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Tree         We began to research our family history with the intent of tracing each family to the immigrant ancestor. In some cases we have been successful, but in others, we are still not there yet. As we have traveled down each branch of the family we have found unique individuals, interesting family stories, and a new perspective on the social/political history of these United States. Our families immigrated from Ireland, England, Wales, Germany, Sweden, Norway, and France as long ago as the late 1600s to as recently as the 1890s. Initial settlement varied from New York, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and more recently Wisconsin. Once in the United States, various family members migrated to Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, North Carolina, Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Iowa, Minnesota, South Dakota, Kansas and beyond in search of free land, gold, and new opportunity.



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The oldest known Jackson that can be traced through primary source documents is Ralph Jackson (~1650 – between 27 October 1708 and 1 Feb. 1709), who arrived in the Virginia colony near Jamestown as an indentured servant in the late 1600s. He eventually purchased land in Henrico County south of present day Richmond in what is now Chesterfield County. His daughter and sons and their descendants expanded into the surrounding counties, and after the Revolutionary War, many of them crossed the Appalachians in the general westward expansion of the time. Descendents of Ralph Jackson lived in Virginia, Kentucky, Missouri, and South Dakota.

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Michael Cooney left the Free State of Ireland during the Irish Potato Famine of the 1840s, emigrating to the US with his brother. He married Catherine Murnan, who was also from Ireland and had fled the famine with her family. They met and married in New Ulm, Minnesota, and after the Sioux Uprising in 1862, when Michael's brother was killed, the surviving Michael and Catherine moved to the Yankton, South Dakota area, where Catherine's sister had already settled with her husband. The descendents migrated to Wisconsin, Minnesota, and South Dakota.

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The Redmond family traces its roots back to northern Ireland, when James Redmond and his wife gave birth to William Redmond in the spring of 1862. Young William emigrated to western Iowa in America in the 1880s, and married Martha McCandless, the daughter of another Irishman in the fall of 1884. They moved to western South Dakota in the early 1900s, and their descendants fanned out from there during the Depression and following World War II.

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The Scotch-Irish Berry family emigrated to the American colonies in the early 1700s as part of a great tide of immigration from the British Isles. They first appear in primary source records in Augusta County, Virginia in the early 1740s. From this area, many family members migrated to Washington County, Virginia as part of a great movement of  Scotch-Irish to this area after the French and Indian War. Following the Revolutionary War, they expanded westward into Kentucky and Tennessee. My line headed to Ohio by the late 1820s, then westward, to Iowa, by 1840.

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Ernst Heidt came to the United States from Germany in the 1840s and settled in the Syracuse, New York area. He and his family later migrated to the Lansing, Michigan area.

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Isaac Blanford born 1820 in Wales, immigrated to the Central Pennsylvania region in the 1850s. Along with Isaac was his wife, Elizabeth, and two young sons. Descendents migrated to Kansas/Missouri area.

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Nikolai Martinson Midtlien and family immigrated from Norway to Vernon County, Wisconsin in approx 1880. Descendants continued to live in the nearby vicinity including Minnesota and Illinois.

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Joseph Nilles was born in Germany, he married Mary Klug around 1898 in Turtle Lake, Barron Co. Wisconsin. The family later moved to Blue Island, Illinois. Joseph's siblings also immigrated to America. Descendents stayed in the Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois area.

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