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Descendants of Jan Jacob BOERSEMA

First Generation

1. Jan Jacob BOERSEMA.

Jan married M. Roelfke ADOLFS.

They had the following children:

+ 2 M i Adolph Jans BOERSEMA
  3 F ii Trientje Jans BOERSEMA was born in 1797 in Oldekerk, Groningen, NL. She died on 1 Mar 1848 in Oldekerk, Groningen, NL.

Detail result:
Source Civil register - Death (Mother)
Archive location Groninger Archieven <home?cid=XYi8te4yvFMzeJQNM2ud3F8TP&cmd=page2201>

General Municipality: Oldekerk Type of record: overlijden Record number: 5 Registration date: 02-03-1848
Deceased Trientje Jans Boersema Gender: V Date of death: 01-03-1848 Age: 51 Place of death: Oldekerk
Father Jan Boersema
Mother Roelfke Adolfs
Additional information dooppl: Niekerk gem. Oldekerk

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