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James Peva - Chronological Summary of Recorded Events

Research documented and compiled by James Peva, a descendent

1781 -

Probable year of birth (tombstone lists age at date of death (Jan. 10, 1864), as 82 years, 10 months.) Census record indicates he was from "N.H."   1

1800 -

10-27-1800 - James "Pevis" named as an abutter to Archibald Dunlap, Jacob Lowell and David Vining in New Milford.   2

1-27-1802 - James Peva of New Milford to Archa Dunlap & Ezekiel Dunlap, both of New Milford, deed of 90 acres of land, abutted by Wm. Gray & David Vining for sum of $10.   3

6-28-1802 - Dunlaps sold this same land to Stephen Perkins Boothbay, for $140.  4

11-26-1802 - Daniel Clark to James "Pevey" deed of 100 acres of land in New Milford (Alna), for $360.50.   5

5-30-1804 - James "Peavey" of New Milford files intent to marry Rachel Savage of Woolwich.  6

6-28-1804 - Marriage by Rev. Josiah Winship, Nequassit Church. (No other data given - no record of marriage in Woolwich Town Records).  7

9-14-1804 - Ebenezer and Ezekiel Peva (twins) born.  8

3-27-1805 - James Peva sues Joshua Danforth for nonpayment of a debt. Jacob Savage (Rachel's brother), a witness.  9

11-?-1805 - John Peva born; (died age of 6 months).  10

4-11-1807 - James Peva charged by Nathan Longfellow Jr. with converting his lost and strayed horse to his own use and refusing to return the same when requested. Jury finds defendant James Peva not guilty.  11

??-??-1807 - Gideon Barton forms a temperance organization with six other young men of Windsor. They were Nathan Newell, Anthony Coombs, Jonathan Lawton, Charles Currier, John Hallowell and James Peva.   12

4-8-1808 - James Peva born.  13

10-30-1808 - James "Pevey" and Mary Clarke received as members, First Congregational Church, New Milford.  14

? - ? -1809 - Ebenezer "Pevey, Ephraim? Pevey & James Pevey" baptized by Rev. Jona. Ward, First Congregational Church, Alna.   15

1810 -

12-05-1810 - Hiram Peva born.  16

2-10-1811 - "Bro. Pevey was appointed a delegate to the Consociation at Winthrop"  17

9-08-1811 - William Peva born.18

8-13-1813 - Mary Peva born. 19

6-21-1814 to 6-25-1814 - Capt. R. McLean's Co., Lieut. Col. E. Cutter's Regt., Massachusetts Volunteer Militia, War of 1812, James Peva, Sergeant, Raised at Alna, Service at Wiscassett.  20

4-17-1815 - James & Rachel "Peavey/Pevey/Peva/Pevy" (all 4 spellings used in same deed), deed to Samuel Perkins of Alna same 100 acres of land (for $700) bought from Dan'l Clark on 11-26-1802.   21

4-20-1815 - Elias Jordan of Malta (Windsor) deeds land in Windsor to James Peva of Alna.  22

10-15-1815 - Sarah Peva (Stewart), born.  23

9-24-1816 - Jeremiah Preble & Jane Preble to James Peva of Malta (Windsor), deed of land in Malta (Windsor).   24

4-6-1818 - James Peva chosen as one of 18-member Windsor School Committee. 25

4-11-1818 - Catherine Peva (Proctor) born.  26

1820 -
5-12-1820 - Jane Peva (Maxwell) born.  27

4-?-1822 - Rachel Peva (Boyles) born.  28

5-23-1825 - Alvira Peva (Linn) born.  29

?-?-1825 - Mary Peva died.  30

10-4-1826 - Mary Ann Peva (Baker) born.  31

6-4-1826 - Robert Gardiner & Emma Gardiner to James Peva, deed of land in Windsor & mortgage for same. 32

12-12-1827 - Congregationalist and Free Will Baptist Church (Union Church on Windsor Neck) executed deed for pew to James Peva.  33

1830 -
11-14-1831 - James "Pevey" stricken as member of First Congregational Church, Alna.  34

3-28-1832 - Nathan Newell of Windsor to James Peva of Windsor, deed of land.   35

2-12-1834 - James Peva signed petition prepared by Gideon Barton in favor of contemplated Dam on Kennebec River at August, Me.  36

9-19-1835 - Anthony Coombs, as executor of estate of Nathan Newell, to James Peva deed of land (Lot 59) on Windsor Neck.   37

11-7-1836 - James Peva of Windsor to William Peva, deed of land (apparently same lot 59 as above).  38

?-?-1837 - Ebenezer Peva died.  39

4-25-1837 - "James Peavey" the father, and Nathan Tolman, the father in law, petition the Probate Court to adjudge Hiram Peva "non-compos-mentis" and to have a guardian appointed: granted, and Herman Stinson of Windsor appointed guardian.  40

3-8-1839 - William Peva of Windsor to Isaac Hamilton of Brooks, deed of lot 59 subject to widow Newell's dower.   41

1840 -
7-26-1842 - James Peva of Windsor to William Peva of Windsor, deed of land.  42

5-28-1843 - Ezekiel Peva died.  43

1850 -
5-4-1857 -James Peva executes last will and testament:
To heirs of son Ebenezer: $1.00;
To heirs of son Ezekiel: $1.00;
To son Hiram: $1.00;
(no mention of son James in will)
To daughter Catherine Proctor: $1.00;
To heirs of daughter Sarah Stewart: $1.00;
To heirs of daughter Jane Maxwell: $1.00;
To daughter Rachel Bayles: $1.00;
To daughter Elvira Lynn: $1.00;
To daughter Mary Ann Baker: $1.00;
To wife Rachel Peva: $1.00;
To son William Peva all the rest of personal property and all real estate.  44
1860 -
1-10-1864 - James Peva dies. Death record shows occupation as "mason and farmer".  45

2-22-1864 - Widow Rachel Peva petitions court to have her just right and dower.  46

1870 -
?-?-1885 - Rachel Peva dies at age 101.   47


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