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Genealogy of the Jackson and Associated Families


Generation 4

Great Grandchildren of Ralph Jackson and Leah Williams

Grandchildren of William/Williams Jackson and Sarah Burton

Children of Francis Jackson and ? (Unknown First and Last Name)


b. Josiah Jackson


     Josiah Jackson appears in his father's household as a taxable male, as well as in his 1776 will. The 1765 tax record that was transcribed as Isaiah is probably Josiah.


Timeline of Josiah Jackson


176551 Amelia County, Virginia Tithables 1736 – 1771
John Booker’s List Rawleigh Parish
Francis Jackson
4 tithable
Rowland Jackson, Isaiah Jackson
160 acres
176751 Amelia County, Virginia Tithables 1736 – 1771
Thomas Tabb’s List
Francis Jackson
3 tithables
Josiah Jackson, Patt
160 acres
176851 Amelia County, Virginia Tithables 1736 – 1771
Benj Ward’s List Raleigh Parish
Fra Jackson
(F. Creek)
3 tithes
Josiah Jackson, Patt
200 acres
4 Mar. 177657 Amelia County, Virginia Wills, 1771 – 1780, Will Book 2, page 181
Francis Jackson of Raleigh Parish.
Will dated March 4, 1776
Wit. William Lockett, John Clement and William Clement.
Ex: Friends Benjamin Lockett and Simon Clement.
Leg: Son Rowland Jackson, land purchased of John Brown whereon he now lives; also negro man Jo.
Son Josiah Jackson, land whereon he now lives, div. from my plant. By a branch that heads up near lower end of Simon Clemnt’s plant., down branch to a birch tree in William Jackson’s line on S/S Mayses Branch.
Dau. Mary Jackson, negro woman Lucy & increase.
Dau. Elizabeth Jackson, negro girl Rose & her increase
Dau. Presilla Jackson, negro girl Bid & her increase
To each of my daus. Aforementioned, certain livestock
Son Francis Jackson, plant. Where I now live & rem. My land notr before given to him. Son. Francis Jackson, rem. Negroes Pat, Tom, Shadrach & Jude & their increase; alsp rem. Livestock, hh. Furn. & all necessary plant. Utensils to him after he pays my just debts.
Desire my daus. Have privilege of living with their brother Francis while they remain single.


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