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Greetings from a new lister,

I am a descendant of Cosimo Mercurio, born 1822, and Emanuela Corso, of Termini, Imerese, Sicily, through their son Augusto Mercurio who married Antonina "Lena" Gentile in Termini ca 1890, and shortly thereafter emigrated to America. "Gus" and Lena Gentile Mercurio emigrated ca 1890, and settled eventually in Waterloo, Iowa. Their names are displayed on the Ellis Island memorial.

Antonina Gentile, born 23 August 1875, was the daughter of Antonio Gentile and Rosaria Di Blasi of Termini, Imerese.  "Antonio Gentile was a seaman in the Sicilian Navy, and later became a professional fisherman. He was on a crew of a small boat, that consisted of a dozen men and a couple of young boys that were apprenticing to learn the trade. His eldest son Michael remembers sailing with his father over to the African shore.

The family emigrated to the United States to seek a better life, around 1891. Subsequent records show various dates of immigration. It is unknown whether Antonio had other brothers or sisters that came over with him. There are stories that there were some, who settled in Buffalo, while Antonio headed for Chicago.

Antonio, his wife Rosa and their seven children Michael, Antonina "Lena", Steve, Mary, George, Antonio, and Charles took a steamship across the Atlantic ocean. Their journey ended in Chicago, Illinois, where they found other Italian immigrants with the same aspirations. Their last child Joseph, was born in Chicago."  (quote from "Famiglia Gentile" a book of our family history) I do not actively research my Sicilian ancestors, as this has been, and is being, done very competently by others in my family. My research concentrates on my maternal old American lines. Nonetheless I am very happy to be on this list, and look forward to learning much more about my Sicilian heritage.


Sharilyn Mercurio Whitaker