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St. Paul's Cemetery
Church News

Watford Guide-Advocate, pg 1, 6 Apr 1888

The annual Vestry meeting of St. Paul’s Church, Wisbeach, was held in the church on Easter Monday, at 3 o'clock p.m., the Rector, the Rev. P. E. Hyland, R. D., in the chair. A goodly number of the members of the church were present. Mr. E. McGillicuddy was elected Secretary. The accounts of the church were audited and found to be in a prosperous condition. The Church Wardens were given authority to make estimates for restoring and improving the church. Mr. Albert Williams was appointed by the Rector as his Church Warden, and Mr. Jos. Tanner was chosen as the people's Church Warden. Mr. E. McGillicuddy was elected delegate to the Synod. The retiring Church Wardens were thanked for past services.

Watford Guide-Advocate, pg 5, 18 May 1888

The congregation of St. Paul’s Church, Wisbeach, purpose having their annual picnic in Spalding’s grove on Dominion Day. The congregation of this church has also been very responsive to the petition for aid in repaying the church.

Watford Guide-Advocate, pg 5, 25 May 1888

St. Paul’s church, Wisbeach, is now undergoing repairs, consequently there will be no service the following three Sundays.

The Guide-Advocate, Watford, Friday, pg 5 col 4, 22 Jun 1888

The opening services held in St. Paul’s Church, Wisbeach, on Sunday last, were both largely attended and a liberal collection given to defray the expenses of the late repairing. A picnic will be held on the 29th of June under the auspices of the above church for the same purpose.
The annual Dominion Day picnic of St. Paul's Church, Wisbeach, which was first announced for Monday, the 2nd prox., has been changed to Friday the 29th inst. It will be held as in former years, in Mr. Spaulding's grove. A good dinner with dessert of strawberries and cream will be provided. Addresses will be given by eminent speakers, and a brass band will be present to enliven the occasion with appropriate music. Admission, 25 cents, children half price.
St. Paul’s Church, Wisbeach, was re-opened on Sunday last with appropriate service and a sermon by the Rev. Wm. Hinde, rector of Adelaide, in the afternoon at 3 o'clock. There was service also at 8 p.m., when the rector of the church took part in the services and made a congratulating address after a sermon by the Rev. Mr. Hinde. Both of Mr. Hinde's sermons were good and highly appreciated by the large audiences present. The offerings were very good at both services, and great satisfaction was expressed with reference to the improvements made. The church looks very well and reflects credit on all who took part in it. The cost of the improvments is $200.

Watford Guide-Advocate, pg 5, 7 Feb 1890

The rector and wardens of the English church at Wisbeach having, with the united efforts of the people of the parish, succeeded in removing the debt which has so long burdened the building, it will be consecrated by the Bishop of Huron, the Right Reverend Dr. Baldwin, on Sunday next, the 9th inst. The consecration service will begin at 10:30 a.m., the sacrament of the Lord's Supper being administered, and the sermon preached by the Bishop. In the afternoon, at 3 o'clock, a second service will be held, at which the Bishop will give an address upon missionary work.

Watford Guide-Advocate, pg 5, 13 Sep 1895

Thursday was Wisbeach’s civic holiday. The prudent citizens did not go away to spend their money but stopped home and had their pictures pulled. The principal buildings in town were also photographed, including Miss Bowes’ and Mr. Leadbeater’s residences. Nelson hung on to the Jersey calf by the tail for safe keeping.

Watford Guide-Advocate, pg 5, 14 Sep 1900

The Harvest Home and thanksgiving services were held at St. Paul’s Church, Tuesday evening the whole community turning out en masse and showing the mutual goodwill of the different denominations. The Sabbath service was conducted by Rev. Mr. Newton of Warwick and Rev. Mr. Cluff of Strathroy. On Tuesday evening the platform was taken by the pastor, Rev. Mr. Newton, Rev. Mr. Anderson Methodist minister of Warwick, Dr. Gibson of Watford and Dr. Brown of Arkona. Everything was on a large scale and enwind stripped the apple trees and also joyable. Proceeds $49.00. The high blew dishes from the table which will be a loss to the parties concerned.

Watford Guide-Advocate, pg 1, 4 Apr 1902

St. Paul’s Church, Wisbeach The Vestry meeting of this church was held on Monday afternoon March 31st.
The church warden's report was the most encouraging in the history of the church, all liabilities were met with a good balance in hand showing the good work done this year by the energetic people's warden, Mr. Walter Wilson and his colleague E. McGillicuddy.
The following officers were elected for the ensuing year: - People's warden, W. Wilson, Minister's warden, E. McGillicuddy, Vestry clerk, B. Parker, Auditors, J. Downham and G. Brison.
The rector was made the recipient of $25.00 extra as a token of the kindly feeling of the people and evidence of the prosperity of the parish.
At the congregational meeting, E. McGillicuddy was elected Lay Delegate to the Synod.

Watford Guide-Advocate, pg 5, 20 Apr 1906

St. Paul’s Church, Wisbeach The annual Easter vestry meeting of St. Paul's Church, Wisbeach, was held on Monday evening, April 16th. Present: - Rev. W. M. Shore, Messrs. O. Tanner, G. Brison, W. Brison, J. McIntosh, A. Iles, Geo. Iles, E. Williams, W. Williams, H. Williams, and others. Mr. Geo. Brison was elected lay delegate to Synod, also the following officers were appointed: -
Clergyman's Warden - Geo. Brison.
People's Warden - Oliver Tanner.
Sidesmen - W. Howden, A. Iles, Geo. Hawken.
Auditors - A. Iles and W. Howden.
Mrs. Tanner was appointed to have charge of the church, and the Williams Bros. to have charge of the church yard for the year. The finances were shown to be in a very satisfactory condition, there having been an increase in contributions to missionary objects, and the wardens were able to add $50 out of the general expense account to the church improvement fund. A vote of thanks was passed to Miss Phillips for her services as organist, and a vote of thanks to Miss A. Tanner and her helpers for their earnest work in the Sunday School.

Watford Guide-Advocate, pg 4, 22 Jun 1906

Dominion Day Pic-nic and Strawberry Festival, Walter Wilson's Grove, Wisbeach, Monday, July 2nd, 1906. On the afternoon of the above date St. Paul's Church, Wisbeach, will hold their Midsummer Outing, and cordially invite old and young to come and enjoy the pleasures of the day. An entertaining and attractive program has been prepared. Stirring music by the Arkona Brass Band and Orchestra. Vocal selections by Messrs. Mitchell and Prentis, Watford; Miss Ross, Warwick; and Misses Seymour and V. Smith, Arkona. Addresses by Rev. S. P. Irwin, B. A., Watford; Rev. W. M. Shore, Warwick, and others. Rev. F. G. Newton, of Parkhill, will preside. Exciting game of football between picked teams. Refreshment booth on the ground where the delicacies of the season will be served. Admission 25c. and 15c.

Watford Guide-Advocate, pg 4, 6 Jul 1906

The pic-nic and festival held at Wilson’s Grove on Monday afternoon, under the auspices of St. Paul's Church, Wisbeach was well attended, and all present enjoyed a pleasant afternoon. The Rev. F. G. Newton, of Parkhill, a former popular rector presided. The Arkona brass and string bands furnished a fine musical program. Messrs. Mitchell and Prentis of Watford, and Miss Ross, of Warwick, favored with excellent vocal selections.

Watford Guide-Advocate, pg 5, 21 Sep 1906

The new St. Paul's church at Wisbeach will be opened on Sunday, Sept. 30th. Divine service at 10.30 a.m., 3 p.m., and 7.30 p.m. Special preachers, Rev. F. Newton and Rev. S. P. Irwin.

Watford Guide-Advocate, pg 4, 5 Oct 1906

The new St. Paul's church at Wisbeach was opened on Sunday last. The services were largely attended, the special preachers being Revs. F. Newton, of Parkhill, and Irwin, Watford.

Watford Guide-Advocate pg 8, 1 Feb 1907

JUBILEE AT WISBEACH Impressive and Interesting Services in the Anglican Church

Very interesting services were held in St. Paul's church, Wisbeach, on Friday evening (St. Paul's day). The occasion was the jubilee, or fiftieth anniversary of the building of the Anglican church in that place. There was a large congregation, which filled the sacred edifice in every part. The choir of St. Mary's church, Warwick, rendered with very excellent effect, the musical part of the service, consisting of anthems, chants and hymns.
The officiating clergy were Ven. Archdeacon Richardson, Revs. J. W. Jones, of Adelaide; S. P. Irwin, of Watford; J. Hughes, of Thedford, and W. M. Shore, rector of the united parish of Warwick and Wisbeach. At the close of the singing of the anthem, the rector read a short historic paper, full of interesting data, reviewing the life and work of the church since 1833, when services were begun in the house of Cap. Alison, until 1856, when the first church building was erected. After serving for just fifty years the old church was rebuilt, and the present beautiful structure, with well proportioned chancel, handsome stained glass and windows, several memorials, and generally effective interior, was set up in its place. The record contained the names of prominent active churchmen, and the several rectors who have ministered during the half century.
The jubilee sermon was preached by the Archdeacon of London from Lev. XXV. 2 "A jubilee shall the fiftieth year be unto you." After reference to the memorable Jewish commemoration period he gave a sketch of the Anglican church, from the apostolic age down to the present; its chekered career, expansion, and development before and after its reformation. The planting of the church in Canada, and its growth was mentioned, and its working under nine devoted rectors in Wisbeach.
The Archdeacon paid high tribute to the faithfulness and zeal of the present incumbent, Rev. W. M. Shore, who enjoys the respect and affection of his people, and to whose fruitful ministry is due the splendid church building recently completed. He urged the claims of the church upon all present, and expressed the hope that it might bring blessing to all connected with it. The happy jubilee celebration will be long remembered by all who participated in it.

Watford Guide-Advocate, pg 4, 15 Feb 1907

The family of the late Mr. Samuel Howden, has presented St. Paul’s church Wisbeach, with a very handsome oak pulpit. A brass plate bears the following inscription, – “Presented to St. Paul’s Church to the glory of God and in loving memory of Samuel and Jane Howden, also of Robert J. and Mary J. Howden, by the members of their family”.

Watford Guide-Advocate pg 1, 7 Nov 1924

Last Sunday was a notable day in the Anglican church, it being the occasion of the dedication of several gifts for the church. The offerings were thank offerings for mercies received. Mrs. B. Hay, of Strathroy, gave two brass vases, an altar cross, a set of altar linen, and velour hangings, also a water cruet. Miss Donna Tanner, gave two new service books, one for the prayer desk and one for the altar. The people of Wisbeach with the Rector, appreciate very much the splendid and useful gifts, not only for their worth, but also for the love that prompted the gifts. Gifts for the adornment and use of the church are not plenty, and these happy occasions are worthy of note. The people of Wisbeach are to be congratulated upon this occasion, at the same time, Mrs. Hay and Miss Tanner will leave a pleasant memory behind them, both now and time to come.

Watford Guide-Advocate, pg 2, 11 Jun 1926

The men of St. Paul's church, Wisbeach, and some other men interested, met last Thursday and Friday afternoons to clean and put the church cemetery into some respectable condition. Wild roses and other growths had become plenty and, the ground in several places required levelling up and a few tombstones firmly adjusted. The first afternoon there were 23 men, and the second afternoon 25 men and there was no question about their activity. They did more work in those two days than two gangs of their size would care to tackle, they deserve praise and credit. If any one wonders how much they accomplished let them go and see and be convinced. It is intended that more work will be done later and all interested in the plots are expected to aid in making it a pretty and cared for, quiet resting place for those who have gone before.
Next Monday, at 2.30 p.m., the Bishop will be in Wisbeach for the rite of Holy Confirmation. The public is welcome to attend.

Click to go to Emily Phillips Watford Guide-Advocate, 5 Aug 1927


Last Sunday was a day full of interest to the congregation of St. Paul’s Church, Wisbeach, and marked the event of the Dedication of the gateway pillars at the entrance to the church grounds and cemetery, the gift of Mrs. Jones, a faithful and respected member of the congregation. Not only has Mrs. Jones given the gateway pillars as a memorial, but she has also given a new fence to enclose the property, the whole being of fine workmanship and appearance.
The right-hand pillar contains a tablet in memory of Mr. Jones who died at sea, and it was given by the Hambley Bros. of Strathroy, as a token of respect to Mrs. Jones, the engraving being well done and presenting a good appearance.
Mr. Kirvell of Warwick built the pillars and they are of excellent workmanship. The men of St Paul's undertook a large contract when they set about the preparation of the ground for the fence and pillars. There was much work and real sacrifice of time, but their hearts were in it, and the result justifies the strength expended as witnessed by the many words of all the people at the service. Mrs. Jones’ interests were chiefly in the care of Mr. E. Williams and the Wardens, Mr. G. Hawkins and Mr. A. Bryson, should be pleased with the ready help of each of the men. The whole work shows the spirit of Wisbeach, when anything is to be done it is done well. Not only was the day of interest to St. Paul's but the interest was added too by the presence of the choir, choir-leader and organist of Trinity church, Watford, who provided the music and special anthem for the service. Their kind assistance contributed a great deal to the happiness of the day.
Mr. Shrapnell in well chosen words conveyed the good wishes of Trinity Church to mark the event. The Wardens of the St. Mary's, Warwick, Mr. O. Tanner and Mr. N. Herbert, spoke in behalf of St. Mary’s. Mr. G. Hawkins and Mr. A. Bryson, Wardens of St Paul's, expressed the appreciation of St. Paul's for the excellent gift of Mrs. Jones and the kindly good wishes of the many friends in the work done. The Rector spoke from Rev. 21:25. The ladies of St. Paul’s deserve credit for the lovely floral decorations in the church.

Watford Guide-Advocate 3 Jul 1931


Sunday, June 28th, was a memorable day at St. Paul's Anglican Church, Wisbeach, it being the 75th anniversary. The day was marked by special services and large congregations. At the morning service Rev. E. W. McKegney, M.A., Rector of St. John's Church, Sarnia, spoke from Ecclesiastes 9, verses 14-15. At the evening service the Rev. F. L. Lewin, L.Th., of Parkhill, was the special speaker. His text was taken from Psalm 26, verse 8. The services were full of interest to the congregation and their many friends who joined with them to celebrate the occasion. The church was beautifully decorated and the music appropriate for the day. The choir was assisted by Misses Tanner and Hawkins and Mr. J. Mercer of St. Mary's Church, Warwick, and Mrs. Miller of Trinity Church, Watford, and two soloists Mr. McLeish and Mr. Gerald Robertson. Miss Dorothy Wordsworth of St. Mary‘s Church presided at the organ.
The history of St. Paul's Church dates back to 1856. Through the efforts of the first rector Rev. Dr. Mockridge, D.D., the frame church was erected. This church met several changes through the course of time, it being attached to the Parish of Adelaide, then later connected with Grace Church, on the 4th line, for a few years, afterward it became part of the Parish of Warwick village on No. 7 highway. In the year 1906 the old frame church was renovated and bricked over, presenting an attractive appearance, and at the same time the interior was furnished with oak seating and many beautiful memorials. This was done under the pastoral charge of the Rector, Rev. W. M. Shore, who was in charge of this parish for 10 years.
The following are the names of the rectors of this parish as far as can be obtained at present:

Rev. Dr. Mockridge, D.D., 1845 to 1858
Rev. Jas. Smyth, 1858 to 1859
Rev. J. Gibson, 1859 to 1870
Rev. R. Fletcher, 1870 to 1879
Rev. P. E. Hyland, 1879 to 1889
Rev. H. A. Thomas, 1889 to 1898
Rev. F. G. Newton, 1898 to 1904
Rev. W. M. Shore, 1904 to 1922
Rev. L. P. Haggar, 1922 to 1923
Rev. E. C. Jennings, 1923 till the present time.

Watford Guide-Advocate, pg 1, 26 October 1945

Miss Donna Tanner On AYPA Executive Miss Donna Tanner, of St. Paul's church, Wisbeach, president of the Lambton Deanery Council of the Anglican Young People's Association, was chosen member of the provincial executive of that body at the annual provincial conference held in London on Friday and Saturday when a number of members from Sarnia and Lambton county attended.
Matters pertaining to the extension work of the organization in peace years were dealt with and resolutions passed included one seeking Christian treatment for Japanese citizens in Canada, and one favoring the establishment of a law requiring serological tests before marriage.

Watford Guide-Advocate, Friday, 4 Jul 1952

St. Paul’s, Wisbeach, W. A. Celebrates Sixty Years

A large number of friends and neighbours and some former members of St. Paul's W.A. were present for the church service on Sunday, June 15. The speaker for the occasion was the Rev. T. Dale Jones of St. Paul's Cathedral London. A communion box given by Mr. George Hawken and family in memory of the late "Mary Alberta Hawken" was dedicated during the service. Miss Dorothy Trew, of London, sang the solo "Face to Face."
On Wednesday afternoon the W.A. members of Warwick, Arkona and Trinity Watford met at the church to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the W.A. The devotional meeting opened with hymn 289 followed by the usual prayers. The scripture lesson was read by Mrs. E. H. Williams. Words of welcome were given by the Rector Rev. P. G. Docksey and our Past Rural Dean the Rev. J. A. E. Blackwell and greetings were brought from St. Mary's Warwick by Mrs. Orville Redmond, St. Stephen's Arkona by Mrs. LaVerne Hawken and Trinity Church, Watford by Mrs. A. McKercher. Following the singing of hymn 278 Mrs. Docksey introduced the guest speaker Mrs. J. A. E. Blackwell, who's address was inspiring also educational and long to be remembered. Mrs. Keith Howden gave the history of the W.A.
Closing with hymn 565 the guests were taken to the home of Miss Minnie Gorman where a delicious lunch was served. The anniversary cake was cut by Mrs. W. J. Howden who is now the oldest member.
It was with regret that Miss Esther Seymour a member since organized in 1892 and Mrs. Fred Westgate a former member were unable to be present but the Sec.-Tres. of 1914 Mrs. Edgar Kerton was one of the guests.

History of St. Paul's W.A.

This year we are celebrating the sixtieth Anniversary of St. Paul's Women's Auxiliary. This Auxiliary was organized in 1892 when Rev. H. A. Thomas was rector. Mrs. Thomas was the first president. Little is known [about]the first twenty-two years of the work carried on, as all the old records have been destroyed and so many of the former members have passed away. It is known that some of the first members were:
Miss Emily Phillips, Mrs. McIlmurray, Mrs. Frank Iles, Mrs. "Zeb" McGillicuddy, Mrs. Jane Seymour, Mrs. Ben Parker, Miss Esther Seymour, Mrs. John Howden, Mrs. George Hawken, Mrs. William John Moffatt, Mrs. Thomas Chambers, Mrs. Fred Westgate, Mrs. Joseph Tanner, Mrs. Alfred Williams, Mrs. J. Y. Williams.
The only living member of the original W.A. formed sixty years ago is Miss Esther Seymour of Strathroy, who is still a member of St. Paul's W.A. Although unable to take an active part in W.A. work she still helps by gifts of money or material for quilts.
One thing that many of the older members recall is a picnic, that was held annually on July 1st in Mr. Spalding's woods or Mr. Walter Wilson's woods. They would have large crowds and usually Watford Band or Arkona Band would play.
On July 3rd, 1914 the W.A. was re-organized at the home of Mrs. Seymour. The officers elected were: Hon. Pres., Mrs. Shore; Pres., Mrs. George Iles; Sec'y-treas., Mrs. W. E. Kerton.
The other members were Mrs. Seymour, Miss Esther Seymour, Mrs. McIlmurray, Mrs. George Bryson, Mrs. Fred Westgate, Mrs. Andy Iles, Miss Maggie Bryson, Miss Laura Hawken, Mrs. Carl Smith, Mrs. Thomas Chambers, Mrs. W. J. Howden, Miss Donna Tanner - making a total of fifteen members. Many of these members later held offices in the W.A.
In the early days of the W.A. much quilting and sewing was done for the Indians at Walpole. From the records we find some years as many as seven quilts were packed in their bales besides clothing and other articles. At that time thread was 6c, batting 25c and flannelette 10c to 15c a yard.
During World War I a Patriotic League was formed to carry on Red Cross Work.
The following are the names of the women who during the past forty-eight years were elected to carry on the presidential duties of the W.A.

1914 - Mrs. George Iles 1915 - Mrs. Emily Jones 1918 - Mrs. George Iles 1932 - Mrs. George Hawken 1933 - Mrs. George Iles 1935 - Mrs. W. J. Howden 1937 - Mrs. Andy Iles 1939 - Mrs. George Hawken 1941 - Mrs. W. H. Bryson 1944 - Mrs. Lester Wallace 1950 - Mrs. Asahel Bryson 1951 - Mrs. E. H. Williams

By looking over the secretaries reports for the past forty-eight years, many of the older members held offices for long periods of years.
Mrs. George Iles was president for 17 years. Mrs. W. J. Howden was secretary for 15 years and Mrs. Andy Iles was treasurer for 18 years. During the latter years Mrs. Lester Wallace was president for six years and Mrs. E. H. Williams was secretary for 11 years.
By having teas, making and selling quilts, garden parties and bazaars the members of the W.A. have been able to raise money to carry on their work.
Each year bales are sent to Walpole Island, Mohawk Institute at Brantford and last year one was also sent to Moosonee. Clothing is sent each year to a girl at Blood Reserve School, Cardston, Alberta. During World War II food parcels were sent monthly to Britain.
We have always been able to meet our pledges and of late every year have a sum of money for the wardens of the church varying from $5 to $120. A generous thank offering is sent to the Annual W.A. held in London each spring and we have contributed to several Life Memberships of the Dominion Board.
For the past three years our president, Mrs. E. H. Williams, has been secretary treasurer of the Lambton Deanery.
Those who have helped in this great work, either by accepting positions as presidents, secretaries or treasurers, or offering their assistance in any way are deserving of much appreciation and thanks - As are the Rectors and their wives who throughout the years contributed much to the advancement of this organization.

Watford Guide-Advocate, pg 2, 17 Oct 1953

St. Paul’s W. A. Wisbeach

Miss Esther Seymour, of Strathroy, opened her home to the members of St. Paul’s W. A. Wisbeach for their October meeting. The president, Mrs. E. H. Williams opened the meeting with prayer and Hymn 379 followed by the Litany. Mrs. A. Bryson read the scripture lesson from the 11th Chapter of St. John, verses 1 to 29. The prayer for the Prayer-partner, the Members Prayer and Lord’s Prayer were spoken in unison.
Following the devotional period items of business were dealt with. Mrs. P.G. Docksey gave a splendid report of the Diocesan W. A. Annual which took place in Kitchener.
Mrs. J.K. Howden favored with a reading. The highlights of the General Synod which was held in London in September were given by Rev. P.G. Docksey.
Miss Seymour was called forward and presented with a gift by Mrs. Wallace in honor of sixty years membership in the W.A. She thanked the members for their kindness in remembering her in this way.
Hymn 267 was sung and Rev. Docksey closed with the benediction. Lunch and a social hour followed.

Watford Guide-Advocate, Friday, pg 2 col 1-2, 30 Nov 30, 1956

Wisbeach Ladies Cut Centennial Cake

Mrs. Andrew Iles, now of Watford, senior member of St. Paul's Wisbeach, Anglican Woman's Auxiliary cut the One-hundredth year Church Birthday Cake, celebrating the St. Paul's Wisbeach Centennial.
Missionary minded ladies of Anglican, Presbyterian and United Churches joined the small faithful group of St. Paul's for this great occasion and filled the Warwick Township Hall to capacity on Wednesday afternoon November 21st.
Mrs. Asahel Bryson, president of St. Paul's Wisbeach W.A., chairman of the meeting, welcomed and thanked the large number of visitors present for the enthusiastic encouragement this memory would give to the few families left at "Little Wisbeach" as they have so often been referred to at diocesan conferences, during the past century.
The Birthday Cake, surrounded by chrysanthemums and candelabra on a lace covered table was the centre of attention.
Mrs. Eric Richards, of the Warwick Rectory , a life-member of Toronto Diocese W.A., introduced the speaker of the afternoon.
Mrs. K. E. Taylor, of St. George's Rectory, Goderich, a Dominion life member of the W.A., brought greetings from the Dominion Board and also the Huron Diocesan executive. She thrilled the ladies with stories of the great missionaries of the Anglican Church who had carried the message of Jesus Christ and His Gospel to the Indians and early settlers of the great North West. She reminded them of the adventures and sacrifices of Bishops Bompas, Lucas, and Stringer. Although she may not have known it, there were relatives of Dr. T.B.R. Westgate present. His name is honoured by the whole Anglican Church in Canada, particularly in Rupert's Land. Archbishop Stringer, who prevented starvation by boiling his Mukluks, and Sadie Stringer, the faithful lady who went with him to the cold lonely Hershel Island in the Arctic, was also part of the inspiring and very interesting talk that Mrs. Taylor gave. But none of the ladies knew that the storm had brought a tree down on her garage the night before and it was only by the grace of God that it had been possible for her and her friend Mrs. Hunt, to keep her speaking engagement.
The Rev. Eric Richards spoke a few words at the end of the address, and told the ladies that he took his bride to Hay River in 1938 to live in the log rectory where Bishop Lucas Bishop, Stringer, and Bishop Bompas with their wives had often spent some time. He had his greatest thrill in church work when he flew with "Smokey Patry", the bush-pilot to Yellowknife in its early days of January 1939, and read the holy baptism, holy eucharist and holy matrimony according to the Anglican prayer book, in the "Wild-Cat Cafe". Nine years later it became a self supporting parish and its first rector is now the Bishop of the Yukon. Furthermore he needs our prayers as the heavy strain of his travels has brought on a heart condition.
Mrs. Eugene Williams, immediate past-president of St. Paul's W.A., expressed the gratitude of all present to Mrs. Taylor.
Very suitable and impressive readings were given by the following ladies:
Mrs. Frank Muma, of St. Stephen's Arkona, Anglican W.A.; Mrs. Charles Nichol, of St. Ann's, Adelaide, Anglican, W. A.; Mrs. Otto Zimmerman, of West Adelaide, Presbyterian, Senior W.M.S.; Miss Annie Ross of Knox Presbyterian, Warwick Township, W.M.S.; Mrs. Warner Minielly of Warwick Village, United Church, Senior W.M.S.; Mrs John Archer, of St. Mary's Warwick, Anglican Senior W.A.; Mrs. Gordon Campbell, of West Adelaide, Presbyterian, Helen Scott group, of the W.M.S.; Mrs. Walter Turner of St. Mary's Warwick, Anglican, Florence Docksey, Evening Branch W.A.; Mrs. Clare Fuller of Zion United Church, Warwick Township, W.M.S.
Vocal solos were contributed by Mrs. William Miller, of Trinity Anglican Church, Watford, senior branch of the W.A. and by Mrs. Ross Waltham, of Grace Anglican Church, IV Line Warwick W.A.
Mrs. J. J. Smith, of St. Mary's, Warwick, oldest church in Lambton, President of Lambton Deanery W. A. congratulated St. Paul's on behalf of the Deanery Executive.
The music was provided by Miss Dorothy Wordsworth, of St. Mary's Warwick, Huron Diocese life member.
Members of St. Paul's assisted by former members served a delicious plate lunch, followed by cookies and birthday cake.
Expressions of sincere appreciation were forthcoming from all the missionary groups who had enjoyed the inspiring Christian fellowship. photo caption:


Mrs. Andrew Iles was surprised to be asked to cut the cake at the Centennial Tea for the St. Paul's Wisbeach W.A. in the Twp. Hall, Warwick Village, Wednesday last.


Reading left to right are: Mrs. Asahel Bryson, President of St. Paul's W.A. seated by the piano; Mrs. Andrew Iles, cutting the cake; Miss Dorothy Wordsworth, recently made a life-member of Huron Diocese W.A. by St. Mary's Warwick; Mrs. J. J. Smith of the pioneer Smith family of Warwick, Lambton Deanery President.

Watford Guide-Advocate, Thursday, pg 1 6 Feb 1964

Rev. Howard Steinburg Inducted Into Neighboring Anglican Churches

Rev. Howard Steinburg was inducted into the charges of St. Mary's Anglican Church, Warwick; St. Stephen's, Arkona, and St. Paul's, Wisbeach, by Arch-Deacon Abraham of St. George Church, Sarnia, last Friday evening. The service was held in the Warwick church.
Rev. Steinburg, who has been rector of the churches for the past year, succeeds Rev. William Daunt, now pastor of St. Paul's church, Pt. Edward.
The induction sermon was preached by Rev. James Palmer, pastor of St. Mark's church, Windsor, taking as his subject, "The shared ministry of the laity and the clergy."
Rev. Steinburg was ordained into the priesthood in Bishop Cronyn Memorial Church, London, on Saturday, November 30th.
Before entering Huron College and his acceptance as a deacon, Mr. Steinburg was employed by Canadian National Railways in Stratford.
Choir members of St. Mary's church sang an anthem during the service and William Turner, Warden of St. Mary's, presented the church keys on behalf of the wardens of the three churches.
Following the service, members of the congregations extended congratulations to the new pastor at a reception in Warwick Twp. Hall.

Watford Guide-Advocate, Mar 1971


The present changing world seems to be hastening the closing of small churches across the province. Latest of these area places of worship to suffer this fate is St. Paul's Anglican Church, Wisbeach. This church it located on Hwy. 22, northeast of Watford. The closing service at Wisbeach was held on Sunday afternoon with Archdeacon Alfred Deacon, of Sarnia, preaching the farewell sermon.

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