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II Children of Jeremiah Cox

A Children of Jeremiah Cox and Harriet Briscoe

Charles Cox (24 March 1821 - 27 April 1885)4
Eliza Cox (28 April 1823 - 10 November 1866)4

          Charles Cox was born in Leitchfield, Grayson County, Kentucky in the early spring of 1821, when James Monroe was president, and was a lad of eight years when his parents moved to Morgan County, Illinois. He grew up on his father's farm in Morgan County, and eventually became an active force in the Jacksonville community.4 On 4 February 1847 he married Francena Harriet Phillips in Morgan County, Illinois. Francena was born about 1826 in Ohio to Spruce Phillips and Hannah ? (last name unknown). The Phillips were neighbors of the Coxs'. When Charles and Francena were first married, they lived on the south side of Mauvaisterre Creek on the top of a hill.4 Charles was a farmer and auctioneer by occupation, and one of the founders and director of the Jacksonville National Bank. Along with six of their children, Charles and Francena were buried in Jacksonville East Cemetery in Jacksonville, Illinois. 4 Charles and Francena are further described in a county history, published in 1889: 2


          Charles Cox ... was born in Kentucky, and was a lad of eight years when his parents brought him to this county, where he grew to maturity. He was united in marriage with Miss Francena H., daughter of Spruce Phillips ... They became the parents of eight children, as follows: Hardin ...; Evan, deceased; Mary, deceased, was the wife of William J. Miller; Jeremiah; Hannah, Mrs. James H. Long; Harriet, now Mrs. John Sample; Lizzie, now deceased; and Charles. The father was bred to the life of a farmer, and followed that vocation with financial success until his death, April 27, 1885, at the age of sixty-four years, one month, and three days. He was a good man, and a reliable citizen, who possessed the confidence and respect of all about him. His wife survived him until May 28, 1888, when she too passed to the great beyond, aged sixty-two years, four months and ten days. She was a true and consistent member of the Baptist Church, and we may remark in this connection that the paternal ancestry of our subject for some generations belonged to the Christian denomination, with the exception of his grandfather, who was converted to Catholicism by his second wife.

Tracing Charles Cox through the Census Records

          Charles Cox was born in 1821, and can be found in the 1830 and 1840 census records with his parents and family, living in the Jacksonville, Illinois area. He got married in 1847, so starting in the 1850 census, he can be tracked in his own household through census records. The 1850 through 1880 census records, shown below, show Charles, Francena and their family living in Morgan County, Illinois. By the time of the1850 census, Charles and Francena have started their family.

1850 Census Morgan County, Illinois

Dwelling Number: 808
Family Number: 839

Charles Cox 29 Farmer $1800 KY
Francena Cox 24 None None OH
Hardin Cox 2 None None IL
Evan Cox 1 None None IL
Mary Cox 1/12 None None IL

          By the 1860 census, the family has grown quite a bit, and the children are attending school. The occupation of Charles is given as liveryman, which might suggest that he no longer lives on the farm.

1860 Census Morgan County, Illinois

Dwelling Number: 357
Family Number: 345

Charles Cox 39 Liveryman KY
Francena Cox 33 None OH
Hardin Cox 12 At School IL
Mary Cox 9 At School IL
Jeremiah Cox 7 At School IL
Hannah Cox 4 None IL
Harriet Cox 3 None IL
Elizabeth Cox 7/12 None IL
        In both the 1870 and 1880 enumerations, Charles is listed as being a farmer, and in each case, there is an unrelated farm hand living with the family. The complete family, except for Mary Cox who is married, is recorded in the 1870 census.

1870 Census Morgan County, Illinois

Dwelling Number: 321
Family Number: 321

Charles Cox 49 Farmer KY
Frances Cox 43 Keeping House OH
Hardin Cox 23 None IL
Jerry Cox 18 None IL
Hannah Cox 16 None IL
Hattie Cox 14 None IL
Lizzie Cox 10 None IL
Charles Cox 5 None IL
Abraham Le Fever 22 Farm Hand PA

        In 1878 Charles Cox is listed as being a farmer in Township 16 North, Range 10 West, Section 35 with a post office in Jacksonville. 4 This is part of the same property that his father had purchased in 1829, so Charles, the first born son, must have inherited at least a portion of the family farm after his father died. By the time of the 1880 census, two years later, Charles is still a farmer, but only two of the children still live at home.
          Charles is listed as being a farmer in the 1850, 1870 and 1880 enumerations, but in 1860 he is described as working as a liveryman. The question that arises here is, did Charles and his family move off their original farm? A family history written by Anna Gillespie, a niece of Robert E. Cox (a half brother of Charles Cox), notes that Margaret stayed in the family home for ten years after Jeremiah's death in 1862. In 1872 Margaret moved into Jacksonville, and lived with her two unmarried daughters at 612 East Douglas until her death in 1882. The dwelling numbers show Charles did not live close to his parents in 1850 or 1860, but in 1870 he lives practically next door to his step mother. By 1880 he lives some distance from his step mother again. Since we know Margaret stayed on the original family farm until 1872, this suggests that Charles had moved to a farm close to the original family farm by 1870. Since he is listed as a liveryman in 1860, he may even have moved from his 1850 farm site by that time.


Spencer and Hannah Phillips
Inlaws of Charles Cox

          Eliza Cox was born in Leitchfield, Grayson County, Kentucky in the spring of 1823 during the presidency of James Monroe, and can be traced through census records with her parents and family through the 1830 and 1840 federal census counts. She married John Huffman in Morgan County, Illinois on 4 September 1848. 2,5 An article on Jeremiah Cox appearing in the Morgan County, Illinois History notes that that John and Eliza also had a son named William Huffman (mentioned as being a grandson of Jeremiah Cox). 4
          Eliza first shows up in her own household in the 1850 federal census. This enumeration, shown below, gives information on two of Eliza's children, although the name of the youngest daughter was not clearly discernible on the census report. We know Eliza died by 1866, and there is an additional son, but they do not appear in Illinois in the 1860 census. Additional research is necessary on this family line.

1850 Census Morgan County, Illinois

Dwelling Number: 853
Family Number: 885

Name Age Occupation POB
John Huffman 33 Farmer PA
Eliza Huffman 27   KY
Margaret Huffman 5   IL
Hamit (?) Huffman 2   IL


B Children of Jeremiah Cox and Margaret Yates

Harriet Briscoe Cox (5 July 1828 - 29 July 1913)12
John Yates Cox (18 December 1829 - After 1 January 1830)12
Sarah Ann Cox (10 November 1831 - 15 February 1918)12
Margaret Ellen Cox (25 August 1833 - 4 August 1909)12
William Thomas Cox (27 October 1835 - 28 February 1927)12
Susan C. Cox (6 October 1838 - 15 August 1908)12
Robert E. Cox (28 October 1840 - 3 February 1915)12
James Leonard Cox (23 October 1842 - 1 September 1920)12
Martha Elizabeth Cox (4 February 1846 - 15 July 1847)12
Albert E. Cox (4 February 1848 - 28 May 1919)12
George Hamilton Cox (20 April 1850 - 31 January 1892)12
          Harriet Briscoe Cox was born in Grayson County, Kentucky in the summer of 1828 during the administration of John Quncy Adams, and was named after her father's first wife. She married Robert Craighead Peddicord on 1 March 1855 in Springfield, Illinois, and went to live in New Berlin in Sangamon County. 8,12,15 In 1849 Robert C. Peddicord and his brother Edward moved to Springfield, Illinois, and in 1851 their younger brother Andrew moved to Jacksonville.13 In 1869 Robert and Harriet moved to a farm in Wamego Township, Pottawatomie County, Kansas. Robert passed away on 21 July 1910 in Wamego, Pottawatomie County, Kansas. Harriet also died there a few years later. 12
          Robert Craighead Peddicord was born on 3 January 1828 in either Mason 6,8 or Bracken County 12 , Kentucky (depending on the source) to Emmanuel Peddicord and Delila Eaton. Bracken County is adjacent to Mason County, and the Peddicords lived near Dover, Kentucky, which is practically on the Mason/Bracken boundary. 6 Robert Craighead Peddicord appears to have been named after his uncle, Robert Craighead, who married his father's sister Elizabeth Peddicord in Mason County, Kentucky on 10 October 1805. In the marriage record for Robert Craighead and Elizabeth Peddicord, John Peddicord (Robert's grandfather), is listed with an "F" following his name, which appears to denote father. Abel Peddicord is listed with a "B" following his name, which probably indicates that he put up a marriage bond. 17

Tracing Harriet Briscoe (Cox) Peddicord through Census Records

          Harriet was born in 1828, and can be traced through the 1830, 1840 and 1850 census records, living at home with her parents in Morgan County, Illinois. She was married in 1855, and in the 1860 census, she and her husband Robert, along with two of their children (George and John), appear to have a group of young people living with them. Quite possibly, E. Hanly is a sister of Robert. They live in Sangamon County in the town of New Berlin. Sangamon County is adjacent to Morgan County, and New Berlin is halfway between Jacksonville and Springfield.

1860 Census Sangamon County, Illinois

Dwelling Number: 1096
Family Number: 1044

Name Age Occupation Value of RE/PP POB
J. Hanly 26 Laborer ? /$100 KY
E. Hanly 21     IL
J. Clark 21     IL
R. Petticord ? Farmer $2,000/$100 KY
H. Connley 30     KY
H. Petticord ?     IL
G. Petticord 4     IL
J. Petticord 2     IL


          In the 1870 enumeration, which was recorded on 18 June 1870 in Louisville, Kansas, John and Lizzie were noted as having attended school within the past year. Their youngest child was born in Illinois, thus dating their move from Illinois to Kansas as occurring about 1869. No major family changes are apparent in the 1880 census.

1870 Census Pottowatomie County, Kansas

Louisville Township

Dwelling Number: 229
Family Number: 248

Name Age Occupation PE Value POB
Robert C. Peddicord 42 Farmer $1,100 KY
Harriet Peddicord 41 Keeping House   KY
George H. Peddicord 13 At Home   IL
John E. Peddicord 12 At Home   IL
Lizzie F. Peddicord 7 At Home   IL
Sue Ellen (?) Peddicord 1 At Home   IL

1880 Census Pottawatomie County, Kansas

Wamego Township

Dwelling Number: 305
Family Number: 312

Name Age Occupation POB POB
Robert C. Peddicord 52 Farmer KY KY/VA
Harriet Peddicord 51 Keeping House KY MD/KY
George H. Peddicord 23 Farmer IL KY/KY
John E. Peddicord 22 Farmer IL KY/KY
Lizzie Peddicord 17 At School IL KY/KY
Ella Peddicord 11 At School IL KY/KY
          In the 1900 and 1910 enumerations, shown below Harriet Briscoe (Cox) Peddicord records that she has given birth to four children, all of whom are living both in 1900 and 1910. Furthermore, in 1910, Robert and Harriet are listed as having been married for 55 years, which accurately places their wedding date at 1855.

1900 Census Pottawatomie County, Kansas

Wamego Township

Dwelling Number: 57
Family Number: 61

Name Age Occupation POB POB
Robert C. Peddicord 72 Farmer KY KY/KY
Harriet B. Peddicord 70   KY KY/KY
John E. Peddicord 42 Grain Dealer IL KY/KY
Ella Peddicord 31 Dressmaker IL KY/KY

          1910 was the last census for both Harriet and Robert. He died later that year, and Harriet passed away a few years later in 1913.

1910 Census Pottawatomie County, Kansas

Wamego Township

Dwelling Number: 34
Family Number: 34

Name Age Occupation POB POB
Robert Peddicord 82 Farmer KY KY/VA
Harriet Peddicord 81   KY MD/MD
J. E. Peddicord 52 Farm Laborer IL KY/KY
Ella Peddicord 41   IL KY/KY


Articles on Robert Craighead Peddicord

          The following article on Robert Craighead Peddicord was written by his granddaughter Anna Gillespie.6
          ROBERT CRAIGHEAD PEDDICORD was b 3 Jan 1828 in Mason Co KY, d 21 Jul 1910 Wamego, bur in Wamego City Cem.; son of Emanuel and Delila (Eaton) Peddicord, gson of John I and Jane Peddicord Sr. He m in Springfield IL 1 Mar 1855 Harriet Briscoe Cox b 5 Jul 1828 in Grayson Co KY. She was dau of Jeremiah and Margaret (Yates) Cox and d 27 July 1913 Wamego, bur in Wamego City Cem.
          Robert, tenth child in the family of 14 children, was only 10 years of age when his father was killed by a "run away" team of horses while in the field at work. The father was 58 yrs of age when this tragedy came to the family. The mother kept her family together; the oldest sons took over the farm work.
          The home of Robert's parents was located on Leese Creek a few miles from Dover, KY. Across the creek from the big two story house was a large corn and flour mill where many KY farmers came from great distances to have their grain ground at this mill. Since the family home was close by and the Peddicords were hospitable people, many of the farmers were welcomed to stay over night and return those long distances the next day. The home acquired the name of the "Peddicord Hotel". Delila d at this place 18 Jul 1868 at age of 78 years and was bur in Dover City Cem.
          Robert, age 21, and bro Edward left KY in 1849 to go to Springfield IL and while there they became acquainted with the Jeremiah Cox family who had left Grayson Co, KY and settled on a farm between Springfield and Jacksonville IL. The two bro courted and m two of the Cox sisters.
          Robert and Harriet settled on a farm a New Berlin Sangamon Co IL where they reside until 1869. Two sons and two dau were b while they lived there.
          In the early spring of 1869 Robert went to Pott Co KS and setteld on a farm on the Vermillion River, six miles east of Wamego. He sent for his oldest child George Henry, age 13. The mother put him on a train that would travel by old steam engine slowly over the open prairie to Wamego. She worried because of robbers and Indians attacking the trains in those early times. She told the boy to ask anyone at Wamego for directions to get to his father. He asked some man when he arrived there and the man knew his father and where he was located. He put the boy on a pony of his and directed him out across the open prairie. There were no roads and the prairie grass was so tall it covered him and his pony most of the time. He found his father and they were glad for his safe arrival. They worked together and made readiness to send for the rest of the family in the fall of 1869. The youngest child, Ella, was about nine mo old when they came to KS.
          Robert lived on the farm until his death. He was noted for the fine watermelons, cantaloupe, and pumpkins he grew and spent much time in his later yrs hoeing in the melon patches and it was there he was found dead by a family member when he didn't return to the house for lunch. He was 82 yrs. old. Harriet was 85 when she died.
          Robert was a member of the Baptist Church. Children were: George Henry b 29 Aug 1856, m 18 Feb 1891 Alma to Fannie Adelia Dike, dau of Reason Wilson and Mary Margaret (Bourbanier) Dike, d 30 Jan 1945; John Edward b 1 April 1858, unm, d 21 Apr 1932; Elizabeth Frances b 14 Feb 1863, m 5 Sep 1882 to James S St. John, son of James Hunter St. John and Ann Catherine Lingerman, d 1 Oct 1943; Sue Ella b 31 Dec 1868, unm, d 13 Jun 1941.
          In 1884, the following short, biographical sketch was written on the life of Robert C. Peddicord.8
          R. C. Peddicord, farmer, P. O. Wamego, was born in Mason County, Ky., January 3, 1828. In 1859 moved to Morgan County, Ill., and in 1869 came to Kansas, settling on a farm in Wamego Township, Pottawatomie County, where he still lives. He was married March 1, 1855, at Springfield, Ill., to Miss Harriet B. Cox. They have four children - George H., John Edward, Lizzie Frances and Sue Ella.


Emmanuel Peddicord and Delila Eaton
Inlaws of Harriet Briscoe Cox


          John Yates Cox was born in the late fall of 1829 during the last year of John Quincy Adams' presidency, and was the first Cox child to be born in Jacksonville, Morgan County, Illinois. After his birth, he can be traced through census records from 1830 through 1850, as he grew up with his parents in the Jacksonville, Illinois area. An earlier Cox family researcher, Anna Gillespie, believed that John had died in infancy, although she did not supply a death date. This is probably not correct, since John can be tracked in census data from 1830 through 1850. 12 He was 21 in 1850, the last census in which he shows up with his family, where he is listed as being a farmer, but he cannot be located after that. Furthermore, his age in the census records matches up to his known birthdate, so this is probably the right person. There are no marriage records for a John Y. Cox in Morgan County, and he is not buried with his siblings in Jacksonville. Since he cannot be found after 1850, he either died before 1860 or left the area.
          Sarah Ann Cox was born in Jacksonville, Morgan County, Illinois in the fall of 1831 during Andrew Jackson's first term as president, and married Edward Stephan Peddicord on 3 September 1852. 12 Edward Peddicord was the brother of Sarah's sister Harriet's husband, Robert Peddicord, and it is somewhat interesting to note, that the older sister married the younger brother. Edward was born on 22 February 1824 in Bracken County, Kentucky, and died on 3 October 1907 in Preston, Pratt County, Kansas. Sarah died there in 1918. 12
          Sarah (Cox) Peddicord can be traced through the census records of 1840 and 1850 as she grew up with her parents and family in the Jacksonville, Illinois area. In the 1860 census, shown below, she is married and has one child. In fact, she had given birth to five other children by this time, four of whom had died very young. 12 All of these children, starting in 1853, were born in Marion County, Illinois, which is where Edward's brother Andrew M. Peddicord also lived. 13 In fact, they live nearby. The Dwelling Number/Family Number for Andrew M. Pettecord is 1209/1257, and, as shown in the census data below, for Edward and Sarah, the numbers are 1116/1160. In January of 1860, Sarah had given birth to another child that died several years later. The identity of the other people in the 1860 census is currently unknown.

1860 Census Marion County, Illinois

Dwelling Number: 1116
Family Number: 1160

Name Age Occupation POB
Edward S. Pettycord 36 Miller KY
Sarah Pettycord 28   IL
Albert Pettycord 6/12   IL
Joseph Martin 25 Miller OH
John Bush 19 Miller GR
Catherine Rout 13 Servant IL


          Apparently they progressively moved farther south, since in 1869, they show up in Gibson County, Tennessee, which is northeast of Memphis. Here they lost another child. It is quite likely they were staying with or near relatives again, but that aspect has not yet been researched. Their daughter, Florence, (who was to be their only surviving child) was born about 1866 in Illinois, but their youngest child was born in Gibson County, Tennessee in the fall of 1869, so the move south must have occurred sometime between 1866 and 1869. They still lived in Tennessee in 1870, but cannot be found again until 1900. The 1870 enumeration was recorded on 14 June, and their Post Office is listed as Humboldt, which is on the southern end of the county.

1870 Census Gibson County, Tennessee

Civil District #3

Dwelling Number: 218
Family Number: 221

Name Age Occupation POB
E. S. Peddicord 46 Miller Saw KY
Sarah A. Peddicord 38   IL
Florence Peddicord 4   IL


          Edward and Sarah cannot be located in the 1880 census, but by 1900, they have moved to southeastern Kansas. In this enumeration, they indicate that they have been married for 47 years, which calculates to a marriage in 1852 or 1853. They also note that they have had a total of seven children in those years only one of which is still living in 1900. It is noted that Edward can read and write. Edward and Sarah are renting their house in the town of Fort Scott, and have several boarders, probably to help with the rent. John and Nellie Thomas (the boarders) have only been married a month at the time of the census, which was taken on 9 June. By the 1910 Census, Edward has passed away and Sarah can be found living with her daughter and son-in-law (Florence and John Williams) in Pratt County, Kansas in the south central part of the state. This census indicates that Sarah can read and write. The 1910 census was the last for Sarah, since she passed away in 1918.

1900 Census Bourbon County, Kansas

Fort Scott City Ward 5

Dwelling Number: 223
Family Number: 226

Name Age Occupation POB POB
Edward S. Petticord 76   KY KY/KY
Sara Petticord 68   IL MD/KY
John N. Thomas 28 Teacher KS OH/MO
Nellie J. Thomas 19   NE WI/MN


Emmanuel Peddicord and Delila Eaton
Inlaws of Sarah Ann Cox

          Margaret Ellen Cox was born in Jacksonville, Morgan County, Illinois in the summer of 1833 during the presidency of Andrew Jackson. After her birth, she can be traced living with her family in the 1840 through 1880 federal census enumerations. After the death of her father she remained on the farm with her mother. In 1872 they moved into Jacksonville, and following her mother's death, lived with her sister Susan, who was also unmarried, in a house that, according to the Morgan County History documents, still stands at 612 East Douglas in Jacksonville. 8 In order to meet expenses, she and her sister took on the boarders shown in the 1900 census. Margaret died in Jacksonville, and was buried in Calvary Cemetery along with her parents, and several siblings (Martha, Susan and George). 24

1900 Census Morgan County, Illinois

Jacksonville Election District

Dwelling Number: 38
Family Number: 40

Name Age Occupation POB POB
Margaret E. Cox 65   IL MD/KY
Susan C. Cox 62   IL MD/KY
James Lahey 31 Car Shop IRE IRE/IRE
William Mahoney 24 Car Shop IL IRE/IRE


          William Thomas Cox was born in Jacksonville, Morgan County, Illinois in the fall of 1835 during Andrew Jackson's second term as president, and can be traced with his parents in the 1840 through 1870 enumerations, but there is very little additional information available for this him at this time. The only other data is a listing for a William T. Cox being married to an Ella F. Grove on 1 March 1884 in Morgan County, Illinois. 5 He needs to be found in the 1880 census, as well as the 1900, 1910 and 1920 enumerations. If he can be found after 1884 married to Ella, it would confirm this marriage record.
          Susan C. Cox was born in Jacksonville, Morgan County, Illinois in the fall of 1838 during the administration of Martin Van Buren. After her birth, she can be traced in the census records from 1840 through 1900, living with her parents, her widowed mother, and eventually her sister. She remained unmarried throughout her life, and died in Jacksonville. She is buried in Calvary Cemetery along with her parents, and several siblings (Martha, Margaret and George). 24
          Robert E. Cox was born in Jacksonville, Morgan County, Illinois in the fall of 1840 during the presidency of Martin Van Buren, and married Mary Jane Forth, who was born in 1854 in Weston, Missouri to Jacob Forth and Armina Fields. Robert Cox died in 1915, but Mary Jane lived until 21 March 1940, when she passed away in Kansas City, Missouri. 12 Family tradition has it that Robert E. Cox along with several brothers or brothers in law, started the Kansas City stockyards. ref Robert and Mary Cox were living on Wyoming Street, Kansas City Missouri according to the 1880 census records, but by 1897, they lived in nearby Rosedale, Kansas.
          Robert can be traced with his parents in the 1850 and 1860 enumerations in the Jacksonville, Illinois area, but is gone by 1870. He has not been located in the 1870 census, as yet, although he may be in Kansas. In the 1880 census, shown below, he is living in the Kansas City area with his wife, their children, and Fanny Gray his sister in law. Fanny is listed as being single. Since we know that Mary's maiden name is Forth (she is the daughter of Jacob Forth and Armina Fields), this probably indicates that Fanny Gray is Mary's half-sister. Further substantiating this idea is the evidence of the place of birth of the fathers of these two women. Mary's father was born in Ohio, while Fanny's father was born Illinois. It is logical to conclude that Jacob Forth passed away before 1860 and Armina (Fields) Forth subsequently married a man named Gray. Also, this census indicates that Mary was born in Kansas, while family lore indicates that she was born across the river in Weston, Missouri. Robert and Mary have probably been married for at least three years, since they have a three year old child in 1880.

1880 Census Jackson County, Missouri

Dwelling Number: 172
Family Number: 184

Name Age Occupation POB POB
Robert Cox 37 Stock Dealer KY KY/KY
Mary Cox 26 Keeping House KS OH/OH
Grace Cox 3   KS KY/KS
Lee Cox 2   KS KY/KS
Fanny Gray 19   KS IL/OH


          The Kansas City, Missouri Directory 7 shows the residence and place of work for Robert E. Cox from 1897 to 1914. It indicates that he worked at the Rodgers Commission Company at 289 Stock Yards Exchange, and lived at 525 Southern Avenue in Rosedale, Kansas.
  • 1897 - Cox Robert E. Rodgers Con Co 289 Stk Yds Exg r Rosedale
  • 1899 - Cox Robt E. Rogers Com Co 289 Stk Yds Exg r Rosedale
  • 1903 - Cox Robert E. lives K r 525 Southern
  • 1909 - Cox Robert E. Rodgers Commision Co 289 Stock Yards Exchange
    r Rosedale
  • 1914 - Cox Robert E. r 525 Southern Av. Rosedale


Jacob Forth and Armina Fields
Inlaws of Robert Elliot Cox

          James Leonard Cox was born in Jacksonville, Morgan County, Illinois in the fall of 1842, when John Tyler was president. The first president to die in office, William Henry Harrison, had passed away a year earlier. James L. Cox died in Wamego, Pottawatomie County, Kansas. He shows up with his parents in the 1850 and 1860 enumerations, and moved to Pottawatomie County, Kansas in November of 1868, which is about the time his sister Harriet and her new husband Robert Peddicord moved there. 8 On 13 December 18708, he married Mary Robinson back in Morgan County, Illinois, and a few months later, he and Mary settled in Wamego Township in the spring of 1871, where James became a farmer. He has not yet been located in the 1900, 1910 and 1920 enumerations. The following biographical sketch appeared in a Kansas history published in 1884. 8
          JAMES L. COX, farmer, P. O. Louisville, was born in Morgan County, Ill., October 23, 1842. In November, 1868, he landed in Pottawatomie County, Kan., settling in Wamego Township, March 1, 1871, he moved on to a farm which he had bought, and where he now lives. He is an extensive farmer and stock-grower, owning and cultivating 240 acres of prairie land. He has been School Director and Clerk, and Township Trustee for the last three years. He was married, December 13, 1870, in Morgan County, Ill., to Miss Mary Robinson. They have two children: George W., born December 1, 1873; Lula May, born January 23, 1879.

          Mary Robinson was born on 5 November 1844 in Burlington, Burlington County, New Jersey to George Robinson and Susan Ranson, and passed away on 6 February 1912 in Wamego, Pottawatomie County, Kansas. 12 James lived until 1920. The 1870 census indicates that Mary was born in Pennsylvania, and the 1880 census says it is Ireland, but both of these are probably incorrect.
          In the 1870 census, recorded on 19 June, James is living with another family in Kansas. By December of that year, James had returned to Illinois to get married.

1870 Census Pottowatomie County, Kansas

Louisville Township

Dwelling Number: 198
Family Number: 217

Name Age Occupation Value of PE POB
George Leeland 30 Contractor $700 VT
Mary A. Leeland 25 Keeping House   OH
James Cox 27 Contractor $1000 IL
Elizabeth Wilkinson 30     OH
John Adams 24 Laborer   PA
          In the 1880 census, James and Mary are living in Kansas, and have two children. They still need to be found in the 1900, 1910 and 1920 enumerations .

1880 Census Pottawatomie County, Kansas

Louisville Township

Dwelling Number: 19
Family Number: 19

Name Age Occupation POB POB
J. L. Cox 37 Farmer IL MD/KY
Mary Cox 35 Keeping House PA IRE/PA
Geo. W. Cox 6   KS IL/PA
Lula May Cox 1   KS IL/PA
John Williams 24 Farmer PA PA/PA


George Robinson and Susan Ranson
Inlaws of James Leonard Cox

Newspaper Articles

          Two newspaper articles from Pottawatomie County mention James Leonard Cox. 9 In the first article from the Westmoreland Recorder dated 15 July 1885, he is listed as a viewer, although what a viewer is seems somewhat mysterious. In the second article from a local newspaper, The Westmoreland Recorder, dated Thursday, November 11, 1885, James Cox is listed as a recently elected trustee from Louisville Township.
Statement of Bills Allowed by the Board of County Commissioners of Pottawatomie County, Kansas, at the July session (1885) thereof:

Jas L Cox viewer on Barrett road................. 2.00

          Martha Elizabeth Cox was born in Jacksonville, Morgan County, Illinois in the winter of 1846, when James K. Polk was president, but died as a child of 18 months. She is buried in Calvary Cemetery along with her parents, and several of her siblings (Susan, Margaret and George). 24
          Albert E. (or W.) Cox was born in Jacksonville, Morgan County, Illinois in the winter of 1848 during the James K. Polk administration, and can be traced through the census records from 1850 through 1880 with his parents. Since he passed away in 1919, he needs to be located in the 1900 and 1910 enumerations. He moved away from Illinois at some point in his life, but he eventually returned, and became associated with the Elliot Bank. In 1878 he is described as being a clerk for J. H. Meyer, and living at the same address as his mother. 4 He is also listed here as having a middle initial of "W" instead of "E", which must be cross checked. The entry is as follows:
Cox, Albert W., clerk, J. H. Meyer, r North nw cor Brown

          There is an Albert W. Cox of the correct age living in Jacksonville, Illinois in the 1910 census. He is married to Lora E. ? (unknown last name), and appears to have been married within the past two years. His wife, Lora, is 20 years younger than him, and she is listed as having given birth to one child, although that child is not alive in 1910. Albert's occupation is given as bookkeeper at a bank, and he and Lora live at 604 Jordan Street in Ward 2 of Jacksonville in their own mortgage-free home.

1910 Census Morgan County, Illinois

Ward 2

Dwelling Number: 57
Family Number: 61

Name Age Occupation POB POB
Albert W. Cox 62 Bank Bookkeeper IL KY/KY
Lora E. Cox 42   WI Ger/Fr
          George Hamilton Cox was born in Morgan County, Illinois in the spring of 1850, when Zachary Taylor was in his short-lived presidency, and can be traced through census records from 1850 through 1870 with his parents and brothers and sisters. In 1871 he moved to Pottawatomie County, Kansas, which is where his sister Harriet and brother James already lived, and on 4 January 1877, he married Elizabeth (Lizzie) Hard there. Three years later in the 1880 census, he and his wife are boarders with the McClure family. Since George died in 1892, this is as far as census data will carry him.12 Although he died in Pottawatomie County, Kansas, he was buried in Calvary cemetery in Jacksonville, Illinois along with his parents, and several of his siblings (Margaret, Susan and Martha). 24 The following short biographical sketch from 1884 summarizes his life. 8
          George H. Cox, farmer and stock-dealer, P. O. Wamego, was born in Morgan County, Ill., April 20, 1850. In 1871 he came to Kansas, settling on a farm in Pottawatomie County, where he has since resided, engaged in grain and stock-farming. He ships largely from Wamego. He was married January 4, 1877, in Pottawatomie County to Miss Lizzie Hard.

1880 Census Pottawatomie County, Kansas

Wamego Township

Dwelling Number: 295
Family Number: 302

Name Age Occupation POB POB
Charles J. McClure 55 Farmer IL KY/KY
Sarah McClure 59 Keeping House IL VA/PA
Mary Fitz 19 Servant IL IL/IL
George H. Cox 30 Cattle Dealer IL IL/IL
Lizzie Cox 20 Keeping House KS Ger/Ger


Jacob H. Hard and Barbara Weist
Inlaws of George H. Cox


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