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Zion Lutheran Cemetery,
Priddy, Mills County, Texas

July 1997, I had gone to the Zion Lutheran Cemetery to survey and index the Zion Lutheran Cemetery located just outside of Priddy, TX on county road 132. May of 2001- I took pictures of practically every marker in the cemetery-

Since I live in the area, I have more information about most of the people listed below, i.e. parents, record locations, children and service records if any or know who to direct you towards for help. You can contact me by writing to:

Sharon Ivy
P.O. Box 117
Priddy, TX 76870
or you can email me  

The earliest known grave was in 1889 and belongs to Ottielia Brunski, Sep 12, 1878 - Feb 13, 1889:

The Zion Lutheran Church "Centennial Directory" has the some other death's recorded in the early years of the church 1889 to 1907 for the church.

Photograph editing by Sharon and Weldon Ivy

Zion Lutheran Cemetery Mills County, TX

Compiled by Sharon Ivy on August 26, 1997

All Photographs taken by Sharon Ivy unless specifically stated otherwise

Most of the 1996 to present Obituaries are furnished by Shirley Runnels

Visit her web site for "Obituaries from the Goldthwaite Eagle" unless otherwise stated

I have made every attempt to record the information correctly,
but if there is an error, please let me know.

DS = Double Headstone
SH= Single Headstone
SP= Single Headstone with picture
FM= Funeral home marker
TS= Triple Headstone

Please note I have placed the names in Alphbetical order by surname only, * except for the ones on a triple headstone

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Zion Lutheran Church Cemetery


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Given Name Birth Date Death Date Type Other/notes
Brunski, Ottielia Sep 12, 1878 Feb 13, 1889 SS Ten Years Before the Zion Lutheran Church first Death listed in directory of 1899
Headstone Photo
Evalyn Kunkel Apr 21, 1917 Jan 30, 1988 SS Daughter of Julius George and Emma (Schuster) Kunkel- she was married 1) Jesse Edgar Ashford 2) Frank Bryan -
Bufe, Elton (Shorty) Jun 15, 1922 Feb 19, 1991 DS Veteran See Military Marker Husband of Adaline Riewe - son of Henry Fredrick Gottlib and Hildagard (Schuster) Bufe
Bufe, Adaline (Riewe) Living  DS  
Bufe, Kynda Janae Jan 27, 1991 Feb 11, 1991 SS Daughter of Dale and Marla (Hopper) Bufe
Bufe, Hilda (Hildagard Schuster)Jul 29, 1893 Oct 15, 1978 DS Wife of Henry Fredrick Gottlib Bufe   - dau of Rudolph and Emilie (Schrank) Schuster
Bufe, Henry Mar 21, 1891 Sep 1, 1987 DS husband of Hildagard Schuster (married November 25, 1914) - son of Gustav Adolph and Sophie (Schwartz) Bufe 
Cagle, Garrison Eugene Jul 17, 1923 Aug 6, 1986 SS see Military Marker - Son of Homer and Ora Mabel (Lloyd) Cagle ( his parents are buried in the Priddy Cemetery) 
Cagle, Vernon Max   Living DS Son of Homer and Ora Mabel (Lloyd) Cagle ; married Carolyn Jean Ray
Cagle Carolyn Jean Apr 16, 1945 Dec 24, 1996 DS wife of Vernon Max Cagle - daughter of J. and Lois (Mullen) Ray  
Cagle, Curtis Lee Aug 14, 1971 Jun 19, 1981 SPheadstone photo  son of Vernon Max and Carolyn Jean (Ray) Cagle
Jimmy Don March 09, 1967 January 10, 2001 Headstone Photo  son of Vernon Max and Carolyn Jean (Ray) Cagle
Elder, Arthur Odell Feb 27, 1948Mar 22, 1992 SS VeteranSee Military Marker PFC US Marine Corps Vietnam-

Purple Heart
Green, Ester Schuster September 21, 1917 March 10, 2005 DS wife of Curtis Glenn Curtis, Sr. - Dau of Otto and Emma Hiller Schuster
Green, Sr. Curtis Glen Jun 23, 1914 September 9, 1998 DS Veteran Army Air Corps World War II,  married to Ester Marie Emma Schuster
Grelle, Larry July 25, 1950 Oct. 12, 2005   Husband of Rita Warren   Son of Edward and Hattie (Hopper) Grelle
Grelle, Elizabeth, Geb Kuklies Feb 22, 1870 Feb , 1901 SS Wife of Wilhelm (William) Grelle (probably first wife) 
Grelle, Georgia 1882 1918 SS  
Grelle, William M. 1876 1959 SS  
Gromatzky, (Wife Living) Blank space on Arthur E. Gromatzky stone   DS See Headstone photo
Gromatsky, Arthur E. (Pat) Jul 1, 1913 Aug 16, 1981 DS Military Marker Child of Carl A. and Anna M. (Riewe) Gromatzky  
Gromatzky, Anna M. Feb 16, 1889 Jul 25, 1969 DSWife of Carl A. Gromatzky - Dau of Fred and Louise (Schulze) Riewe  
Gromatzky, Carl A. Nov 10, 1884 Jul 26, 1969 DS Husband of Anna M. Riewe - son of "William" Wilhelm F. and Maria Schrank Gromatzky 
Gromatzky, Wanda Kluge Aug 8, 1917 Mar 29, 1981 DS Wife of Erwin A. Gromatzky-  Headstone photo
Gromatzky, Erwin Albert (Sam) March 11, 1921 September 6, 2002DS Headstone photo
Gromatzky, Irene M. Dec 12, 1918 June 26, 1996SS See Headstone Photo
Gromatzky, Marie (Schrank) Jan 18, 1859 Mar 3, 1924 DS Wife of Wilhelm - dau of August C. and Julia (Goerdel) Schrank 
Gromatzky, Wilhelm Feb 2, 1851 Oct 11, 1933 DS   last of the original founders of the Zion Lutheran church in Priddy, Texas
Haile, John LaGene July 4, 1936 Dec 1, 2006 n/a Husband of Ruby Kunkel, son of William Noble and Talma Anderson Haile
Hein, Adolphine Sep 20, 1889 Dec 16, 1973 DS Wife of Fred W. Hein
Hein, Fred W. Sep 2, 1887 Jul 3, 1948 DSHusband of Adolphine
Hein, Edward F. Aug 10, 1883 Jul 22, 1948 DS husband of Emma M. Headstone Photo- to see writing closeup photo
Hein, Emma M. Sep 5, 1885 Feb 3, 1980 DS Wife of Edward F. Hein
Hein, Emilie Dec 2, 1863 Mar 2, 1942 DS Wife of John A.
Hein, John A. Aug 29, 1859 Mar 20, 1929 DS Husband of Emilie Headstone photo
Hein, Walter A. May 12, 1823 Oct 28, 1928 SS 
Hein, Erwin Theodore Nov 6, 1913 Dec 3, 1913 SS son of Fred W. and Adolphine (Gromatzky) Hein  
Headstone photo
Ruth I. June 15, 1925 August 2002 SSFuneral was August 30, 2002 - next to Hilma Hein
Hein, Hilma Jaye 1918 (Jan 21, 1918) 2001 (May 28, 2001) FMnext to Ruth I. Hein see photo of FM-
Hodges, Glendon Dale Aug 19, 1932 Jan 9, 1984 DS  
Hodges, Annie Olene Aug 1, 1929  DS  
Hohertz Ewald Albert Jan 20, 1900 Oct 17, 1988 DS  
Hohertz, Frieda (Kunkel) Dec 10, 1900 Dec 6, 1983 DS Daughter of Peter Julius Kunkel and Karoline Marie Niemann and wife of Ewald and Mother of Anton
Hohertz, Anton H. Oct 18, 1925 May 27, 1945 SP Anton served with the 307th infantry, 77th Division as a PFC in World War II.  Military Marker See World War II Veterans  for more information
Hohertz Julius 1844 1932SS Married 1) Marie T. Winkler and 2) Otillie Wolf  
Hohertz, Margie 1924 1985 FM Funeral Marker photo  next to Waldo Hohertz, may not had survivors to place headstone
Hohertz, Waldo A. Oct 3, 1921 Aug 6, 1983 SS Military Marker WW II - son of Emil (Richard) and Mary (Gromatzky) Hohertz 
Hohertz, Mary A. Feb 12, 1891 Nov 23, 1982 DS Wife of Richard P. Hohertz
Hohertz, Richard P. Jul 14, 1884 Apr 23, 1977 DSHusband of Mary A. Gromatzky
Hohertz, Jenny C. 1879 1965 DSWife of Herman Albert Hohertz.
Hohertz, Herman A. 1873 1962 DS husband of Jennie Petrick  
Hohertz, Ada Nov 21, 1901 Mar 1, 1909 SS Dau of Herman Albert and Jennie (Petrick) Hohertz 
with photos
"Hattie" Hedwig Niemann May 26, 1916 Jan 5, 1993 DS Dau of Adolph and Mathildla Lippe Niemann- wife of Bill Ivy
Ivy "Bill" William Newt June 12, 1913 July 9, 2003 DS Son of Jessie Sathiel and Clemmi Caraway Ivy-Husband of Hattie Niemann
Jeske, Carl A. Jr. Aug 31, 1922 Jul 20, 1987 DS Veteran PFC US Army WW II see Military Headstone - Husband of Ella Mae Reinert   married on September 25, 1947
Jeske, Ella Mae Reinert Nov 1, 1928 May 10, 1999DS See Headstone Photo wife of Carl A. Jeske, Jr.
Jeske, Ella R. Mar 27, 1891 Feb 21, 1991 DS   
Jeske, Carl F. Jun 12, 1887 Jun 19, 1967 DS  
Johnson Harold N. Jan. 26, 1919 April 28, 1998 DS Veteran Army veteran of World War II, Husband of Velma "Tuffy" Bufe - married on January 7, 1942 See Military Marker
Johnson Velma (Bufe) Living   DS Wife of Harold Johnson - married on January 7, 1942
Kohler, Ernest W. Apr 12, 1909 Sep 27, 1997 DS Husband of Minnie Marwitz-married January 18, 1934-son of John M. and Elizabeth Trachel Kohler
Kohler, Minnie L. Marwitz Oct 12, 1911 Dec 22, 1984 DS wife of Ernest Kohler-
Kohler, Elise (Mother) Jun 28, 1882 Jan 8, 1916 SSWife of John M. Kohler
Kohler, John M. (Father) Nov 11, 1872 Jan 20, 1964 SSHusband of Elizabeth Trachel
Kohler, John Mar 13, 1846 Oct 31, 1934 SS 
Kuklies, Charlie W. Feb 2, 1904 Mar 23, 1904 SS 
Headstone photo
Clyde O. Jul 10, 1927 Apr 24, 1949 SP son of Otto John Kunkel & Helene Freida (Pax) Kunkel
Headstone Photo
Otto John Feb 13, 1899 Apr 13, 1969 DS Son of Peter Julius Kunkel and Maria Niemann Kunkel
Kunkel, Helen Freida Jul 10, 1907 Jan 16, 1998 DS Daughter of Rudolf F. Pax and Elsa Hedwig Heebler Pax
Headstone photo
Paul Edward Apr 30, 1925 Feb 3, 1990 DS Military Marker- Husband of Arizona (Zona) Ryan - son of Otto John Kunkel & Helene Freida (Pax) Kunkel
Kunkel, Arizona "Zona" Bobbie August 09, 1932 June 09, 2003 DS wife of Paul Edward Kunkel -Daughter of Alfred J and Beatrice (Seal) Ryan
Headstone photo
Walter (Father) Dec 13, 1903 Oct 10, 1966 DShusband of Lydia Louise Schwartz  married May 22, 1924 - son of Peter Julius and Karoline Marie (Niemann) Kunkel
Headstone Photo
Lydia Louise (Mother) Sep 14, 1904 Jun 1, 1960 DS wife of Walter Leon Layert Ernest Kunkel  
Headstone Photo
Emma Schuster Feb 16, 1891 Feb 22, 1983 SS Daughter of Johann Wolfgang and Elizabeth WagnerSchuster - was married to Julius George Kunkel (Julius is buried at St. John's Cemetery, Priddy, TX)
Headstone Photo
Anton Jotham Oct 21, 1920 Oct 26, 1987 SS son of Emma Schuster Kunkel and Julius George Kunkel.  
Headstone Photo
Alfred A. May 30, 1900 Jul 27, 1965 DS Husband of Hulda A.
Headstone Photo
Hulda A. Sep 16, 1901 Apr 16, 1976 DS wife of Alfred A. Limmer
Headstone Photo
LeRoy A. Oct 26, 1923 Dec 4, 1944 SS Veteran WW II Texas Pvt 22nd INF  
Headstone Photo
Tammy Jo Feb 13, 1958 Oct 9, 1994 SS  
Headstone Photo
Helen (Kohler) Oct 4, 1912 February 27, 2003DS Wife of Paul Limmer, married January 24, 1932  Daughter of John and Elizabeth (Trachel) Kohler
Headstone Photo
Paul R. May 11, 1910 Jan 5, 1988 DS  husband of Helen Kohler, married January 24, 1932  Son of Frederick Wilhem and Brunhilda (Gromatzky) Limmer
Headstone photo
Brunhilda 1879 1964 DS wife of Fredrick William Limmer
Limmer, Fredrick W. 1875 1959 DS Husband of Brunhilda Gromatzky, married on August 10, 1899 
Headstone photo
Beatrice Faye Jul 18, 1941 Jan 7, 1942 SS  
Headstone photo
Carl Sep 7, 1934 Jan 9, 1935 SS  
Headstone photo
Howard Sep 17, 1925 Aug 13, 1932 SS  
Headstone Photo
Charles W. Apr 20, 1932 Apr 21, 1932 SS  
Lippe, William John (Bill) November 17, 1912May 19, 2002 DS Married to Hanna Maria Kunkel- August 22, 1940   and he is the Son of William John & Emma (Lammert) Lippe -Headstone Photo
Lippe, Hanna Maria   Living DS  
Lorenz, Maria (Mother) Apr 23, 1888 Nov 19, 1949 DS  
Lorenz, Otto (father) Aug 6, 1881 Oct 14, 1938 DS  
Lorenz, Minnie H. (Mother) Mar 24, 1909 Jul 23, 1996 DS wife of Wilhelm (Willie) Lorenz - dau of Adolph John and Emilie Louise Christine (Tiemann) Kunkel  
Lorenz, Willie (Father) Aug 28, 1908 May 14, 1988 DS Husband of Minnie Kunkel -  
Ludwig, Bessie Lee Dec 2, 1902 Dec 29, 1986 SS  
Headstone Photo
Arthur Vernon Dec 5, 1905 May 29, 1992 DS Husband of Eva Annie Grelle -  
another Headstone Photo
Eva Grelle Mar 19, 1905 Jul 11, 1996 DS Wife of Arthur Vernon Meyer - dau of "William" Wilhem and Anna Louise (Maas) Grelle 
Meyer, Annie Steinmann Jan 11, 1881 Jun 14, 1951 SS  
Meyer, Welhelm Nov 28, 1854 Dec 16, 1916 SS  
Meyer, Baby Boy Jul 7, 1902 Mar 28, 1903 SS  
Meyer, Vernon G. Jan 1, 1926 Feb 4, 1990 SSVeteran Headstone Photo son of Arthur Vernon and Eva Annie (Grelle) Meyer 
Meyer, Jessie Mae April 23, 1928 VA May 28, 2002 ARK Dau of Jesse B. Chisom and Audie Hill wife of Vernon G. Meyer
Nauert, Martin H. O. Jun 13, 1917 Nov 15, 1917 SS Son of Otto Carl and Selma Augusta (Brachwitz) Nauert  
Naundorf, Emil Jul 1, 1864 Jul 2, 1937 SS 
Naundorf, Maria Dec 13, 1859 Aug 18, 1932 SS 
Pax, Rudolf Frank Feb 14, 1879 Jun 27, 1968 DS  
Pax, Elsa Hedwig (Heibler) Jul 5, 1882 Jan 17, 1968 DS  
Pax, Emma Marie Anna (Kunkel)October 12, 1906 April 19, 1996 FM wife of Alfred Paul Pax married Dec 10, 1931
Alfred Paul December 27, 1908 December 29, 2000   son of Rudolf Frank & Elsa Hedwig (Heibler) Pax
Poole, Martha Marie Nov 23, 1938 Dec 23, 1968 DS wife of Harry E. Poole - dau of Otto John and Helen Freida (Pax) Kunkel
Poole, Harry E. Mar 11, 1936 No DateDS Husband of Martha Marie Kunkel-  Photo of double stone
Garrison BrunerSept 20, 1977 June 27, 2002 obit Husband of Heidi Kristine Schmidt (married March 13, 1997)
Headstone close up
Headstone full view
Eugenie SchusterMay 11, 1880 May 3, 1903 SS Married to Emil Rauhut on Nov 23, 1902 - Eugenie's obituary  
Reducer, Alta Faye Nov 21, 1914 Apr 1, 1915 SS  
Rost Clarence Apr 24, 1922 Jan 18, 1994 SP  
Rost, Edward C. Dec 19, 1924 Apr 11, 1945 SP Veteran   Military Marker

Rost, Walter Dec 19, 1924 Nov 3, 1992 SPHeadstone Photo
Rost, Edward May 20, 1895 Sep 3, 1961 SP   Military Marker PVT Co L 144 Infantry- WWI
Rost, Bertha Dec 9, 1896 Jun 17, 1987 SP  
Schlee, Infant daughter  1932 SS  
Schmitch, Margaret 1845 1916 FM Funeral Marker- passed away 86 years ago so probably no descendants
Schoen, Ethel E.  Living DS Wife of Erwin W. "Cotton" Schoen - dau of Emil (Richard)and Mary (Gromatzky) Hohertz 
Schoen, Erwin W. (Cotton) Dec 31, 1910 Mar 14, 1986 DSHusband of Ethel Hohertz married on December 11, 1937 
Headstone photo -not the best view
Caroline 1825 1899 SS First death listed for the Zion Lutheran Church Directory, 1889-1989  Per Mary Gromatzky maiden name is Oelke and is the wife of Ludwig Schrank
Headstone Photo
Ludwig 1827 1901 SS Husband of Caroline Oelke-  
Schrank, Engenie Rauliut (Schuster) May 11, 1880 May 3, 1933 SS 
Schrank, Frtiz Sep 29, 1855 Mar 9, 1908 SS 
Schulz, Emma Dec 31, 1882 Apr 26, 1905 SS  
Schulz, August Carl Nov 1, 1857 Mar 13, 1937 DS Husband of Augusta Gromatzky  
Schulz, Augusta W. Jan 12, 1862 Jun 4, 1934 DS wife of August Carl - dau of Michael and Wilhelmine (Sommerfeld) Gromatzky 
Schulz, Fred Emil Mar 25, 1885 Jan 8, 1950 SS 
Schumann, Christiana (Mother) Dec 20, 1876 May 27, 1952 SS (Johanna Margareta Christina Schuster) she married Karl Schumann on February 01, 1900
Schumann, Rudolph E. Dec 14, 1900 May 8, 1971 SS son of Karl and Johanna Margareta Christina (Schuster) Schumann  
Headstone Photo
Rudolph May 18, 1853 Jan 27, 1929 DS Husband of Emilie Schrank -
Schuster, Emilie (Schrank) May 28, 1860 Feb 11, 1934 DSWife of Rudolph Schuster - Per Mary Gromatzky correction, dau of Ludwig & Caroline (Oelke) Schrank - Mills County TX Death Record index has her death date as Feb 7, 1934 and she is listed as Mrs. P. Schuster, so will try and find more information later. 
Schuster, Mildred (Marshall)  Feb 7, 1925 SS  
Schuster, Otto Mar 13, 1896 Feb 3, 1972 DS 
Schuster, Emma M. Nov 7, 1897 Mar 23, 1990 DS  
Schuster, Agnes Hilda Nov 18, 1922 Jan 1, 1944 SS  
Schuster and Sanderford- Triple Headstone see photo
Schuster, J. W.
Oct 2, 1855
Sep 18, 1901
Sanderford - Shuster, Elizabeth
May 14, 1861
Oct 8, 1936
Sanderford, J. M.
Mar 19, 1869
Feb 1, 1932
Schuster, Rudolph J. May 10, 1889 Jul 19, 1956 SS  
Schuster, Walter J. Aug 5, 1894 Dec 3, 1967 DS  
Schuster, Mary E. Dec 12, 1892 May 20, 1970 DS 
Schuster, Emil Mar 27, 1900 Feb 11, 1986 DS  
Schuster, Amanda Oct 4, 1907 Dec 14, 1990 DS  
Schuster, Catharina Elisabeth Apr 6, 1842 Aug 6, 1906 SS 
Schuster, John Rudolph Feb 16, 1915 Feb 7, 1995 DS 
Schuster, Isabelle (Simon)    DS 
Headstone Photo
Layart C. (Carl) Sep 26, 1917 Apr 21, 1983 DS Notes: Husband of Edna Lubke married December 08, 1938
Schwartz Edna S. August 3, 1917 July 2, 2002 DS Wife of Layart Carl Schwartz -  
Schwartz, Fritz W. Nov 11, 1893 Dec 25, 1967 DSHusband of Minnie Anna Kunkel  
Schwartz, Minnie A. Oct 9, 1893 Aug 18, 1971 DS Wife of Fritz W. Schwartz - dau of Peter Julius and Maria (Niemann) Kunkel  
Schwartz Melvin Carl July 15, 1922 Dec. 27, 2006   Notes: Son of Fritz and Minnie Kunkel Schwartz - married Lorena Wagner June 6, 1942
Schwartz, Paul A. 1920No Date DS Husband of Irene Hopper 
Schwartz Irene M. 1923 1975 DS Wife of Paul A. Schwartz  
Schwartz, Carl (Father) Feb 10, 1864 Aug 12, 1944 DS Husband of Sophia Tochorn  
Schwartz, Sophie (Mother) Feb 12, 1866 Jan 6, 1942 DSWife of Carl Schwartz  
Schwartz, Johanna Apr 5, 1899 Dec 13, 1918 SS dau of Carl and Sophia (Tochorn) Schwartz  
headstone Photo
Lillie Nov 11, 1895 Jan 19, 1920 SS 
Photo of Headstone
Martha B. Jan 27, 1894 Mar 3, 1967 DS Maiden Name Hein-  
Siegmund, Erich G. Dec 9, 1895 Feb 5, 1970 DS Marriage license has last name spelled as "Seigmund" 
Spieser, Carl F. Mar 5, 1835 Jul 8, 1908 SS 
Striepe, John Aug 19, 1909 Sep 17, 1987 DS  
Striepe, Ruby Jan 4, 1920 Aug 17, 1984 DS  
Tischler, Gottlieb (Father) Oct 19, 1844 Sep 18, 1912 DS Husband of Julia Wendt  
Tischler, Julianna (Mother) Jan 1, 1855 Aug 3, 1934 DS Wife of Gottlieb Tischler  
Alfred Otto Aug 10, 1910 January 15, 2000 DS Son of Albert A. and Meta A. (Kirsche) Tischler - Husband of Hilma Meta Grelle
Tischler, Hilma Meta Living   DS Wife of Alfred Tischler- Dau of Wilhelm (William) J. and Anna Louise (Maas) Grelle
Unknown      ShellsSmall marked grave between Wuistinger’s and Nauert:
Witzsche, Wilford Jan 24, 1927 March 13, 2000 obit Veteran Obit: WW II   Military Marker headstone
Witte, Karl (son) May 3, 1909 Jul 1, 1914 SS  
Wuistinger, Fritz Aug 4, 1856 Jan 8, 1942 DS Husband of Amilie Ottilie Henriette Hohertz  
Wuistinger, Amella Dec 10, 1870 Jan 5, 1934 DS Wife of Fritz Wuistinger and dau of Julius and Otillie (Wolf) Hohertz 

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The following names were listed in the Zion Lutheran Church "Centennial Directory" 1889-1989 under "Zion Lutheran Church Deaths" between the years 1900 and 1907 and may be buried in a home family plot, in the Becker Mountain, Now known as St. John's Lutheran Cemetery or in this cemetery. I will list them here until I can move them to the proper list. if you have any information, please contact me at  

Surname Given Name Birth Date Death Date Other/notes
Kamp, August   1900 Listed in The Zion Lutheran Church "Centennial Directory" 1889-1989
Brunski William   1900 Listed in The Zion Lutheran Church "Centennial Directory" 1889-1989
Rauhut Eugenie   1903 She is buried in this cemetery and was in a well marked with a hard to read headstone. Her obituary just said a cemetery in Priddy - She is the daugther of R. Schuster and newly wed wife of Mr. Emil Rauhut(Rauhart?) Listed in The Zion Lutheran Church "Centennial Directory" 1889-1989 so it took a little while before I located her
Radeke Eilhelmine   1907 Listed in The Zion Lutheran Church "Centennial Directory" 1889-1989 (could she be Minnie, the daughter of Carl and Margaretha Wagner Radeke who was baptised in Zion in 1889?)
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Information obtained from various sources:

"Mills County Memories", Copyright 1994 by Mills County Historical Commission

"A NO MAN's LAND BECOMES A COUNTY", by Flora Gatlin Bowles , Editor and copyright in 1958 by the Mills County Historical Society

Interviews with family members

Goldthwaite Eagle- Mullin Enterprise

The San Angelo Standard Times-On line

Transcribed with permission from the Goldthwaite Eagle-Mullin Enterprise dated May 09, 1903, Reverse image microfilm copy.

(Note: spelling of last name is different also) FATAL ACCIDENT

Last Sunday morning, Mrs. Emil Rauhart was drowned in a tank on her father's premises in the Priddy Community. The report received by the Eagle is to the effect that Mrs. Rauhart had been very sick, but was convalescing and walked to tank in company with some small children. Being weak from sickness she fainted and fell into the water and was drowned before the children could summons help.

Mrs. Rauhart was formerly Miss Eugenia Schuster and was married to Mr. Rauhart about five months ago. She was a daughter of Mr. R. Schuster, one of the old settlers of the community. The family stands high and the fact that the funeral Monday was attended by all of the people of that community and for five miles around shows in what high esteem she was held. There were sixty-five vehicles in the procession, besides many on horseback. The funeral services were held by Rev. Arch Lewis, at the cemetery.

The young husband and the parents of the deceased Lady have the undivided sympathy of us all.  -=-=-=-=-=eagle1903-=-=-=-==-
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