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Family Album

AugustaKirschnerCroter.jpg (12870 bytes) DoraCroterHartman.jpg (16662 bytes) ArthurCroter.jpg (11057 bytes) MildredCroterSmith.jpg (12868 bytes) MinnieCroterYunker.jpg (18585 bytes)
This is my great great grandmother Augusta Kirschner Croter who died in 1918, also around the 60 year old mark. This is my great grandmother, Dora Croter Hartman who died in 1936 in her forties. This is my great great grandfather, Arthur Croter. His parents were Anthony and Wilelmina Schmidt and came from Alscace Lorraine. He died in 1925 at around 60 years old. This is my great grandmother's sister, Mildred Croter Smith. This is Wilhelmina "Minnie" Croter Yunker, the youngest sister of my great grandmother. My great grandmother, Dora Croter Hartman was the eldest of the 3 sisters. There were no male siblings.
AlanInFlorence.jpg (11910 bytes)

pictures from    Alan Hartman


This picture was taken when my choral group and I had just finished singing a concert in the Basilica di San Lorenzo in Florence, Italy. So it was time to party and "A Patria".


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