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Cecil County, Maryland

Formed 1674 from Kent County. Wills 1675 to 1853 General Index 1675 to 1900

PARSONS, THOMASWitness to Will of JOHN FAULKES(FOULKES)1692-3, Vol.II, p.69.

PARSONS, WILLIAM Gentleman. Will, Town Point - 7 August 1716; 18 September 1716 Vol.IV, p 89 Note: I assume this means date will written, and date will probated.
To wife, MARY 1/2 dwelling plantation and personalty during life, and 1/3 personal estate absolutely To son, WILLIAM and heirs, tract bought of COL. CASPARUS AUG. HERMAN. Should son William die without issue, said land to pass to 2nd son JAN

To son, JAN and heirs, tract bought of EPHRIAM AUGUSTINE HERMAN, of aforesaid CASPARUS AUG. HERMAN, and containing 100 acres. Should son, Jan die without issue, his portion to be equally enjoyed by 3 daughters, MARY, MARGARET and CATHERINE and their heirs. Also, should both sons die without issue, their land to be equally divided among the daughters aforesaid.
To eldest daughterSUSANNAH LINTON personalty under certain conditions, she having had a portion. Executors: Wife Mary, assisted by eldest son William when he arrives at age 21.
House now occupied by JAN PARKER left testator by grandfather in Branford, Dorchester, to be sold and proceeds divided among said 5 children, viz: William, Jan, Mary, Margaret and Catherine, who are residing Legatees of estate real and personal.
PARSONS, WILLIAM 1720 Book 3, Folio 312

PARSONS, WILLIAM 1734 Book 12, Folio 312
PARSONS, MARY, widow. Will--20 December 1735--25 February 1739 Vol. VIII, p. 72
To daughters MARGARET and CATHERINE, personalty and entire estate. Executor: THOMAS JOHNSON Witnesses: ANTHONY WHITLEY, JERH. LARKIN, RACHEL LARKIN

PARSONS, MARY 1741 Book 12, Folio 711
PARSONS, WILLIAM 1744 Book 21, Folio 193
No further Parsons Wills in Cecil County to 1900




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