NC.13 There is no firm evidence that this John Bush was the
father of the John Bush who married Mary Holley and supposedly fathered the
Bush family of Coosa/Elmore Co., ALA. Family tradition holds that John
Bush and Mary Howard were related to the Coosa/Elmore Co., ALA Bush family.
From Ray Isbell, April , 2002: "Nieces and nephews of Mary Howard Bush of
Wilkes Co., NC moved to Georgia, Tennessee and Talladega Co., ALA where
their Bush cousins lived".

17. Mary Poly Howard b. 0 Dec 1768, Wilkes Co., NC,13 d. 4 Apr 1836,
Wilkes Co., NC,13 buried: Howard Cemetery, Elkville, Wilkes Co.,NC.13

20. Samuel Sanford b. ABT 1745, VA ?.8

From Ray Isbell, October 11, 2000: at 17:43:41

Samuel Sanford (born about 1745-70? probably Virginia or N.C.) is believed
to have come from New Bern, N.C. to Laurens Co., S.C., and later to
Washington Co., GA. He probably served under Maj. Gen. Richard Caswell &
Col. Ezekiel Polk in the New Bern, N.C. district minutemen.

He was in Washington Co., GA. in 1790, was in Montgomery Co. in 1794, and
in 1799 was in Montgomery Co. & Jefferson Co., GA. In 1802, he was on a
Jefferson Co. tax list with Caswell Sanford (b. 1775 N.C.), Benjamin
(b.1770-80), James, & John Sanford, all believed to be his sons. Another
son was Thomas Sanford. In 1821, Samuel was deceased, with "orphans" living
in Laurens Co., S.C. It is believed that Benjamin, James, and John were
his sons.

One of the sons of Samuel Sanford probably was the father of Isaac Guard
Sanford (b. c1823 GA) who m. Nancy Paul and had a son Caswell Benjamin
Sanford, b. 1842.

There was probably some relationship to John W.A. Sanford Sr. of
Montgomery, Alabama, whose son, Col. John W.A. Sanford Jr., was the creator
of the Alabama State flag. Thomas Sanford, son of Samuel, bought land
between present-day Prattville and Autaugaville from John Sanford in the

Caswell Polk Sanford (b. 1775 in N.C.) died in Coosa Co., Ala.

Caswell Polk Sanford m. Mary (Sheppard?) b. 1799 N.C., & he moved from GA
to Coosa Co., Ala. in the 1830s. Another researcher mentioned that his
first son was named Hilliard (or that was Caswell Jr.'s son). If his first
wife was a Sheppard (or Hilliard?), his widow Mary may have had another name.

3rd Great Grand Parents
34. Benjamin Howard b. 17 Feb 1740, Long Island, MD,13 m. 21 Sep 1762, in
Baltimore Co., MD,13 Prudence Sater, b. Baltimore Co., MD.13 Benjamin
died 4 Jun 1828, Wilkes Co., NC,13 buried: Grandin-Kings Creek-Yadkin,
Caldwell Co. 13 Birth year may have been 1741. on 1790 through 1820
Wilkes Co., NC census.

35. Prudence Sater b. Baltimore Co., MD.13 Born at parents plantation on
Chestnut Ridge, Baltimore Co., MD.

4th Great Grand Parents
68. Philip Howard, Jr. b. 1704,13 m. Mary Child. Philip died 1780.13

69. Mary Child.

70. Henry Sater m. Dorcas Towson.

71. Dorcas Towson.

5th Great Grand Parents
136. Philip Howard, Sr. b. 1660,13 m. Sarah *Unknown. Philip died 1704.13

137. Sarah *Unknown.

6th Great Grand Parents
272. Samuel Howard b. 1628,13 m. Catherine Warner. Samuel died 9 Nov

273. Catherine Warner.

7th Great Grand Parents
544. Matthew Howard b. 1609,13 m. Ann Hall. Matthew died 1659.13

545. Ann Hall.

8th Great Grand Parents

1088. Thomas Arundel-Howard, Count b. 1560,13 m. Ann Philipson, b. ABT
1649.13 From Fredric Z. Saunders (, 25 Sept 2002:
Thomas ARUNDELL, Baron of Wardour, did have a son Matthew ARUNDELL, but he
is not the same as Matthew HOWARD of VA. Matthew ARUNDELL died in 1620 in
London and his father Thomas ARUNDELL never used the HOWARD named or the
20th century century made-up ficticious name ARUNDEL-HOWARD. See web site
at Date: Wed, 25 Sep 2002
16:05:27 -0600

Subject: WorldConnect: Post-em posted
Database: kissincuzens
Individual: I8887
Name: Fredric Z. Saunders
URL title: Howard Family

Note: Thomas ARUNDELL, Baron of Wardour, did have a son Matthew ARUNDELL,
but he is not the same as Matthew HOWARD of VA. Matthew ARUNDELL died in
1620 in London, and his father Thomas ARUNDELL never used the HOWARD named
or the 20th century made-up ficticious name ARUNDEL-HOWARD. Details under
Howard-Arundell theory at above site.

1089. Ann Philipson b. ABT 1649.13

i Jan Parsons Armstrong ( &
http://freepages.genealogy.rootswe 9 Oct 2002,
research of
ii 1850 Coosa Co., ALA Census, Coosa District Page 86
iii Elmore Co., ALA Marriages, Book A 1867-1873 Page 397
iv USGENWEB Cemetery Listings 1999
v 1880 Elmore Co., ALA Census V.9,ED71,Sh.2,L.16
vi 1850 Coosa Co., ALA Census, Hatchett Creek District Page 86
vii Marriage Records of Coosa Co., ALA 1834-1865 by Edna B. McGalliard,
1972 Page 19, B-23
viii Ray Isbell (, 1998-2002, research of.
ix Gene L. Cato, Sr. (, Marietta, GA, 1998, research of.
x Robert Bush (, 2000, research of.
xi 1850 Coosa Co., ALA Census, Hatchett Creek District Family 274
xii Janice Heritage (, 2000, research of.
xiii Anna Lee Clark ( and RootsWeb WorldConnect
Project, 1 Nov 2001, research of.

Again, thanks for your note and good luck in your research.

Ellis Bateman's:

Web page:

Genealogical Home Page: Kissin' Cuzens of Coosa

412. Heislar James 27 GA farmer 400
Telitha 25 GA
Martha Ann 6 GA
Mary 3 GA
William 1 GA

He had the following children:

  18 M i Living

Theodore married (2) Martha Jewel "Mattie" KIMBELL daughter of Peyton Graves KIMBELL and Clara Ann INGRAM on 5 Jan 1871 in Elmore Co, ALA. Martha was born on 18 Aug 1851 in Coosa Co, Ala. She died on 4 May 1934 in Eros, Jackson Par, La., Usa. She was buried in 1934 in Salem Bapt. Cem., Jackson Par, La., Usa.

Had sister who married Dr. O. C. Powell and lived in Ala., then went to Register, Ga.

1860 Census Coosa Co, Ala
Old letters received by Mattie Kimbell Bush owned by Jan P. Armstrong

Theodore and Martha had the following children:

+ 19 M ii Charles Edgar BUSH
+ 20 M iii Peyton Howard BUSH
  21 F iv Minnie Bell (Mattie) BUSH was born on 24 Aug 1881.
  22 M v A. E. BUSH.
  23 M vi Nealey BUSH.

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