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Hello, This page is dedicated to my Tennessee Connections, mainly the DODD line, with Other Surnames added later; My Father, Earl B. Dodd was only 3 years old when his father, Hal Ray Dodd passed away of Consumption (TB) on Easter Sunday, April 1, 1923. So he has very few memories of him, He remembers the train that they took when his father, Hal Ray was carried from Colorado to Tennessee for burial. I am very much interested in learning about Hal Ray Dodd
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Hal Ray Dodd and his Mother, Sarah Ella nee Bratten buried in Prosperity Cemetery, Auburntown, TN, section no. 1

My father remembers going to see his grandmother Ella when he was younger. Here is a picture of the old homestead, that my dad and his brother, Winifred, inherited when Ella married L. D. (Dow) Hamilton. My father and uncle sold the place to Ella's husband.

This homestead is still standing and is in Prosperity, Wilson County. NOTE: My Father had thought the house was in Milton, TN

Extract of Email, dated, Mon, 10 Aug 1998 19:27:44 from a cousin, Mary Hughes   "The 'Ella Dodd' house as mother always called it is in Prosperity, Wilson County. The mailing address is Auburntown. The mailing address has not been Milton since before I was born."

My thanks to Mildred (nee Corley) Dress for taking these pictures for me on her vacation this year. (1997)

My father said that there are huge fireplaces on each end of the house, big enough to hold a six foot log.

This is the House the Ella Moved to when she married L.D. Hamilton

A Stranger in Tennessee

My Great Great Grandfather appears to have just turned up in Tennessee, I can't find any proof that he was born to any parents, has any brother's or sister's. He just exists. I can visit his grave in Sycamore Cemetery, in Cannon County, TN. I can see his family grow on the 1850 and on thru the census. I lose track of his daughters, Ibby Caroline DODD and Caldonia DODD and his son John W. or M. DODD. Thank goodness, I have found a little information on Richard Monroe DODD, his other son and my Great Grandfather. Hal Ray Dodd, son of Richard Monroe Dodd and Sarah Ella Bratten, is my grandfather,

Here is a picture of Hal Ray Dodd and his wife Clara Stewart (on right) and their first born son, Winfred DODD

a picture of Hal Ray Dodd
and a picture of Clara and Sons, Winifred and Earl

If you have any DODD, BRATTEN, CORLEY, STEWART connections in DeKalb, Cannon, Smith, Wilson, or Rutherford Counties in Tennessee, I hope you will please write me

Do you know any of these people? Maybe you have a simular photo in your album. They lived somewhere in Tennessee and the one marked with an X is probably a relation. Please write me if you know

Descendants of William L. Dodd
Generation No. 1

1. William L. Dodd was born July 04, 1818 in Unknown (Source: Darrell Spencer, researcher for DeKalb County Web page- Info from Cemetery listing and Census for Cannon and Dekalb counties), and died February 02, 1880 in TN, Buried in Sycamore Cemetery in Cannon County, TN (Source: (1) Correspondence, Darrell Spencer, Volunteer researcher for Dekalb County, TN on the internet., (2) Interview, Telephone conversation with Ladye Grace Hancock Allen. Verified that William is Richard Monroe's (Mon) father.). He married Charlotte Mathews March 12, 1842 in Cannon Co., TN (Source: Cannon County, TN marriage book per

Darrell Spencer of DeKalb Co., TN).

Children of William Dodd and Charlotte Mathews are:

2 i. John W.Dodd, born Abt. 1843.
3 ii. Ibby Caroline Dodd, born Abt. 1845.
+ 4 iii. Richard (Rufus) Monroe Dodd, born October 01, 1847 in Tennessee; died February

05, 1906 in Tn, Buried in Sycamore Cemetery in Cannon County, TN. 5 iv. Caldonia Dodd, born Abt. 1853.
+ 6 v. Parasada Dodd, born May 1861 in Dekalb County, TN.

Generation No. 2

4. Richard (Rufus) Monroe Dodd (William L.) was born October 01, 1847 in Tennessee (Source: (1) Federal Census Report, 1850 Cannon County, TN Census, Dist 6, provided by Darrell Spencer, Dekalb Co, TN., (2) Mildred Corley Dress, Correspondence, Verified that "Mon" Richard Monroe Dodd is Hal Ray Dodd's father.), and died February 05, 1906 in Tn, Buried in Sycamore Cemetery in Cannon County, TN (Source: Darrell Spencer, Volunteer researcher for Dekalb County, TN on the internet. Cemetery Book for Cannon County.). He married

(1) Sarah Hall January 23, 1870 in DeKalb Co., TN (Source: Darrell Spencer, Volunteer researcher for Dekalb County, TN on the internet. DeKalb Co Marriage Book)
(2) J. Caroline (Turney) Turner November 20, 1878 in DeKalb Co., TN (Source: Darrell Spencer, Volunteer researcher for Dekalb County, TN on the internet. DeKalb Co. Marriage Book).
(3) Sarah Ella Bratten July 14, 1895 in DeKalb Co., TN (Source: Darrell Spencer, researcher for DeKalb County Web page- Marriage Book), daughter of George Bratten and Mary Hale.

Child of Richard Dodd and Sarah Hall is:
7 i. Magnolia Dodd, born 1874.

Child of Richard Dodd and J. Turner is:
+ 8 i. Sarah Alice Dodd, born November 1880.

Child of Richard Dodd and Sarah Bratten is:
+ 9 i. Hal Ray Dodd, born May 06, 1896 in Tennessee; died April 01, 1923 in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

6. Parasada Dodd (William L.) was born May 1861 in Dekalb County, TN (Source: Federal Census Report, 1870 and 1880 Dekalb County, TN census..). She married Andrew Charles Spurlock September 11, 1878 in Dekalb County, TN(Source: 1180 Census shows her and Charles Spurlock living with her mother) son of John Spurlock and Mary Ferrell.(Source: for his parents names Bill Spurlock),

Child of Parasada Dodd and Andrew Spurlock is:
10 i. Maudie L. Spurlock, born May 1880 in Tennessee (Source: 1880 Dekalb County Census, family 156.). She married Wesley Harding.

Generation No. 3

8. Sarah Alice Dodd (Richard (Rufus) Monroe, William L.) was born November 1880. She married Monroe Parker, son of ??? Parker.

Child of Sarah Dodd and Monroe Parker is:
11 i. Bessie Lee Parker, Adopted child. She married (1) Roy Pugh. She married (2) Pitts Hamilton.

9. Hal Ray Dodd (Richard (Rufus) Monroe, William L.) was born May 06, 1896 in Tennessee, and died April 01, 1923 in Colorado Springs, Colorado (Source: (1) Hal Ray Died on Easter Sunday when Earl Dodd was about 1 1/2 years old and have certified copy of Death Certificate., (2) Mildred Corley Dress, Correspondence, She sent pictures of Headstone- July 1997 see scrapbook.). He married Clara J. Stewart Abt. 1916 in Tennessee, daughter of Winfield Stewart and Rebecca Corley.

Children of Hal Dodd and Clara Stewart are:
12 i. Winfred Ray Dodd,born April 16, 1917 in Milton, TN (Source: (1) "Newspaper Obituary," 10: Information taken from newspaper obit/article and Remembrance Card., (2) Steve Luck at, Social Secuirty Number from Ancestery SSDI.); died December 12, 1969 in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He married (1) Phyllis ??? Dodd Bef. 1944. He married (2) Virginia Hileman Abt. 1945. He married (3) Mary Jo ??? Abt. 1955.

Photo of "Winnie" Winfred & first Wife

Photo of "Winnie" Winfred & first Wife and Baby (Possibly Donald)

13 ii. Earl Braxton Dodd, born November 01, 1920 in Milton, TN (Source: Interview, with Earl Dodd.). He married (1) Lorene Leath Abt. 1940 in colorado Springs, Colorado. He married (2) Vivian Anne Sillman (Source: Birth Certificate.) February 07, 1948 in Raton, New Mexico.

Picture of Earl Dodd taken taken while visiting us in Virginia in 1990

Click on

Clara J. Stewart to see a younger picture of her.

Hal Ray Dodd to see his picture.

As you can see, I don't have much information on my DODD line. I think that either Caldonia or Ibby Caroline married a Parker, as Monroe Parker is Richard Monroe's nephew and was living with Richard according to the 1900 Dekalb Co. TN Dist. 3 (Pea Ridge) Census.

At the bottom of this page are more pictures that were in my grandmother's, Clara J. Stewart Dodd (Plus three other marriages/surnames) possession. We have no idea who they are, except that they are Tennessee pictures. These Pictures could be DODD's or CORLEY's or STEWART's Won't you please take the time to see if you may have seen these people in your ancestor's pictures.


Help me identify this man or this woman

These two people may be a couple as these two pictures were taken in the same yard. Did you have a relative that loved her fox stole? Or wore this type of hat? Thanks for looking, If you recognize someone, Please Write to me

Please visit my databaseof all our family connections

If I can help you, find your relatives in Mills County, TX just stop by.

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