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Southern PV Brick Walls
by Bob (John Robert) Peavy

My proved trail ends in Screven Co GA with three probable brothers, Joseph, Micheal and Isaac (I) PEAVEY (could be that Isaac PEAVEY I is the father of the other two).

As a reminder, my ascent is as follows (starting with my gfather, using the most prevalent spellings in their records):

Eulie Hudson PEAVY b 1879 Effingham Co GA
David A(ustin?) PEVEY b 1858 Effingham Co GA
Henry H. PEVY Sr b 1830-1833 Screven Co GA
Guilford PEAVY b c 1800 Screven Co GA
Joseph PEAVEY (probable brother to Isaac PEAVEY I and to Micheal PEAVEY -- Micheal is the father of Littleton Dickson PEAVY)

The next link is most probably to the older Joseph's, Dyal, Abraham, Eli, &c. of North GA, then to Orange Co NC (& Guilford Courthouse, spelling of PAVEY encountered), Delaware (surname DYAL for one of the wives) and New England.  I lack the resources locally to do North GA research, but an interesting tidbit falls my way here and there (the Warren Co GA deed from 1799, for example, embedded in the excerpt from other correspondence below).

My proven line begins in Screven Co GA (formed in 1793 from parts of two of the original 1777 counties, Effingham and Burke Cos GA) with Joseph PEAVEY & Nancy MIZELL.  This Joseph (there were other, very likely related, Josephs among the Abrahams and Dials of north GA) was associated with Isaac PEAVEY I (d 1804) and Michael PEAVEY (father of Littleton Dickson PEAVY b 1800 m 1826 d 1861).  Luke MIZELL (not I, II, III, IV or V) d 1828 Screven Co GA is probably the ggson of Luke MIZELL II, of a Huguenot family which came to NC then GA, FL and west.

The paucity of data for our earliest PEAVEYs makes much uncertain, but Guilford's father certainly appears to be Joseph PEAVEY of Screven Co GA.  Joseph and Michael are perhaps brothers -- Isaac (I) seems to be their father or another brother.  Because Nancy MIZELL PEAVEY had a child as early as c 1800 (Guilford), her mother must have been Luke MIZELL's m1 of 3, rather than Susannah JONES DICKSON MIZELL (who must have been Luke MIZEL's m2 of 3).  Isaac was a deed witness for Michael in 1799 (in Warren Co GA); Joseph sold the land of the late Isaac (I) d 1804.  In 1806, Joseph PEAVEY registered his mark "NP."  By 1806, Nancy and Joseph made a gift deed to two other children, Luke Mizell PEAVY and Isaac PEAVEY (II).  In 1837 & 1850, Guilford PEAVY and Luke Mizell PEAVY sold their inheritance from Luke MIZELL.  Michael's wife Susannah is often identified as Susannah DICKSON, the daughter of Susannah JONES DICKSON MIZELL -- I have not yet found a researcher who has evidence for that identification (other than their child's middle name).  I have not learned the identity of the orphans of Isaac (I).  Michael's descendants through Littleton Dickson PEAVY & Ann MIMMS include a number of researchers online and off-line.  Of Joseph's children, I do not know what became of Isaac PEAVEY (II).  Luke Mizell PEAVY moved west to Randolph Co GA and has a large number of descendants there during the 19th and early 20th Centuries.  Cousin Barbara Jean HALL MCCLURE of Weyers Cave VA has done a great deal in organizing, through newsletters, that rather large bunch.

In my research, I have concentrated on Guilford's descendants in Screven, Effingham and Chatham Cos GA.  Dicey MOORE PEAVY most often named their children after her own siblings.  Two of Guilford's eldest two or three sons, James and Henry H., m HINELY sisters and settled in Effingham Co GA.  The HINELYs (and their ARNSDORFF and SHEAROUSE antecedents) were part of the Salzburger settlement that provided refuge in Colonial GA from religious persecution in Austria.  Cousin-in-law John A. BATTLE of Guyton here in Effingham Co GA has been working on tracking down most of  the descendants of James PEVY & Frances HINELY, and I look forward to learning more about that branch.  I am descended from Henry H. PEVEY & Elizabeth Amanda HINELY.  Sons John M. PEAVY and William Marion PEAVY remained in Screven Co GA (the former m the widow Sarah THOMPSON GROSS).  Thomas Milton lived in several nearby counties, and his wife was Catherine ROBERTS (I've not learned much about her family, although I've studied several earlier
ROBERTS in Screven Co GA).  It took me a while to realize that the CW records of Thomas M. and Milton covered successive periods, so that the early census record for Guilford's younger(?) son Thomas M. were a "match" for the later census records of Milton (approximate birth year varies widely but the records imply that he could have been one of Guilford's elder sons!).  The children of Guilford's daughter, Patience PEAVY PHILLIPS, are associated with the families of their uncles.  The aged Guilford, four elder sons and a son-in-law Enos PHILLIPS served in the CW (only James d CW).  I do not know if the young son William Marion had a CW record.  I do not know what became of the young son Augustus or the daughters Miriam or America (one of them likely m a HARRIS -- Guilford and Dicey had gdaughters of about the same age named Della and America HARRIS).  These early PEAVYs/PEVEYs and their remarried spouses often cared for step-children, nephews and nieces, and grandchildren.  Early Effingham Co GA records have the name as PEVY; later records have PEVEY.  The predominant later spellings in Screven and Chatham Cos GA is PEAVY.

One theory by national PAVEY/PEAVEY researchers is that some of the New England PEAVEYs moved slowly through DE to NC and then to North GA in colonial times (the name was also spelled PAVEY in this period).  The
earliest PEAVEYs of North GA (names included Joseph, Dial, Abraham and Eli) are likely the link to our Isaac, Michael and Joseph, but I have no records thus far that show a relationship, other than this deed record:

Warren Co GA Deed Book A p 570:  24 Mar 1799 William RICHARDSON and Hannah RICHARDSON (heirs of James RICHARDSON, deceased) granted, for $500, 121 acres of land to Michael PEAVY, witnesses:  J. (Isaac or Joseph?) PEVAY and William MIMMS [likely Williamson MIMMS, father to Ann (Cynthia?) MIMMS, 1st wife of Lilltleton Dickson PEAVY][Cousin Howard PEAVY told me that this record (for which I have only an abstract) has Joseph PEAVEY as an adjacent land owner, and that on 13 July 1799, Wm. and Hanna RICHARDSON sold to Joseph PEAVEY 45 acres in the same area (Deed Book D p 432).

There was also a Joseph "Victualler" PEAVEY who came to colonial Savannah GA in 1736 -- Victualler was more likely his profession (provided "vittles") than his middle name.

Mr. Howard PEAVY of Moscow ID put together an excellent paper on his Ambrose PEAVY's probable connections to the same Warren Co GA bunch.  He suspects that the father of my Guilford PEAVY was one of the Josephs in Warren County, either Joseph Jr. or Joseph son of Dial.

          I hope that this letter serves as a review of my line of PEAVYs.  Frankly, my own surname has been more of a challenge to research than most all of the rest!  Should you run across the letter which you referenced from the PEAVY with PEVEY connections, please let me know.  Additionally, please do not forget me should you encounter hints of links to the Southern bunch.

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