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GIGLIA  Family Album

   Reprinted with author's permission from:

The Giglia Family Web Site


A Giglia Family Production
Copyright 2000 by The Giglia Family Organization. All rights reserved.
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Salvatore Giglia and Angelina Picone

The Seven Children of Salvatore and Angelina Giglia

Giovanni Giglia

Alessandro Giglia

Alfonso Giglia

Calogero, Giovanni and Alfonso

Nicolo Giglia

Calogero and Nicolo Giglia

Calogero and Alessandro Giglia

Calogero, Nicolo and Alex Giglia

Guiseppa (Josie Alonzo) and Alexander Giglia

Calogero Giglia

Calogero, Alessandro and Nicolo

Calogero and Alessandro Giglia

Calogero, Molly (cousin), Unknown Woman and Sarah, Nicolo Giglia and their Daughter, Angelina (sister of Salvatrice (Sally Ann) and Joanie

Family Photograph

Giovanni Giglia and Josephine Morreale

Giovanni Giglia

Giovanni Giglia

Josephine Morreale Giglia

Giovanni and Josephine Morreale's Wedding Picture

Giovanni, Josephine and Angelina Giglia

Josephine Morreale Giglia

Giovanni, Josephine and Angelina Giglia

Calogero Giglia, Giovanni Giglia and Giovanni's Son Salvatore

Josephine Morreale Giglia and Son Salvatore

Josephine Giglia and Two Women

Ben Giglia

Ben Giglia (Baby Picture)

Ben Giglia in the US Army

Angelina Giglia (Communion) 

Salvatore Giglia

Salvatore and Katherine Governale Giglia  Wedding Party

        John A. Giglia

            Angela K. Giglia

John and Joan Lawler Giglia Wedding Picture

Calogero Giglia and Christine Abbate

Calogero and Christina Abbate Giglia Wedding Picture

Calogero Giglia, Giovanni Giglia and Giovanni's Son Salvatore

Louis J. and Patricia Giglia Wedding Picture

Salvatore and Elizabeth Giglia Wedding Picture

Louis J. Giglia (Young Man)

Louis J. Giglia

Salvatore A. Giglia

Louis, Charles, Louis J and Salvatore Giglia at the Giglio Festival 1996

Salvatore A. and Betty Giglia in Racalmuto

The Halsey Park Boys

Nicolo Giglia and Sara Salerno

Nicolo and Sara Salerno Giglia Wedding Picture

Nicolo and Sara Salerno Giglia Wedding Picture II

Nicolo and Sara Giglia

Nicolo Giglia

Nicolo Giglia

The Family of Nicolo and Sara Giglia

The Daughters of Nicolo and Sara Giglia

    Josephine Giglia Marinaro's Wedding Day

    Joseph and Josephine Giglia Marinaro's Wedding Photo

    Sally Anne and Joseph Romanello Wedding Picture

Giuseppa Giglia and Paul Alonzo

Paul and Giuseppa Giglia Alonzo Wedding Picture

Guiseppa Giglia Alonzo and Anna (Adessa), Jack and Angie (Alaimo)

Guiseppa Giglia and Children

Anna Alonzo Adessa and Charles Adessa

Guiseppa Giglia Alonzo and her daughter Angelina Alonzo Alaimo

Angie Alonzo Alaimo and Jack Alonzo

Anna Alonzo Addessa's Confirmation Picture

Nicolina Giglia and Peter LaMantia

Pete LaMantia and Nicolina Giglia LaMantia Wedding Picture

Peter Lamantia and Nicolina

Peter Lamantia, Nicolina and Daughter Josie

Salvatore (Todo) Lamantia

Jenny LaMantia Miranti and Sal Miranti Wedding Photo

Jenny Miranti and son Joseph

Jenny Miranti and Cousin Alex Giglia

Peter Lamantia, Co-Captain of the St. John's Univ. Basketball Team

Alessandro Giglia and Julia Cioffi

Alessandro and Julia Cioffi Giglia Wedding Picture

Alessandro Giglia

Alessandro, Julia Giglia with their children Salvatore J. and Angelina

Salvatore J. Giglia and Angelina Giglia

Salvatore J. Giglia and Gaye Giglia with Alex and Julie

Salvatore, Gaye and Angie Giglia

Children of Salvatore and Gaye Giglia

Salvatore J. Giglia

Angelina Rinaldi's Children

Salvatore J. Giglia and Angelina Giglia Rinaldi

Alfonso Giglia

Alfonso Giglia 

Alfonso Giglia

Alfonso Giglia and daughter Malvina

Caroline Sei Giglia (Alfonso's Wife)

Caroline Sei Giglia and Malvina

Alfonso Giglia

Alfonso Giglia in the Italian Calvary

        Francis Giglia Profetta, Ray Denaro and Michele Profetta

Malvina Giglia

Malvina Giglia and Joe D'Alterio Wedding Picture

    Malvina and John D'Alterio

Angelina Giglia

Angelina and Angelo Denaro

    Raymond and Patrica Denaro

Taylor and Evan Denaro (Angelina's Grandchildren)

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