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My Pusateri  Lineage


submitted by

 Bill Zucchero

This is a work in progress.  It will be constantly changing as new information is discovered and the additions are recorded.  At this point in time (January 6, 2001), I have been able to trace my paternal   Pusateri lineage backward in time to the year 1882.  This chart currently shows that I am of the 4th generation in a recognizably direct genealogical line.  The asterisks identify the number of each generation preceding me.  I am identified with a single asterisk (*).  The line is as follows:     



***** Giuseppe Pusateri (?-?) & Maria Crisanti (?-?) *****

Date of Marriage:  ?


(My Great-Great Grandparents)

parents of


**** Gaspare Pusateri (?-?)

Augustine Pusateri (?-?)



**** Gaspare Pusateri (?-?) & Rosalina Galina (?-1914) ****

Date of Marriage: ?


(My Great Grandparents)

parents of


Giuseppe Pusateri (?-?)

Married to: Frances Sineri  (?-?)


August Pusateri (?-?)


Giovanni Pusateri (?-?)

Married to: Maria Pusateri (?-?)


Maria Pusateri (1880-?)

Married to: Augustine Vincent Sineri (1866-?) +


*** Anna Pusateri (1882-1926)

Married to:  Guiseppe (Joseph) Zuccaro (1875-1950) ***  ++


Salvator Pusateri (?-?)

Married to:  Antonia Palumbo (?-?)



*** Joseph Zucchero (1875-1950) & Anna Pusateri (1882-1926) ***

Date of Marriage: November 8, 1902


(My Grandparents)

Anna and Joseph

Joseph, Anna and children


parents of


** Peter Joseph Zucchero (1904-1974)

    Married to Frankie Gweneth Hardman (1910-1979) **


Jasper James Zucchero (1907-1995)

Married to Gertrude Brantsch (1910-2000)


Antonina (Lena)Zucchero (1910-1986)

Married to Everett Taylor (1902-1984)


Rose Zucchero (1911-1996)

Married to Joseph Nyardi (?-1960)

Married to Joseph Holzer (?-?)


Sebastian (Frank) Zucchero (1912-       )

Married to Agnes Stone (1910-       )


Joseph Zucchero (1915-1994)

Married to: Lois ? (?-       )

Married to: Constance ? (?-       )

Married to Mary Jane ? (?-1993)


John F. Zucchero (1919-1993)

Married to Frances Cecelia McGann (1930-1998)



** Peter Joseph Zucchero (1904-1974) + Frankie Gweneth Hardman (1910-1979) **

Date of Marriage: October 19, 1927


(My Parents)

parents of


*William Henry Zucchero (private)

Married to:  Nancy Edith Wynn (1935-1986) +++

Married to:  Sherill Jean Barkalow (private) ++++


Joseph Hardman Zucchero (private)

Married to:  Nanette Guia (private )


+ = Because the Zucchero/Passafiume/Pusateri/Sineri families were so closely allied, it seems appropriate to identify the possible lineage of Augustine Vincent Sineri.  I have been able to trace that lineage to Vincent Augustine Sineri (1750-1849).  His son, Salvatore Giuseppe Sineri (identified in varied sources as “the Duke of Caccamo”) was born in the early 1780’s. I have not been able to find a listing for his wife.  Salvatore’s son Vincienzo Sineri married Agatha Natale (no dates for either).  They had two children:  Monica (who became a cloistered nun) and Giuseppe (who married a Giusephina Passafiume). To date, I have found no dates for this generation.  Giuseppe and Giusephina had at least two children:  Agatha (no data) and Augustine Vincent Sineri (b.1866).  This is the gentleman who married Maria Pusateri, sister to my paternal grandmother, Anna Pusateri Zucchero.  The Sineri’s had nine children (all of whom would have been first cousins to my father and his siblings):  Joseph Paul Sineri (1897-1978); Jasper Raymond Sineri (1905-1996); John A. Sineri (1913-1978); Anna Sineri (1916-1921); Frances Sineri (?-?); Mary Sineri (?-?); Rose Sineri (?-?); Josephine Sineri (?-?); and Agnes Sineri (?-still living). 


++ = After his arrival in the USA Joseph Zuccaro and his siblings changed the spelling of their name to Zucchero.


+++ = Nancy and William Zucchero were the parents of Peter Galen Zucchero (1958-1958), Wendy Lee Zucchero (b. 1959), Robin Lee Zucchero (b. 1961), and William Wynn Zucchero (b. 1967).  Wendy married Kenneth R. Overly (b. 1961).  They have a daughter, Kelsey Wynn Overly (b. 1995).  Robin Lee Zucchero married Sean Patrick Coleman.  William Wynn Zucchero married Laurie Claire Scott (b. 1973).  They have a son, Peter Scott Zucchero (b. 1997).


++++ = Sherill and William Zucchero were the parents of Amy Marie Zucchero (b. 1974).