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Mary Peavey's Family Line

Branch Coordinators
Mary Peavey's Family

Mary Peavey Branch Coordinators:

Mary Peavey b. abt. 1706 NH & Samuel Holmes (daughter of Edward Peve)
Barbara DeMarco, Bridgewater, MA:

Contact the above if you find any of the following in your family tree!

The Children of Mary Peavey and Samuel Holmes
(Mary Peavey2, Edward Peve1)

Name of Child
Name of Spouse
Their Children
John Holmes
Anne Haines 
Damuel, Mary, Dorcas, Ephraim, 
John, Daniel, Anne, Anne 
Anne Holmes
 James Perry
Samuel, Joseph, Susannah, Roxanna, Rebecca, 
Mary, Jane, Lucy, James, Anne, Dorcas 
Mary Holmes
 John Steward
Jane Holmes
 Robert McKenney
Sarah, Olive, Robert, Jane Anne, Jonathan, 
Elizabeth, William, Charles, Dorcas, Lydia 
Martha Holmes
 John Goodridge
Jonathan, John 
James Holmes
Rebecca McKenney 
Samuel, James, Jane, James
Samuel Holmes
 Charity Bryant
John, Anna, Mary, Martha, Elizabeth, James, 
Ephraim, Adonijah, Abial, Lurena
Joseph Holmes
 Silence Brown
Sarah Holmes
 Thomas Gustin
William Holmes
 Esther Boothby
Priscilla Holmes
Thomas Holmes


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