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Comparsion Chart of Courtney, James, Cason
created by David Hedgpeth

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Sun, 9 Jul 2000


I just wanted to make another comment about the Pleasant James/ James L. Courtney connection. Although there has been no bloodline established at this point there is a kinship by marriage. This being the case makes it more likely that JLC and Pleasant knew each other. Just to see some link is exciting to me. If Betty proves her case then it will make more sense why these familys were close.

David Hedgpeth

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 The Keelon S. CARAWAY, Pleasant JAMES and James L. COURTNEY Connection

Family 1:

Husband: 	Keelon CARAWAY (1819-TN/1899-TX)
Wife: 		Nancy WATSON (1819-TN/1902- TX)

	Rebecca Elizabeth CARAWAY (1852-TX/1848-TX)
		Married to Benjamin "Bird" Franklin BUSBY (1849/1912- TX)
		Son of Nathan BUSBY  and Margaret DRUSHER

	James Green CARAWAY (1856-TX/1944-TX)
		Married to Mary Catherine CASON (1859-GA/1945-TX)
		Step-daughter of Pleasant JAMES and Adaline PACE CASON

	Samuel Lawson CARAWAY (1858-TX/1946/TX)
        Married to Louisa Angelina JAMES (1867-TN/1946-TX)
   	   	Daughter of Pleasant JAMES and Adaline PACE CASON

Family #2:

Husband: 	Nathan BUSBY  (1825-GA/1872- TX)
Wife: 		Margaret DRUSHER  (1828-NC/ 1870-TX) 

	Benjamin "Bird" Franklin BUSBY (1849/1912- TX)
            Married to Rebecca Elizabeth CARAWAY (1852-TX/1848-TX)
            Daughter of Keelon CARAWAY and Nancy WATSON.
            (Marriage: 7 Dec 1869, Falls County, Texas)

	Bradley Polk BUSBY (1868 / ____) 
            Married to Louisa Ellen COURTNEY(1874-TX/ ___)
            Daughter of James L. COURTNEY and Mary Ellen BARRON

Family #3:

	Husband: Pleasant JAMES (1809-TN/1893-TX)
	Wife: 	 Adaline PACE CASON (1833-TN/1915-TX)

	Mary Catherine CASON (1859-GA/1945-TX) (Step-daughter of Pleasant)
		Married to James Green CARAWAY (1856-TX/1944-TX)
		Son of Keelon CARAWAY and Nancy WATSON

	Louisa Angelina JAMES (1867-TN/1946-TX)
		Married to Samuel Lawson CARAWAY (1858-TX/1946/TX)
		Son of Keelon CARAWAY and Nancy WATSON

Family #4:

	Husband:	James L. COURTNEY (1846-TN or MO/1943-TX)
	Wife:		Mary Ellen BARRON (1855-TX/1910-TX)

	 		Louisa Ellen COURTNEY(1874-TX/ ___) 
       			Married to Bradley Polk BUSBY (1868 / ____)
	 		Son of Nathan BUSBY  and Margaret DRUSHER 
Note: -James L. COURTNEY and Keelon S. CARAWAY are both buried in the Blevins, TX Cemetery. -If in fact James L. COURTNEY is AKA Jesse W. JAMES then there is likely a more direct kinship to Pleasant James. -Comparisons prepared by David Hedgpeth on 7-7-00.

Your comments, information and support would be greatly appreciated.

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Disclaimer and Message from David Hedgpeth:

Dear Reader,

The purpose of the letters and responses I have written on the Jesse James-James L. Courtney controversy is to fully and fairly examine all sides of the issue. It is a good possibility that my family in Texas is linked to Jesse James and James L. Courtney, so I have a driving personal interest to know the truth. For future generation and our peace of mind I feel moved to see this process to the end. My opinions and viewpoints today will modify as new information comes forth. Likewise, I hope all can say and mean that. Sometimes I may be wrong. If I make a statement in error, let me know and I will gladly correct it. If though it is a difference of opinion, then all are entitled to their own. I try to be careful in criticizing only the issues and not individuals. It may seem at times I am getting close to that but that is not my intent because doing so would be unproductive. I do try to engage everyone to broaden their perspective and work together for a common good to find the whole truth on this important family and historical issue.

I invite your input pro or con on the Genforum or to me directly. If you have an interest, then your help is needed.

Thanks to all,

David Hedgpeth
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