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Note for:   David Newberry,   1780 -

David Newberry supposedly died at Red Bird Creek, Kentucky by an ambush murder.
(Dorthea Reavis, via Grant Collar)
Jane Newberry says that David Newberry moved to Lee County, Virginia.

Nominal Roster of the 54th Virginia Infantry included:


Note for:   Joseph Newberry,   1782 -

From "The Lost Children of Wythe Co., VA"; by Kegley, 1995 -
On 11 Aug. 1801 - the overseers of the poor bind out Joseph Newbery to "taylors trade" he having been bound to that of blacksmith under Henry Hoppess. It appears to the court that Joseph is unable to exercise hard labor and Hoppess has consented thereto. (from Jane Newberry).


Note for:   Elizabeth Newberry,   1785 -

Elizabeth and her husband John Baldwin, supposedly went to Tennessee in the early 1800's. (from Jane Newberry).


Note for:   Lucy Jane Newberry,   21 MAR 1872 -

Grandma said that Lucy lived in the Hawaiian Islands for years.


Note for:   Cyrus Madison Newberry,   22 APR 1875 -

Cyrus M. Newberry is listed as age 26, born in MO, wife Mary E, son Andrew L.


Note for:   John Thomas Newberry,   23 NOV 1876 - 18 JUN 1903

Tombstone reads: John T. Newberry 23 Nov 1876 - 18 June 1903 son of J. R. and N. J.


Note for:   Robert Newberry,   1823 - 19 AUG 1898

Robert Newberry Jr. served in the Confederate Army, Company E., 19th Texas Cavalry, Parson's Brigade. He enlisted in 1861, and served until 1863.

Claimant: Newberry, Rebecca
Pension Number: 06779
County: Palo Pinto
Husband: Robert


Note for:   John Baxter,    -

Appointed by President Hayes.


Note for:   Joel Samuel Spring,   1845 -

Joseph Spring enlisted in the Confederacy on 2 September, 1864 in Goodland, C.N.
He served 3 years as a Private with Captain Maytubby's 1st Choctaw and Chickasaw Mounted Rifles. His enrollment number was 51862182.


Note for:   Simon Boatman,   ABT 1855 -

From information received from the Choctaw enrollment and file from the National Archives, Simon Boatman age 44, full blood, County of residence Kiamitia, No. 1434, name of father - William Boatman , dead, county Towson, name of mother - Sallie Boatman, dead, county Kiamitia.
May 8, 1903 - Simon Boatman was entitled to an allotment of the lands of Choctaw and Chickasaw Nations equal in value to $1041.28.
Simon, his wife Sibbie and Isabel Walters were involved in a land dispute with John Stewart. on Dec. 9, 1904 the Commission to the Five Civilized Tribes Chickasaw Land Office, Chickasaw Allotment Contest No. 500, 501, and 502, rendered its decision in the case for the disputed property to remain as part of the claimants allotment.
On Aug. 20, 1903, Simon was given power of attorney over his uncle Abraham Boatman's affairs.


Note for:    Iyokkle,    -

Iyyokle is pronounced "eye-yoo-klee" and means beautiful.


Note for:   Abraham Boatman,   1820 -

From information on Abraham Boatman's Choctaw Enrollment Card, Dawes #4687, application # 1660; Abraham age 76, full blood, year 1896, county - Kiamitia, name of father - Ho pi ye e ma taha, dead of Towson Co., name of mother - I yok kle, dead of Towson Co.
Notation on bottom of application states No. 1- Abraham Boatman on 1896 roll as Abram Boardman.

From the National Archives copy of Card 7-1660, Choctaw Reference 4687
Know all men by these presents: that I Abram Boatman, residing in the Choctaw Nation, near the town of Grant, in said Nation, and Territory, being a Choctaw Indian by blood, and being very aged and decrepit, being now over eighty two years of age, and not being able to attend the Land Office in person, hereby constitute and appoint for me and my name, my nephew Simon Boatman to act as my attorney in fact, and I hereby authorize him to appear at any Land Office in the Chotaw or Chickasaw Nations, Indian Territory, and select for me, and file on lands as my allotment, and to sign my name whatever is required and necessary in locating and filing on my said allotment; and I hereby ratify and approve whatever is lawfully done in my name as aforesaid.
In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my hand this the 20th day of August, 1903.
Witness: his
C. C. Ervin Abram X Boatman
Chas. W. Walters mark

Indian Territory
Central District
Be it known that on this the 20th day of August, 1903, personally came and appeared Abram Boatman, to me personally well known to be the person who signed the above and foregoin power of attorney, and after having the same fully explained to him, and being acquainted with the contents of said power of attorney, acknowleded to me that he had signed the same for the purposes and considerations therein mentioned and set forth.
Witness my hand and seal of office on the day and year above written.
J. P. Moreland
Abram Boardman, age 62, Indian, 10 acres in cultivation, 2 horses, 20 cattle, 30 hogs, 1 bale of cotton, 15 bushels of wheat. Vicey Boardman, age 52, female.