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Thomas Leighton
Abt 1604 England - 1671/72 Dover, Stafford Co., NH

In the name and fear of God Amen, I Thomas Layton senior of Dover in New england, aged sisty-seven years or therabouts, being exercised with great infirmity of body, but through the goodness of God of sound mind and memory, not knowing how soon my dissolution may be, so therefore make and conclude this my last Will and Testament in manner and form as followeth.

First, I recommend my soul into the hands of my blassed God and Father and in our Lord Jesus Christ, and my body to the Dust to be buried in a Christian manner at the discretion of my executor and executrix hereafter mentioned.

As for my outward estate, my will is that my present wife Joanna do enjoy (during her natural life if she continue in the estate of widowhood, or during her widowhood if she marry) my whole estate both personal and real, to be improved for her comfortable maintenance; and at her marriage one-third part of the whole, after that -- her marriage -- to be improved by or for her until her decease.

That my only son and heir Thomas Layton shall have (besides what he hath or shall recieve before my decease) all my housing, land, orchard, marshes, flats, with thier priviledges or appurtances, either within or out of this town, to be had and held by him, his heirs or assigns forever, after they fall from his mother by marriage or decease as abovesaid. To him also I give one-quarter part of the movables (furniture and other personal property) will shall be left undisposed of by my wife for her comfortable supply as abovesaid.

He, the said Thomas Layton my son, paying to my daughter Mary, the wife of Thomas Roberts junior, to the value of ten pounds, to my daughter Elizabeth, wife of Phillip Cromwell, to the value of fourty pounds, to my daughter Sarah (unmarried at present) to the value of fourty pounds, which he is to pay to them or to their heirs or assigns within the space or term of two years after the decease of his mother Joanna if they shall demand it, which I by these presents assign to them out of the said estate, togheter with a quarter part of the movalbes/ to each of them/ which shall be left by my wife Joanna. He, the said Thomas my son , also setting John my Indian servant free, and paying to him the value of five pounds at the decase of the said Joanna. Morever I do hereby constitute and appoint my son and heir Thomas abovesaid Executor and my wife Joanna Executrix jointly while they are both living, and severally after teh decease of either of them.

In witness of the premises [statements] I do hereby set my hand and seal this one and twentieth day of september Anno Domino 1671.

John Reynor [ T ]
Thomas Layton Senior
[ X ] his mark
Thomas Roberts Junior
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